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Chapter 201

After talking about this, several bigwigs moved on to the next topic.

“The legendary General God of War, the god of war to protect the country, has been here for so long. We have never seen each other even once, and we are deeply ashamed!”

Lei Qianjue said helplessly.

“Yes, we all want to see each other! Let alone the others, just to see the respect of General God of War!”

Han Xiaokun also said.

Fu Longxing smiled and said: “Don’t say it’s you, even our richest man Shane Wansan personally invited General God of War, but he was thrown back by the barrel of a gun.”

At this time, Hart Xiangqun also laughed out: “You may not believe me, I am the person with the highest position in the Case York Military Region? As a result, I have not seen General God of War until now, but he is active in the Case York Military Region. After that, a military exercise was held, and I was skipped directly, and the First Army was transferred!”

Fu Longxing felt surprised: “You haven’t seen it yet? My God!”

“Seriously, my identity is not enough in front of General God of War! Even the Wesley major general who is one level lower than mine, I have to be polite when I meet! This is the strongest unit in Velador!”

Hart Xiangqun said.

Several people in Lei Qianjue shook their heads in disappointment: “We have given up our heart, and you won’t even see Old Hart, let alone us.”

Hart Xiangqun suddenly smiled mysteriously: “No, there is a chance!”

“In a few days, the commander-in-chief of the Case York Military Region will take up the ceremony. At that time, General God of War will definitely come to participate! This ceremony has people from the public, just a few of you!”

Hart Xiangqun said.

“Really? Great, we can also see General God of War!”

Several people were very excited.

Qin Zhenglin smiled and said: “I heard that General God of War is not only less than 30 years old, but also has no spouse! It just so happens that my granddaughter Qin Yanran is single, and it happens to be General God of War. Lang is a beautiful girl!”

Yu Buqun immediately refused to agree: “What do you think? Is my granddaughter bad?”

“You are saying this as if we don’t have a granddaughter!”

Several others refused.

Even Hart Xiangqun has to join in the fun: “I also have a granddaughter, even in the army, wouldn’t it be better?”

“Hey, it is true that Granddaughter Hart has the best chance. At that time, we should send the girl to the army!”

Lei Qianjue caught another fish and said with a smile: “Let’s talk about business, and in three days, Garrison Group and Yejia Group will be renamed Erick Group!”

“What should I do? Naturally go and beat the Erick Group to see how many catties there are!”

Sarah knows all about Erick Group.

“I heard that Graham Nanxuan is Erick’s uncle, no wonder he helped us tide over the difficulties.”

“Do you know this?”

Sarah asked curiously.

Levi shook his head: “I didn’t know that Erick had such an uncle!”

Levi was about to laugh.

This group of people can really guess.

Alton is seven or eight years younger than Erick. How could he become Erick’s uncle?

“I heard that it will be the renaming ceremony of the Garrison Group in three days. Would you like to see what happened?”

Because Sarah was busy setting up a new company, she was also curious, so she asked Levi to take a look.

“Okay, I’ll go take a look.”

Don’t need Sarah to say that Levi will also go to participate.

Levi decided to also take Byron and his wife to participate.

When he came to the villa area of ​​Brandon Real Estate, he also told them about this while visiting the two elders.

Chapter 202

He will come to pick up the people in person in three days.

As soon as I left the villa area, I ran into West Jingxuan head-on.

She just watched a suite with her client.

“I just got off work, if you are okay, shall I invite you to dinner?”

West Jingxuan smiled.

Thinking of the last sudden situation, Levi promised to make up.

“Okay, then go to dinner, but I’ll invite it!”

Levi approached.

Levi was sent by someone without a car.

Had to sit in West Jingxuan’s car.

The hotel was booked by West Jingxuan.

A high-end Chinese restaurant is a membership system.

No member will definitely not be able to order a meal.

“Sorry, Miss West has booked all the boxes tonight, only the lobby is available!”

The staff told West Jingxuan helplessly.

West Jingxuan looked at Levi for the first time and asked for his opinion.

“The hall is the hall, it’s okay.”

Levi nodded.

The last two sat in a position by the window.

West Jingxuan is a frequent visitor here, and she has a general understanding of Levi’s taste, and the few dishes she ordered are all Levi likes.

Levi ate very well.

“Sister West is really you?”

At this time, a voice of surprise came.

Two men in suits and leather shoes stood nearby. One of them was full of surprise on his face.

The man Levi felt a little familiar.

I remembered!

It is Wang Qianfan, his junior from high school.

Afterwards, Wang Qianfan graduated from the Department of Finance of Jinling University, the provincial capital. In fact, he was not able to enter the Garrison Group, but Levi was in a school and was specially recruited.

After the Levi Incident, Wang Qianfan was neutral on the surface and actually belonged to Moran Hongfei’s faction.

West Jingxuan is very annoying to this schoolboy.

Have been pursuing him.

Especially after the rise of the King’s Land Group, he even thought he was worthy of West Jingxuan.

“Sister West, let me introduce you. This is Manager Boyd of Tiansheng Group. We are discussing a project worth 100 million!”

Wang Qianfan introduced the fat-headed and big-eared Manager Boyd next to him.

When Manager Boyd saw West Jingxuan, a greedy look flashed in his eyes.

At this time, Wang Qianfan suddenly saw Levi.

He froze for a long time before reacting, and subconsciously said: “Mr. Garrison…no, where is Levi?”

In his opinion, the current Levi can’t afford to say “Mr. Garrison” or “Senior Brother Garrison”.

He is not qualified.

“Yeah, can you still recognize me?”

Levi smiled.

Wang Qianfan can only be regarded as half a traitor.

There are many such traitors in the King’s Landing Group.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to change his name, he wanted to clean up the old part of the King’s Landing Group.

It’s been a long time since Garrison Group picked it up, but these worms are still there.

“Haha, of course you can recognize it! How beautiful were you back then? When I first started, I was a driver and a parking clerk for you…”

Wang Qianfan remembered the events of the year clearly.

“During your reign, Levi, my development was very average. You seem to have never thought about the affection of our brothers and sisters, and all I did was dirty work!”

“After you leave, my status has risen sharply. After being reused, my ability will show up! I am now the deputy head of the marketing department!”

Wang Qianfan pointed to Levi’s nose and said, “It’s a pity, I’m in a high position, but you are not my boss anymore! Now only you can shine my shoes…”

Levi and West Jingxuan looked at each other.

Both of them laughed.

Levi smiled and said, “I let you down, I am also your boss now!”

Chapter 203

When Levi said this, Wang Qianfan was stunned.

After reacting, he sneered: “Levi, what international jokes are you making? My immediate boss is Xiao Van, the head of the marketing department, and my boss is Mr. Graham Nanxuan, who has just acquired the Garrison Group! Have a trivial relationship with you?”

Levi didn’t speak, but smiled at the corner of his mouth, looking at him.

Wang Qianfan’s expression changed and he showed a mocking smile: “Levi, you never want to say that you are the mysterious Mr. Graham Nanxuan, right?”

“Don’t fantasize about it, now the Garrison Group has nothing to do with you! What’s more, it will be renamed soon, and it will have nothing to do with you at that time!”

Levi took a sip of his wine, and he smiled: “Does it matter? You’ll know then.”

Wang Qianfan stopped talking to Levi, but looked at West Jingxuan: “Sister West, how can you mix with him?”

“Don’t you know? He has been in jail for six years for r*pe and is now on the industry blacklist. He is doomed to do nothing. Besides, he has a wife and haunts you. His purpose is not simple. Don’t be fooled. Now! If you fall into the hands of this kind of scum, it will be too late for you to regret it.”

Wang Qianfan looked worried.

Manager Boyd next to him assisted: “Yes, Miss West has a successful career and is young and beautiful. You have to find a good man to get married quickly, otherwise you will always be harassed by some scum! For example, Brother Xiao Wang is good, young Promising, very suitable for Miss West!”

West Jingxuan’s face was cold: “Sorry, it’s not your turn to worry about my affairs! Besides, I think King’s Landing is fine, and he invited me to dinner tonight!”

Wang Qianfan suddenly laughed: “Sister West, you are not mistaken? Levi invited you to dinner? The table you ordered is the restaurant’s signature dish, at least 20,000, right? What does he pay for? ?”

“You don’t need to worry about it!”

West Jingxuan was very angry.

Wang Qianfan could only leave with Manager Boyd angrily.

After that, Levi and West Jingxuan left.

Wang Qianfan immediately followed.

“What? You don’t even have a car for this dog day? Still sitting in West Jingxuan’s car?”

Wang Qianfan scolded.

Manager Boyd said, “Brother Xiao Wang, it’s not me who said you, you can’t compare to a reform-through-labor prisoner!”

Wang Qianfan smashed the wall fiercely: “This grandson is too capable! I have to find a way to cure him!”

“Right, there is…”

Wang Qianfan’s eyes suddenly lit up.

The next two days.

The Garrison Group is preparing for a renaming ceremony, and the noise is getting louder and louder.

After all, for so many years, the only one that can pose a threat to the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

The day before the ceremony, Levi received an unfamiliar phone call. After the call was connected, it turned out to be Wang Qianfan.

“Good old leader!”

What made Levi strange was that Wang Qianfan was so polite.

“The old leader tells you good news. After the name of Garrison Group will be changed tomorrow, the salary and benefits of all employees of Garrison Group will increase by 20% to 40%, and your old subordinates will generally get a 30% increase.

We decided to hold a thank you meeting just to thank you the old leader! You can’t refuse the old leader! The protagonist of the thank you banquet tonight is you! Your old men want to see you! “

Levi thought of something, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“Okay, I will go!”

He agreed.

“Then I really look forward to it!”

Chapter 204

At night, in the biggest box of Yinhe Dynasty Hotel.

Dozens of senior executives from Garrison Group gathered and gave a thank-you banquet.

In particular, there are rows of champagne on the dining car, not to mention dozens of bottles.

These executives were all former subordinates of Levi.

Since Moran Hongfei disappeared.

Lin Wanying assumes the position of his vice president.

Lin Wanying used to be Levi’s personal secretary, an elite selected by Levi from a thousand people.

The ability is super strong, otherwise he won’t be from the secretary to the vice president.

This woman has tempted Levi several times, and also used the media to spread the scandal between her and Levi, which almost broke Sarah and Levi’s relationship.

Later, after being pierced by Levi, he was transferred to the grassroots to start.

This woman has always held a grudge.

Let Sarah’s company go bankrupt with her participation.

In fact, with her current status, she was not interested in Levi at all.

But Wang Qianfan said that she could have the opportunity to humiliate and trample on Levi, so she came anyway.

She just wanted to see what a man who was once aloof looks like now?

Others who came were Xiao Van, Minister of Marketing, T Brown, Minister of Public Relations, Hugo Cross, Minister of Legal Affairs, Song Yuliang, Minister of Human Resources, and so on.

These people used to be Levi’s key training targets.

In other words, during Levi’s reign, these people did not rise very quickly, and they trained at the grassroots for a long time.

They didn’t understand Levi’s painstaking efforts.

They all felt that their talents were not met, and Levi deliberately suppressed them and did not re-use them.

Everyone has a grudge against Levi.

So when Levi was involved in an accident and went to jail, these people betrayed and voted under the name of the Xiao family’s Garrison family.

As for the other Levi’s loyal loyalists, they were forced to go.

Xiao Van and the others were very capable, and they all sat in high-level positions.

Up to now, they were not grateful for Levi’s kindness, but felt that Levi suppressed them.

The resentment towards Levi was great.

Especially when Levi left, they got a high salary and became executives.

Everything is to blame Levi!

Levi almost ruined their lives!

In short, this group of people were all unknowns during Levi’s reign. But after Levi left, he had an annual salary of one million, and he reached the peak!

They often say: Thank you Levi for imprisonment!

“come yet?”

Everyone is waiting anxiously.

Levi and Erick used to have strict styles. They worked under Levi and didn’t even dare to look at each other.

Now this majestic Levi has become a small citizen of the market.

They are looking forward to Levi seeing them now.

Especially stepping on Levi.

What a cool thing!

“Oh, our old leader is here!”

Wang Qianfan said with a smile.

Behind him, Levi walked.

With his hands on his back, he looks calm and calm.

The body even exudes a majestic aura.

Many people present almost couldn’t breathe.

Everyone was stunned, but he didn’t expect that his momentum was still there.

Everyone was thinking of humiliating Levi severely when they saw Levi, but they couldn’t say a word.

Lin Wanying was the first to open the scene. She stepped on high heels and came to Levi.

She smiled and said: “My favorite President Garrison, you came out of prison? How bad, that place is the best for you, why don’t you stay for a few more years, I suggest you live there for the rest of your life.”

Lin Wanying’s first sentence was sharp, and the air in the box was frozen.

Chapter 205

Personnel Minister Song Yuliang ridiculed: “Yes, didn’t President Garrison advocate some militarized management before? Prison fits you well!”

The Minister of Public Relations T Brown also smiled; “Yes, President Garrison likes prison life very much, otherwise he wouldn’t stay for six years!”

Others expressed their greetings to the old leaders, with insulting greetings.

“Please, my dear President Garrison!”

Lin Wanying smiled.

Levi entered the box and saw that it was specially arranged.

Several banners were drawn on the wall in front.

The first banner-Thank you for Levi’s imprisonment. If you don’t go to prison, we don’t have today.

The second banner-Levi, we hope you will stay in prison forever.

There is a car of champagne next to me, I don’t know what to do.

What disappointed everyone was Levi. After seeing these banners, he didn’t even feel any anger at all.

Everyone asked Levi to sit down, and everyone else surrounded him.

Lin Wanying said: “Dear President Garrison, I really want to thank you. During your reign, you let me start from the bottom. My salary is more than 4,000 a month, and I pay 50,000 for a full year! Do you know? Now What is my salary for a year? Fifty million! Fifty million!”

T Brown also kept cold voices: “Back then, you squeezed us vigorously in the name of training. I didn’t have a salary of 10,000 at that time! Now I pay at least 10,000 in dividends a year!”

Marketing Minister Xiao Van also said angrily: “Levi really thank you, I used to ride a battery car to work, now I drive a Lamborghini to work!”

Hugo Cross, the Minister of Legal Affairs, even had red eyes: “Levi blames you! We almost ruined our lives! Look at how miserable we were before? Everything is caused by you!”

Song Yuliang yelled: “The heavens have opened their eyes! When you are a scumbag in jail, our chance is here!”

Others also said coldly: “Since the Xiao family and the Garrison family took over, how good is the development of Garrison Group? Now it has a market value of 7 billion!”

Suddenly Levi smiled: “It has only risen by 3 billion in six years, do you feel proud?”


Everyone was stunned.

Levi continued: “The Kingland Group increased at a rate of 4 billion in the first year, and the growth was doubled later. We have done an economic model. If the market value of the Kingland Group is less than 50 billion in six years, it will be a failure. !”

As soon as Levi said this, everyone was speechless.

For the potential of the King’s Landing Group back then, these people were the key training targets, and they knew a lot about it.

This is indeed the case.

But since Levi was imprisoned, the Garrison Group had a negative growth in the second year, and it also grew slowly in the following years.

They didn’t know that the core technology and advantages were taken away.

Seeing everyone was stunned.

Wang Qianfan immediately said: “Levi, do you F*rt? What you said is a hypothesis after all! How can you rely on hypotheses in business? Can you guarantee that you will always make money?

Lin Wanying reacted and sneered: “Yes, that’s right, the market changes so much every year. Many things are unexpected!”

T Brownxiu frowned: “Levi is to be honest, even if the Garrison Group has grown to 50 billion? We are always squeezed by you, and we definitely can’t get so much now!”

Hugo Cross and Song Yuliang said together: “Yes? No matter how good you develop, what does it have to do with us? Can we make so much now?”

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