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Chapter 1969

Levi used a taboo technique to shield his breath.

This step is aimed at those Lords of Lord magic arts.

For example, you feigned death, your heart stopped moving, and everything stopped.

It is completely dead in front of modern instruments or ordinary people, and cannot be detected.

No matter how you check, it is dead.

But masters of magic spells, in layman’s terms, the fortune-telling Lords, they can find out that your aura still exists, and they can’t hide it at all.

For example, when Levi couldn’t find Sarah, he thought he was dead.

As a result, a small Worenden found that Sarah was still alive!

Because they left a mark on Sarah’s body.

When the mark is broken, it means that Sarah is dyed to death.

But at that time the mark was not broken, which meant that Sarah was alive.

Same reason now!

Those magic Lords and the most powerful ones can feel the existence of a person’s aura!

To judge life and death!

A cautious person like Richard, actually even saw Levi’s body being dissolved.

He was still not at ease.

He sought out the goddess of primitive tribes, the super priests of a certain Holy Seer in the West, and a certain witch to see if Levi was really dead.

The skills of these priests are similar to Velador’s magic Lords.

They couldn’t even see Levi’s energy!

Make sure Levi is dead!

Richard is relieved!

Levi used half of the taboo technique to fool them!

Let them know that he is dead…

Not a suspended animation!

It’s really dead!

The reason for using half is the obscure taboo technique, which prevents people from checking it out, which will cause trouble to Lord.

As for the other half–

It is due to Levi’s recent research on various medical techniques!

In order to heal Sarah and the Great Velador talents who were abolished at that time, he has searched almost all the ancient medical books left to him by the Lord.

Therefore, he used his own medical skills, causing him to be in a state of suspended animation.

With his medical skills, he has caused a suspended animation, and no one has ever found out.

Plus half the support of Taboo Art!

In this way, he is really dead!

Anyone lied.

Of course, he has never lied about it…

Such as the Dark god and Horizon Pavilion.

What is even more frightening is that the Dark god has found a clue. From his suspicion, it can be seen that he has discovered a taboo technique.

But Levi used half of it, and he was not sure about it himself.

Will have such doubts…

If Levi directly used the taboo technique, the Dark god would definitely find out.

Then the identity of his Lord or other things are exposed.

Therefore, at the very moment, Levi used medical skills to put himself in a state of suspended animation, and used a little taboo technique to isolate himself.

He deceived everyone, including the magic Lord, Pseudo Ghost, McHale.

Although it is suspended animation.

But Levi was sober.

Knows what happened.

But what Levi didn’t expect was that Richard wanted the Destroyer to destroy his body.

At that time he continued to pretend to be dead, and his body would really be dissolved.

At the critical moment, Levi knew that a Master of magic spells had taken action.

Later it was found to be Pseudo Ghost.

After the Pseudo Ghost threw him into the sea, he left directly.

Common Killer god patiently listened to Levi’s description of everything.

He touched his chin, looked at Levi suspiciously, and asked, “I have a question…”

“What? Since Pseudo Ghost used spells to make everyone hallucinate, thinking that your body was dissolved away!”

“But Richard and the others watched it with real-time images returned by aircraft and other machines…Pseudo, no matter how powerful the ghost is, it can’t confuse the person in front of the screen, right?”

Common K!ller god and said the question.

Yes, Richard didn’t watch it much at the time.

But the Destroyer began to dissolve Levi’s body, he saw it clearly.

How was he deceived?

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