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Chapter 1973

However, Elon and the forces behind thought that Common k!ller was on the first floor, and they were on the second floor.

As a result, Levi and the two looked at them on the fifth floor.

No, it should be the atmosphere.

They never thought that Levi was still alive, and even went to the East Island to take revenge.

Elon took them there!

Take the initiative!

Soon Levi and a few people were ready to follow Elon to the East Island.

Halfway through, Elon contacted the forces behind him, claiming that they were ready for everything.

Elon was extremely excited when he thought of the Common Killer god dying in his own hands.

He will have a higher status in the organization!

On the way, Levi and Common k!ller had already arranged the information of which deceased in Yangard.

Even if Elon went to investigate now, he couldn’t find out anything.

At this moment, what they didn’t know was that the news that the Common K!ller god was coming to the East Island had spread throughout the East Island.

All parties on the Island are ready to move and want to see the fall of Velador’s former legend!

Kysh Island, the east island country.

After landing, Elon has arranged a vehicle to pick him up.

Gradually, the vehicles drove out of the downtown area, getting more and more off.

Levi didn’t know their thoughts.

“Is this wrong? Isn’t this the right way?”

Levi asked deliberately.

Elon smiled: “I just have a gift to give to Lord!”

“Okay, I want to see what you have for me…”

The Common k!ller even showed a look of expectation.

There is no doubt whatsoever.

An inexplicable smile appeared at the corner of Elon’s mouth.

Since his Lord is strong, he trusts his apprentice too much.

Soon after, the vehicle came to the remote mountains.

The sky gradually darkened, and a k!lling air filled the heavens and the earth.

“Lord is here! I’ll go get the present first!”

Elon got off the car under the pretext.

Sitting in the car, Levi and Common Killer god looked at each other.

“Come to live!”

Levi smiled.

During this period, Elon contacted others in Velador, his contacts in Yangard, and even the spies and addresses scattered in Yangard and Velador, were all spotted by Common k!ller.

Elon’s arrangement of k!lling games this time exposed too much.

He and the forces behind were completely unaware that someone had already followed them.

At this time, Levi controlled Elon and the forces behind him seventy to eighty percent.

Next, just take revenge one by one.

Don’t even think of running any of those people!

Then the two got out of the car.

Soon, hundreds of Lords appeared here, besieging the two of them, and locked any escape route.


There was even a big clock that was moved in and hit the ground fiercely.

Elon looked at Levi and the two with a grinning smile: “Lord, this is my gift to you! For the end! The disciple will give you the last trip!”

“You…you want to k!ll me?”

Commoner k!ller is also an acting school, pretending to be shocked.

“Lord is right, I just want to k!ll you! I also want to tell you that I was the one who poisoned you before…I am an East Islander…”

Elon revealed all his secrets.

After all, in his opinion, Common k!ller and Levi would not be alive today anyway.

At this time, there is an inexplicable sense of refreshment to explain all this.


The Common k!ller pretended to be shocked.

All forces in the East Island, especially the martial arts circles, are paying attention.

Elon felt that his status would be greatly improved after the Common Killer god was k!lled this time.

“Lord can’t help it! Hahaha…”

Elon’s face suddenly became savage: “Do it, k!ll them!”

The Lords sent by the East Island forces this time are specifically aimed at the commoner k!lling gods after being injured.

In any case, he could not escape.

But after Levi and Common Killer god looked at each other, they showed intriguing smiles.


Hundreds of Lords all attacked Levi.

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