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Chapter 1979

“Mr. Garrison, we should be faster! Don’t let them react!”

A commoner could not help but urged.

“No, they have reacted and already know everything! Knowing that we will find them one by one next!”

Levi smiled.

The Black Sun organization is not simple.

It is normal to be able to react in a very short time.

“How can that be good? They must have been prepared! This is not good for us!”

The Common Killer showed a trace of worry.

“It’s okay! In fact, in their concept, although your strength is restored now, it is not enough to pose a threat to them! They are still despising you! So there is no need to worry for the time being!”

At Levi’s words, Common Killer nodded.

indeed so.

Levi’s voice sounded again: “But they will react soon! By then, the strongest forces must be gathered to attack us!”

“That’s for sure! As long as we get rid of one or two forces, they will react!”

The Common Killer nodded.

“But fearless! Who can stop me in East Island?”

Levi said coldly.

Commoner Killing God was full of enthusiasm.


Everyone’s attention is on him.

Little did he know that the real god was by his side.

Is his own “disciple”.

This is his highest light moment.

The Yamaguchi Foundation is located in Edo Castle, the capital of the East Island.

As the largest consortium, its status is very close to that of Star Country’s Sanxing Group.

Sometimes they will also affect some decisions on the East Island.

Especially the head team of the Yamaguchi Foundation is the most terrifying.

Controls the economic lifeline of the East Island.

They established a special bodyguard organization to guard the safety of these high-levels.

Over the years, they have dug out super Lords from all over the world and formed the “Kamikaze” team.

Even the major martial arts families must be jealous.

A luxurious villa.

It occupies a huge area, just like a small town.

You should know that the land on the East Island is very small, and sometimes it is necessary to reclaim the sea to make land.

In this kind of golden area, such a big mountain villa is terrible.

This is where the head of the Yamaguchi Foundation lives.

Built according to the scale of the military base.

They spent a lot of money to build it.

With the most advanced defense system, the details go to every corner.

Then equipped with hundreds of Lords of the Kamikaze group.

This villa is solid.

Over the years, many people have wanted to assassinate.

However, a total of ninety-eight assassination teams, a total of more than 600 people died outside the villa.

So now this villa has become a taboo.

Don’t want to break in.

The leaders of the Yamaguchi Foundation are all in the largest chamber in the villa.

Yamaguchi, the helm of the consortium, was sitting in the upper seat.

There are four seats on each side of the conference table.

These nine people are the top existence in East Island’s financial world!

They may sneeze, and the stock market will change drastically.

“I just received news from Watanabe Tensho! Next, Morendam’s common killer is going to trouble us!”

“The matter has been determined. The Common Killer is here to avenge Levi!”

Yamaguchi said.

“Immediately activate the first-level defense system! I want to let Commoner Kill God see how powerful our defense system is!”

“Yes, this is the strongest defense system developed by the Sun Company, the No. 1 Technology Company in East Island, and it is also the strongest in the world! There is no one! Even Morendam and the technology of the Eagle Nation cannot be compared. !”

“Once it is activated, no one will ever want to come in! If you can’t even enter the gate, you will all die!”

The major leaders began to brag about how powerful their defense system was.

They are the best in the world.

Masaichi Yamaguchi also smiled and said: “What’s more, I have recalled all the Lords of the Kamikaze group, and now they will not even want to come in!

“Yes, don’t talk about them, even ghosts don’t even want to come in!”

“Really? How did I get in?”

Chapter 1980

It’s not that the Yamaguchi Consortium brags about how powerful their defense system is, how terrifying are their kamikaze Lords?

This is indeed the case!

For many years, under this tight defense.

No matter how strong the Lord is, he has never been close to the villa.

Not to mention entering the villa.

No one has ever been.

Therefore, the Yamaguchi Consortium has confidence.

The Watanabe clan has confidence!

The commoner killer dare to provoke them is a dead end.

But no one thought that a voice blasted in the chamber like a bolt from the blue sky.

It shocked everyone.



Everyone was scared to stand up.

Look around.

At this look, everyone was scared to death!

Because there are two more people in the room without warning.

Take a closer look, isn’t this Levi and Commoner killing the gods?

When did they come in?

Quietly like a ghost?

Are they ghosts?

How can it be?

The appearance of Levi shocked them.

Everyone was so scared that they were going crazy.

“Commercial Killing God??? What? How did you get in?”

Yamaguchi looked incredible.

Levi smiled: “How did you get in? Of course you walked in through the gate!”


Yamaguchi Shoji shouted in unison.

Their strongest defense system was activated at the highest level.

The five hundred Lords of the Kamikaze group have all been in place, guarding them outside.

How can anyone come in?

This is impossible!

Absolutely impossible!

This must be dreaming!

“Impossible! Why would you come in directly? The defense system independently designed by our East Island is the highest level in the world! Absolutely impossible!”

Masaichi Yamaguchi was still making an excuse.

Levi was happy.

Dong Dao’s defense system is here to be funny, right?

Still the strongest in the world?

Not to mention the defense system of the Shenlong Science and Technology Base.

Their defense system was even strong when Levi went to the Eagle Nation to arrest people, and the laboratory where Jefferson was hiding.

Is this the number one in the world?


It took Levi less than a minute to break this defense system.

As for the top five hundred kamikaze groups…


Over time.

Yamaguchi Masaichi realized that this was not a dream.

Levi did indeed kill the two of them.

Their defense system has failed.

Failed to stop the two.

“Come on! Call all the members of the Kamikaze group to kill these two people!”

“Hurry up!”

They immediately called the Kamikaze group to protect them.

Just shouted for a long time, and there was no response at all.

Levi was happy.

He opened the door of the chamber.

Immediately, a pungent smell of blood came out.

Make everyone sick…

“Are you looking for them?”

Hearing Levi’s voice, everyone looked outside.

At this sight, everyone was shocked in a cold sweat.

Outside the chamber was full of corpses, blood and pungent smell intertwined, like hell…


All the guards of the Kamikaze group and the villa were quietly resolved by Levi and Common Killing God.

None of them were left.

The Yamaguchi Consortium thought that the tightest defense was dismantled by Levi so easily.

Levi looked at them with a sneer: “It’s up to you next!”

“What? I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it…”

Before dying, these heads of the Yamaguchi Consortium were unwilling to accept all this.

The Yamaguchi Consortium is destroyed!

Without waiting for everyone’s reaction, Levi and Levi wiped out the underground world of Dongdao overnight with a destructive posture.

The earth emperor Yoshikawa Yonghui and others in the underground world of Dongdao have all been eliminated!

Overnight, the largest consortium collapsed and the underground world was wiped out…

The commoner killer became famous.

His time has come…

Morendam is excited.

Dong Dao panicked.

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