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Chapter 1981

The Yamaguchi Consortium was destroyed.

The Black Sun organization was speechless.

The forces of Emperor Yoshikawa Yonghui were destroyed, and the Black Sun organization was going crazy.

how come?

In their expectation, no matter how strong the Common Killing God is, it will not destroy these two forces?

But this is indeed the case.

If they don’t accept it, they have to accept it.

“At present, the strength of Common Killer is unknown! We don’t know what hole cards he has! So the remaining six of us must unite! We can’t let Commoner Kill God destroy one by one! We can’t afford to lose!”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter if we lose! The key is to lose the face of the black sun and lose the face of Dongdao!”

“We can’t let Levi make trouble in the Heavenly Palace alone like the previous War Eagle Nation, but there is nothing we can do!”

“From now on we must put away our contempt for the Common Killer God! No matter what he is, we must first punish him!”

Under the advice of the Watanabe clan, the remaining major forces of the Black Sun all united.

Five great ancient martial arts families and advisors are united.

That’s pretty scary!

The fact that the commoner kills the four superpowers in the East Island quickly spread all over the world!

The popularity of Common Killer God has skyrocketed!

Gradually have the momentum to replace Levi!

At this time, Tiance Mansion Tianji Pavilion updated the new big summer list.

The Common Killer soared directly from fifth to second!

Overtake Nandi and Sarah in one fell swoop!

What he did was too influential.

Simply unstoppable!

Everyone in Morendam found comfort in Common Killing God.

I hope he can replace Levi and become the pillar of Morendam.

The commoner who knew all this laughed at himself and laughed at himself.

“Hey! I didn’t expect the peak moment of my life to be fake!”

Levi also smiled: “The peak? It hasn’t arrived yet! At least the entire Black Sun must be uprooted, right?”

The news that the commoner killed the gods spread more and more widely.

Even Richard began to notice him.

Thoughtful, he started investigating Commoner Killing God.

However, there seems to be no problem after checking.

“Keep watching! I’m going to see the results of the experiment!”

This day is the official start of the experiment to restore Wood Zhengjie.

In the expectation of everyone, the first formal experiment was successful.

Although nine of the ten people who participated in the experiment exploded and died, not even a scum was left.

But one person succeeded.

Although it was only a low-profile version of Wood Zhengjie’s pure energy body, it was considered a success.

Only this low-profile version is now out, it can also stir the world, and it is difficult to kill.

Richard and the Lab of the Gods began to cheer.

Then, as long as they improve and continue the experiment, they will be able to completely restore Wood Zhengjie’s experiment.

Richard couldn’t help thinking of something, “By the way, did you find the person you were looking for?”

“Mr. Richard, all the people have been found and brought!”

Richard Yin smiled and said: “Okay, strengthen their physique recently! Let them become the best test subjects! I want them to succeed in this experiment! How to do it, don’t I need to tell you?”

“Understand! We must do it!”

Thinking of future plans, Richard couldn’t help but smile.

“Levi, Levi, you are so lucky! You didn’t see Wood Zhengjie’s pure energy body! You didn’t see the pure energy body that I restored next!”

“I really want you to come back to life and have a good fight with the pure energy body, and see how long you can hold it?”

Levi couldn’t help but sneezed.

“Is Richard you? Don’t worry, it’s you next!”

Levi smiled.

At this moment, he and Common Killer are heading to the headquarters of Black Sun.

The Black Sun organization has gathered all its strength.

Even the Lords are coming to Edo Castle from all over Higashishima.

Even the Lords on the Dongdao Sun List are dispatched…

Chapter 1982

The sun list of Dongdao is equivalent to the sky list of Morendam!

Although the sun list is generally not as good as the big summer list.

But this is also a list of all the strong players in the East Island.

The strongest samurai, the strongest onmyoji are among them.

At the invitation of the Black Sun organization, many sun list powerhouses have arrived.

The Black Sun organization is even more powerful.

The advisor family Watanabe clan!

Taiyin Shrine.

The Beidao tribe, the clothing tribe, the Yechuan tribe, and the Jiuye tribe have all gathered.

Only the Liu Sheng clan remained unmoved!

Hao Yuxuan understood that the Liu Sheng clan did not move.

That’s because the Liusheng clan is too powerful!

It is not an exaggeration to call it the first force on the East Island.

The Liusheng clan is called the Sword Saint clan!

Rumor has it that the Liusheng clan has an extraordinary sword sage!

Not to mention how brilliant the Liusheng clan was in the past!

The ancestors are also famous ancestors, swordsmanship, and become a new swordsman!

The sword shadow of Liu Sheng, the first genius of the Liu Sheng clan, was terrifying to the extreme!

However, at the age of more than 30 years, Liu Sheng Jianying is already No. 1 on the Dongdao Sun List!

Known as the Little Sword Saint!

Many people in Dongdao compare Liu Sheng Jianying with Levi!

There is even such a conjecture in Dongdao, who is better than Levi and Liu Sheng Jianying?

In addition to Liu Sheng Jianying, the Liu Sheng clan is a Lord like a cloud!

The strong with nearly half of the sun list!

Therefore, no one of the Yanagis dare to order, and the Watanabe clan can only inform and discuss, and absolutely cannot order.

The Liu Sheng clan hasn’t moved for a long time because they disdain to unite with so many forces.

Combining with other forces is slapping them in the face.

They are a clan of dignified sword saints, and they have to join hands with others.

What’s more, in their opinion, their Liusheng clan is enough to deal with a common killer god.

No, there is no need for a family to send out to kill the commoner.

Liu Sheng Jianying alone is enough!

Each of the Yanagyu clan is extremely proud!

Once Liu Sheng Jianying even let out a rhetoric, he could kill Levi alone.

Therefore, in the action against Levi on Golden Harbor Island, the arrogant Liusheng clan did not send anyone.

This is their arrogance!

In the headquarters of the Black Sun organization, almost all the Lords gathered.

This basically brings together all the power in the world of Higashishima Budo.

“I just got the exact news that the Liu Sheng clan will not make a move!”

Several members of the Watanabe clan smiled and said, “We had expected it a long time ago!”

“By the way, Mr. Richard just sent a message asking if he needs his help? He said he is our eternal ally!”

“Hurry up and send the news to Mr. Richard! Just say thank him for his kindness! We can solve this little trouble by ourselves! If this can’t be solved, we will lose face!”

“From now on we are waiting for the commoner to kill the gods! I promise he can’t get out of here!”

The Lords present sighed.

I want to compete with Commoner Killing God.

Levi has come to Edo City with Common Killer.

“Mr. Garrison, according to the spy news, the major forces of the Black Sun Organization have gathered together, waiting for us to go!”

“But the strongest Yanagyu clan hasn’t acted yet, they haven’t moved yet! According to the news, they disdain to join hands! They want to solve us alone!”

The Common Killer read the collected news.

Levi touched his chin and asked, “I want to ask where is Qiang?”

“At present, the Liusheng clan is stronger! They not only have the sword shadow of Liusheng, but it is said that there is also an ancestor alive! That is the sword sage of Dongdao!”

“Even if the number of Lords gathered in the Black Sun headquarters is useless! They can’t stop these two people!”

The Common Killer explained.

Levi thought about it, and couldn’t help saying: “Okay, change the route and go directly to the Liusheng clan! Get rid of the strongest first!”

Commoner killed the god for a while in shock.

Is it so casual?

Why is this kind of thing as simple as eating and drinking here in Levi.

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