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Chapter 1983

Who makes people like a god-like powerhouse?

At this moment, Commoner killed God so envious!

He silently vowed to become stronger.

I also want to reach the realm of Levi!

Act like him!

“Mr. Garrison, you may not know that this Liu Shengjianying repaired the Red Dust Sword!”

The Common Killer said.


Levi was taken aback.

“Sword Shadow of Liu Sheng has always been in the dust, and he has been lingering in various places of wind and moon all year round. It is a famous sex monster! He has been mixed in the wine for a long time. The kendo he practiced is also in this!

Most people practice painstakingly, and these worldly things will never be touched! But Liu Sheng Jianying was the opposite. Touching these things not only had no effect on him, but made him stronger! “

The Common Killer explained.

Levi nodded: “It’s indeed an alien!”

“My people found out that Jianying Liu Sheng is not in the family, but in Fengyue Place!”

“Where are you going?”

Commoner Killing God asked.

“Go to Liu Sheng Jianying!”

Hit the strongest first.

The most luxurious clubhouse in Ginza, Edo Castle.

In a presidential room.

Dozens of young people stood.

These dozens of young people are incredible. They are the top rich second generation in the East Island.

All hands and eyes open to the sky.

But at this moment, they all stood respectfully.

Everyone is arched, their faces are full of panic, and their eyes are full of awe.

Sitting on the sofa in front was a man in his thirties.

Young girls are all around.

“Trash! A bunch of trash! Is there no beauty in Dadongdao?”

The man on the sofa scolded.

He is the famous Liu Sheng Jianying!

That’s why dozens of rich second generations stand so respectfully and nervously!

They are responsible for finding all kinds of beauties for Liu Sheng Jianying.

But looking for it every day, I have no resources.

They also couldn’t imagine that Liu Shengjianying clearly indulged in wine every day.

Why is it so strong?

Still getting stronger!

This is not fair!

You work hard for a hundred years, and you can’t compare to others’ indulging in alcohol for a month.

Who is going to make sense?

But Liu Sheng Jianying is too strong, anyone has to listen to him.

All the disobedient were killed by him.

At this moment, Liu Sheng Jianying was furious.

“Lord! I have sent someone to Morendam to search for it! It is estimated that I will find a beautiful woman soon!”

One person said.

Others also said: “Yes, it is rumored that Morendam beauty is like a cloud! Liu Shengjun, wait two days, we promise to catch hundreds of Morendam beauties!”

“Yes, we found that Levi’s wife Sarah is a big beauty, and a female scientist Wen Lei is also a big beauty! And Levi’s younger sister Regina…”

“Huh? I want women related to Levi! There are also female scientists? I have never tried this type of thing! Good, very good! I’ll wait for you to find it!”

When it heard that it was a beauty of Morendam, Liu Sheng Jianying was relieved.

But he stared at the crowd and warned: “If you can’t find it, I will kill all of you!”

“Understood! We will definitely!”

Everyone nodded in fear.

Everyone stared at the man who said Sarah.

The other beauties in Morendam are easy to play, but where did Sarah get them?

Isn’t this pushing everyone into the fire pit?

The man also realized that he had said the wrong thing.

Immediately shut his mouth.

At this moment there was a noise from outside, and the box door opened.

Two people walked in from outside.

The Common Killer stood at the door, and Levi walked straight inside.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Including Liu Sheng Jianying, who also looked at Levi suspiciously.

“That is Sword Shadow of Liu Sheng?”

Levi asked.

This made everyone even more stunned.


Jianying Liu Sheng wondered what Levi was going to do.

Levi stepped forward, patted his face and said, “I’ll kill you, do you have any comments?”

Chapter 1984

The language is not surprising and endless.

When Levi said this, everyone was really dumbfounded.

Especially he also patted Liu Sheng Jianying’s face!

It’s unprecedented!

Who is Liu Sheng Jianying?

Number one on the sun list!

Little Sword Saint!

It is a famous big devil!

Kill if you don’t agree!

No matter where you see a beautiful woman, you must grab it back!

On the East Island, whoever it is, as long as he hears that he sees the sword shadow of Liu Sheng alive, then he must avoid it?

For fear of running into him.

After all, if you are not careful, you will die!

No matter what the big guys are, they are very afraid of Liu Sheng Jianying!

But today, a stranger unexpectedly stepped forward and patted Liu Sheng Jianying’s face!

This is touching the tiger’s ass!

This is the ground breaking on Tai Sui!

Not only that, he actually wanted to kill Liu Sheng Jianying!

This is too much life!

There are hundreds of lives who dare not provoke this one?

What background status?

Dare to mess with him?

Liu Sheng Jianying was dumbfounded.

He has always been doing his own way, what he wants to do.

He is the strongest anyway!

No one can be his opponent.

But someone came to pat him on the face?


It seems that he wants to kill himself?

Isn’t it a mistake?

“What the hell am I asking you? I’m deaf? I’ll kill you, do you have an opinion?”

Levi was stunned when he saw Liu Shengjianying.


He slapped Liu Sheng Jianying’s face several times, making a crisp sound.

In the quiet private room, it is especially loud.

Everyone looked crazy.

too crazy!

Repeatedly provoke Liu Sheng Jianying?


This is completely crazy!

Liu Sheng Jianying did not expect that Levi would pat his face again!


When he was about to have an attack, Levi slapped his face again.

Everyone in the box suffocated to death.

Looking at them, Levi didn’t know how big a mistake he made!

“Die to me!!!”

Jianying Liu Sheng let out a roar, unparalleled power exploded from his body.

He wants to shake Levi into blood mist!

He wants Levi to die thoroughly!


The terrible power exploded.

But when he faced Levi, it was as if a mud cow entered the sea, and that power disappeared.

This surprised Liu Sheng Jianying!

It turns out that this is a Lord!

“I do not believe!”

Jianying Liu Sheng was furious, his horrible vigor seemed to erupt like a tsunami.

Go straight to the sky!

Levi smiled and said, “That’s it? No. 1 on the Sun List? Rubbish!”

He slapped his right hand and slapped his breath away.

This makes other people’s scalp numb.

This is too scary, right?

“you wanna die!!!”

Two attacks were blocked, which made him angry.

Angry to the extreme!!!

He was going to stand up and punish Levi to death.

But when he was about to stand up, he found that above his legs and above his body, it seemed as if a mountain was crushed.

He can’t get up at all.


Jianying Liu Sheng tried all his strength, shouting to stand up.

“Kacha Kacha…”

Everything in the private room was broken to pieces.

Including those young and old, those who were not standing behind Levi came to pieces and turned into blood mist.

The sword shadow of Liu Sheng wants to shatter like mountains and rivers!

He wants to get up!

He is going to kill Levi!


He is still going on!

His strength is still skyrocketing!


Levi snorted and slapped it again.

This slap is like the one used by the Tathagata Buddha to suppress Monkey King!

Unprecedented power is under pressure!


Liu Sheng Jianying seemed to be under the pressure of ten mountains, and a mouthful of blood spurted out on the spot.

He stood up and failed again.

He looked incredulous.

“who are you?”

Levi smiled: “Levi!”

“What? You are Levi???”


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