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Chapter 1990

Common Killer god is not the opponent of Peren, let alone he is supported by a single breath, then don’t be hard.

He will die if he insists!

Even if you don’t die, you won’t improve any more!

He will do it himself!


Watching Levi push the Common k!ller away, the latter stood aside obediently.

Everyone was stunned!

Although no one was able to get close to Levi’s body just now, they were all leftovers from the Mayer clan, and they were not Lords at all.

Everyone didn’t treat Levi as the same thing.

Just a disciple of Common Killer god.

But looking at this posture now, it seems something is wrong.

Is he the disciple of Common k!lling God?

Seeing Levi stand up, Mayer was taken aback.

“Who are you?”

He couldn’t help asking.

When Jay and others just explained that Levi was just a disciple, Levi’s voice sounded: “I am the one who k!lled Jacob!”

The words stirred up waves, and when Levi said this, everyone in the Mayer clan was shocked.

Wasn’t Jacob k!lled by the commoner?


Upon closer inspection, everyone noticed something was wrong.

Just now everyone fought with Common Killer god.

They admitted that Common k!ller was strong enough, but not strong enough to crush the Lords of the Mayer clan!

He also stumbled and was seriously injured when he met the Mayer family just now.

How can such strength k!ll Jacob?


Moreover, according to Jacob’s death method, he was completely crushed, and he seemed to have no ability to resist.

Commoner can’t do this!

Even if the Common k!ller could k!ll Jacob, he would be injured seven or eighty eight.

But when he first came, the Common k!ller was not hurt at all!

Therefore, Jacob Mayer was not k!lled by the commoner!

It wasn’t he k!lled, so it can only be…

Everyone looked at Levi!

It’s him!

It turned out that he was the one who k!lled Jacob!


Everything is wrong!

The information of the Tenner clan is simply wrong!

He is definitely not the disciple of Common Killer god!

Even the Common K!ller god overwhelmed the East Island and broke the four major forces, I am afraid it is because of this young man!

Common Killer god is only an auxiliary!

The real powerhouse is him!

“You…you are not Common Killer god’s disciple at all! You are not from Yangard, you are from Velador!”

Jay exclaimed.

Other people also reacted.

Needless to say, Peren has already paid attention to Levi.

Facing Levi, he thought of someone.

A person who has brought him failure.

That was the only failure.

It just so happens that that person is also from Velador!

Peren regarded that man as the enemy of his life, and since his defeat, he has retreated on the volcano behind the family.

Day after day, year after year.

While he tempered that sword, he was also tempering and sharpening himself!

Over the past few decades, it has been this belief-revenge! defeat him!

Now Levi k!lled his favorite offspring, plus Levi gave him a temperament that looked like the enemy of a lifetime.

Peren’s whole body was about to boil.

He was full of fighting spirit, and his state reached the peak in an instant!

“Today is the day when I leave the customs, and it is also the moment when this sword breaks the front. I will sacrifice your sword! The sword of God Slayer is enough to give you glory!”

Mayer shouted with a sword.

What he meant was very simple, it was also an honor for Levi to die under the Sword of God.

Levi looked at Peren blankly: “You used to be the most annoying with pointing a gun at me, now you’re bothering others with pointing a sword at me!”

Hearing this, Common k!ller lowered his head in shame.

Wasn’t he like that a while ago?

He was severely taught by Levi who was dangling with a sword.

Isn’t it the same for Peren now?

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