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Chapter 1991

Then the end must be the same as mine, or even worse.


Mayer roared wildly with a sword.

The Sword of God Slashing out!

A breath of horror that engulfed the world came out!

Wherever he went, horrible k!lling and destructive aura spread!

This sword, to be precise, is a samurai sword.

Obviously, it is an ordinary material, which was tempered for decades in the hot magma.

It is already a peerless sword!

More terrible than the Excalibur!

Common Killer god’s face changed.

This Mayer sword is terrifying…

Is there such an ancient figure in Yangard?

He could feel Peren’s aura like a dragon, like a tiger, his blood surging like a sea, and the sound of thunder bursting faintly.

He has reached another level.

That is his next goal!

No wonder Levi came personally and didn’t let him make a move.


The divine light in Peren’s eyes was like thunder and lightning.

The terrible aura of destruction shrouded like a volcanic eruption.

His breath obliterated all beings, and his majesty dared to shake the world…

“Is this the ancestor? Isn’t it terrifying?”

Everyone in the Mayer clan was excited.

They showed an unprecedented look.

The Mayer clan will not die, and they will do what the entire Black Sun cannot do.

The ancestors are too scary!

A big battle has begun!


The sun, the moon, and the stars reversed within Mayer’s eyes, and the true energy of his body was like a river and sea rushing for thousands of miles, out of control.

His sword represents destruction!


Levi blasted out with a punch.


The fist and the God Slashing Sword slammed together.

The whole world seemed to explode, and all the backgrounds became black and white.

This is a doomsday scene.

In an instant.

The ancestral home of the Mayer clan was destroyed.

Even a small volcanic eruption not far away was forcibly suppressed!

The whole mountain was shaking and even collapsed.

This is the power of the two superpowers…

“Da da da da da…”

What shocked everyone was that Levi stood still there.

There was a huge movement, and Peren took five steps.

Every step back shakes the ground.


There was an incredible look in Peren’s eyes.

This young man actually used his fist to force him back?

The Common Killer god and others not far away were even more horrified.

What’s going on here?

Will Mayer be defeated with a sword?

“No! I underestimated you!”


Mayer roared with a sword.

The sword of god slayer in his hand burst out with terrible light, dazzling like a scorching sun.


Many people present were burned by the terrible sword light.

A terrifying aura of k!lling even permeated the whole world.

Mayer held the sword of god slayer in both hands with a sword, raised it above his head, and slashed with a sword.

Although it is the simplest action, even the basic skills in Yangard rekn, even children can do it.

But Peren displayed it like this, as if every step, even every movement, contained the mystery of heaven and earth.

He has reached an unprecedented state!

Often the simplest moves are the most terrifying!

Just like Levi’s fist!

No matter what you do, I will break it with one punch.

The truth is very close!

It shows that Peren is terrifying…


With this move, Peren gathered all his power on the god slayer.

A breath of silence from h3ll came.


Obviously, it was an extremely simple and slow move. At this moment, it seemed as if thousands of swords were swiping down.

Wave after wave.

Waves are fierce.

In the end, thousands of swords converged into one sword!

It’s called God Slash!

This sword made the Common k!ller look silly.

This is the realm he wants to pursue.

The Mayer clan is about to cry with joy…

Looking at this sword, Levi sighed, “Everything should be over!”

“Remember, the one who k!lled you is called Levi!”

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