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Chapter 1992

Levi’s voice echoed throughout the Mayer clan.

Hearing in everyone’s ears, it was like thunder billowing.

Levi? ? ? ?

The name of the person, the shadow of the tree!

The Mayer clan who regard him as a great enemy naturally knows who this is?


Isn’t he dead?

How can he live?

He even appeared in the Mayer clan!



In addition to him, who else has this strength?

Can easily destroy the four major forces, can easily k!ll Jacob, and can force the ancestors to the strongest move!

He is Levi!!!

They affirm their identity.

But didn’t want to think about why Levi was still alive!

Peren naturally knew Levi’s identity!

Despite the retreat, he naturally knew the newly promoted No. 1 in the summer list.

After all, the only person he lost before was the number one on the list the day before yesterday -Nandi.


But it didn’t touch him much!

No matter who it is, he will die by this sword.


Levi blasted an overbearing punch!

Fist strength seems to tear the world!

It’s like a punch from the gods!


Levi’s fist blasted out, and thunder and explosion sounded in the sky.

The clouds and mist in mid-air were dissipated abruptly.

It seems that even the sky is taking this terrible punch!

Eight times the speed of sound!!!

The speed of this punch Levi reached the extreme!

Power is even more terrifying!

Roar is a mountain that can be shattered!


This fist carried the power of invincibility, and directly tore the sword energy.


Levi blasted the Excalibur Blade with a terrifying punch.

At this moment, the loud sound made everyone’s ears deaf.

A mushroom cloud is rising.

This level of power is like a superweapon exploded.


There was a burst of fragmentation, and the sword of God Slashing seemed to be drawn from the soul.

At this moment, it became an ordinary sword, and it broke into pieces!


This punch directly defeated Peren’s comprehension to the extreme.

Peren was penetrated into his body by a terrible fist, and various organs shattered…

With one punch, Peren’s dignity was completely wiped out.

He did not die on the spot, but lay on the ground like a dog.

He can’t move.

I can only watch…

He lost!

It was a complete defeat.

Worse than the last failure!

This time failed and lost his life.

“Puff puff…”

He kept spitting blood out of his mouth.

Looking at Levi incredulously.


The crowd let out a chilling sound.

Is Levi alive?

He is so powerful!

Even the ancestors are not opponents!


He is here for revenge!

Why are they finally being targeted by the Black Sun organization!

It was previously called Common Killer god to avenge Levi!

But everyone always feels that something is wrong. This reason seems to be insufficient!

Now I get it.

Because it was Levi who came to revenge himself!


Levi glanced at everyone indifferently.

Finally, Mayer died with a sword.

All the Mayer clan perish!

No one is left!

“Next, Black Sun Headquarters!”

Levi and Common k!ller dragged a c0rpse.

Naturally, it was Peren and Jacob.

The two strongest people in Yangard.

The Common k!ller is already looking forward to the scene of throwing the two bodies into the Black Sun headquarters…

What would those people think?

In the Black Sun headquarters.

The Tenner clan ordered people to look for the whereabouts of Levi.

On the other side, they continued to strengthen their defense to prevent Levi and Common Killer god from attacking.

“My lord it seems something is wrong. We just found out which apprentice of the Common K!ller god on Kysh Island did not accept an apprentice! The identity of the person next to Commoner k!ller is not clear!”

At this time, the intelligence team of the Tenner clan found the news.

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