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Chapter 2008

An abnormal situation has occurred!

Levi’s punch on the Destroyer was really not lethal.

However, after this punch penetrated into the body.

A terrible second force unexpectedly broke out!

Wreak havoc in the destroyer!

He never expected that Levi’s unremarkable punch would still imply the second punch!

Destroying his body tissue madly!

“not good!”

The Destroyer’s brows frowned, not only with dual strength!

There is also a third level!



A popping sound came from the Destroyer.

He also let out a scream of pain.

Although he is the only successful person in the god-making experiment, he is still a human being after all!

I will feel pain too!



Do not!

The fourth strength!

There is actually a strong spirit in it!

The fourfold strength exploded in the destroyer’s body, madly destroying his body’s organs and tissues.

“Boom boom…”

Multiple vigors exploded in his body, and blood holes were exploded one after another.

Very miserable!


The Destroyer let out a scream.

The multiple strengths were realized by Levi in the battle of Golden Harbor Island.

Let multiple strengths be implied in one move.

These multiple strengths are what Levi compresses the true energy power into it.

It is equivalent to an infuriating bomb.

As long as it erupts, it will be extremely powerful.

Especially after entering the enemy’s body.

It erupted progressively one after another.

Not to mention the extreme lethality, but also unexpected.

This multiplicity of power even deceived the destroyer’s super brain.

Let him be hit hard by this wave!


The Destroyer let out a scream, and he was madly healing to restore his damaged body.

His physique has reached a certain limit, which is different from ordinary people.

He recovers extremely fast!

Even the internal organs can be restored and healed!

More terrifying than the healing of the undead warrior!

“Haha! Want to recover? No way!”

Levi deceived him.

A few more punches blasted out!

“Boom boom…”

Multiple strengths continue to bombard the destroyer’s body…


The Destroyer was completely enraged, he frantically bombarded Levi with beams and other energy.

But Levi didn’t hide at all, shaking hard with a pair of fists.

Disperse the energy of the Destroyer one after another, blasting all his beams away.

Even the Destroyer himself was stunned.

What the h3ll is going on?

Just met a perverted Sarah, just like a lunatic, any attack is useless.

Now another one?

Nothing less than the perversion of Sarah!

Even the Destroyer sighed like this, which shows how strong Levi is.



Next came the power of Levi and the Destroyer.

The Destroyer has raised his power to the limit!

Otherwise, he will die!

Levi’s pure strength is stronger than him, and it also contains multiple strengths.

too frightening!

Richard felt that he was fighting through the chip on the Destroyer.

He quickly asked what was going on.

Didn’t you send someone to entangle Sarah and let the Destroyer escape?

Why are you still fighting?

Haven’t you broken free yet?

It’s just that the Destroyer is now exhausted, and there is no space or opportunity to answer Richard’s question.


Levi slammed a punch from an angle that the Destroyer could not predict.

The speed of this punch once again exceeded eight times the speed of sound!

No matter how powerful the brain of the Destroyer is, it cannot be captured, and it cannot be stopped at all.

Under this punch, multiple strengths broke out again.

This time, the Destroyer’s chest and shoulders completely exploded.


Another fist hit his face fiercely.

The multiple strengths continued to explode, hurting the Destroyer’s brain, and half of his face was gone.

The speed of his healing and recovery couldn’t match the speed of Levi’s destruction.

Does Levi want to see how quickly he recovers?

Or is he ruining quickly?

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