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Chapter 2007

After Sarah had processed the cannon fodder, she looked for the Destroyer, and there was no trace.

“I will avenge you Levi!”

“Participants in everything must die!”

Sarah roared with anger.

At this time, Wenia had already caught up with her.

“Sarah, are you okay?”

“You calm down, you were terrible just now!”

After Sarah calmed down, she said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m back to normal.”

“That’s good! People can’t come back from death! You should control!”

Wenia sighed.

Sarah looks calm, but her heart is like a volcanic eruption.

Next, she will inherit Levi’s will and follow the path that Levi took!

She has this strength now!

And she must avenge Levi!

No matter how powerful the other party is!

The enemy must be succeeded!

She had to hold Wenia and the others first, otherwise she would never let herself go if she let them know what she thought.

The other side.

The Destroyer was forced to leave in the opposite direction by Sarah.

He can only go south.

He is fast in the mountains.

But when it came to a triangular intersection, a quick figure appeared on the other side.

The two almost ran into each other.

The two also stopped abruptly, looked at each other.

Although this face destroyer didn’t know it, he felt very familiar.

As if, have seen it somewhere.

The Destroyer was very puzzled.

Levi was also dumbfounded.

After he arranged the task for Wesley and the others, he went south to find the gambling king clan on Golden Harbor Island.

He wanted to know exactly what Richard and the others took away from Velador.

So he went all the way south.

Unexpectedly, I encountered a superpower here who was as fast as lightning.

He was shocked.

But when he stopped, his eyes facing each other, Levi was even more shocked after seeing the face clearly.


The destroyer who k!lled him to dissolve him!

This is a narrow road!

You can also encounter it like this!

Levi smiled at the corner of his mouth, and gradually became crazy.

There is really a way to heaven, you don’t go, and there is no way to h3ll.

Didn’t this come to Velador to die?

The Destroyer was even more surprised.

Why does this stranger show such an expression when he sees him?

“The destroyer, right?”

Levi said suddenly.

This makes the destroyer even more puzzled.

Can the other party recognize him?

Who is he?

Destroyer’s brain acted.

“Since you are here in Velador, stay here forever!”

Levi’s icy voice sounded.


The Destroyer has already felt the intense murder!

The other party wants to k!ll him!


Levi fisted to the Destroyer!

The Destroyer is developed to a certain limit in terms of power, speed, and brain.

Can judge the power and speed direction of Levi’s punch.

Everything is in the calculations of his super-powerful brain.

He smiled contemptuously.

I can block a punch of the crazy Sarah just now, not to mention you?

The Destroyer looked arrogant, he completely ignored Levi.


This punch seemed to him too slow.

He predicted anything.

Strength, speed, angle…

All in his precise calculations.

This punch hit him, like a tickling, without any harm at all.

So he does not hide.

Seeing the shadow of the fist on the retina getting bigger and bigger, he didn’t panic on his face.

It’s not that he is arrogant.

Instead, his brain is developed to such an extent, he is cautious to die.

It’s just that there is really no threat to him!


The punch hit the Destroyer firmly.

The same as he accurately calculated.

Without any lethality, not even the qualifications to tickle!


too weak!

Want to k!ll him with this ability?

That’s funny, isn’t it?


But at this moment, a roar came from his body.

The Destroyer’s face changed wildly!!!

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