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Chapter 2013

He never thought he would meet the three of them here.

Are they here for him?

Seeing the three of them looking at him in unison, Levi was a little nervous and uncomfortable.

Is she still like that, as always, hating him and treating him as an enemy?

Looking at Levi, the three of them felt a little familiar.

This person, they seem to have seen him somewhere.

But in detail, don’t know.

“Who is this?”

Sarah asked curiously.

Sarah stared straight at Levi, as if to see him through.

The same is true for the other two women, who inexplicably feel that Levi is a bit familiar.

“Sir, have we met somewhere?”

Sarah looked at Levi suspiciously.

If facing other people, Levi would definitely not change his face and heartbeat.

But in front of him is Sarah.

He was a little nervous and even stammered.


The three of them looked at Levi more suspiciously.

Seeing that Levi was about to be exposed, Nichole’s voice sounded: “He is Mr. Garrison’s subordinate, and he came to understand Mr. Garrison’s mission during his lifetime!”

“The mission of Levi?”

Sarah asked nervously, her attention immediately shifted.


At this time, Levi and Nichole said in unison, looking at Sarah in surprise.

The reason why Nichole was surprised was Sarah’s name.

The reason why Levi was surprised was that he was also called, didn’t Sarah regard himself as an enemy? How can she call him so intimately?

Could it be that she is already healed?

Levi was surprised and happy!

If Sarah finds out, then his wish is over.

“Miss Nichole, I am Sarah, Levi’s wife, and I am here to find you about his situation on Golden Harbor Island…”

Upon hearing this, Levi confirmed that Sarah was ready.

Although this kid Pseudo Ghost hid at the time, he was still considered conscience.

Not only thinking about keeping his body, but also saving Sarah.

“Count what I owe you! I have a chance to repay in the future!”

Levi smiled.

“I have almost understood, I will leave first!”

After looking at Sarah a few more times, Levi left.

Nichole began to tell the three about Levi’s situation on Golden Harbor Island.

What Levi didn’t expect was that Nichole actually told Sarah about all the conditions of the Gods Laboratory and the Sun Stone.

“Stop the Lab of the Gods! We must not let them get the Sun Stone again!”

Sarah’s eyes shone with light.

This further strengthened her determination to avenge!

She wants to inherit Levi’s will and complete his unfinished mission!

After all, she has this ability now!

But Sarah’s idea is bolder.

For example, Levi had to figure out the enemy’s strength first, and then infiltrated and solved it little by little.

But Sarah had a crazy idea in her mind—she was going directly to destroy the Lab of the Gods.

From the battle with the Destroyer Top Ten, she assessed her own strength. She has the confidence to destroy the Lab of the Gods.

But before going, she has to make sufficient preparations.

To improve her strength to the extreme, it is best to develop all the potential.

“I really envy you for having such a good husband!”

Nichole looked at Sarah enviously.

After bidding farewell to Nichole, the three of them went to the place where Levi had fought against the masters.

Levi looked at Sarah from a distance.

He will be very busy next, and it is estimated that he will not see Sarah for a long time.

I want to see more.

As for Aubrey, Levi probably won’t see him before he finishes the matter.

But as long as there is no danger from Aubrey, he can rest assured.

“Despicable Lab of the Gods! Despicable men!”

Sarah shouted angrily.

Levi kept looking at her.


At this moment, Sarah suddenly let out a stern shout.

Found Levi.

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