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Chapter 2012

“Everything they do is to mine and take away resources in Velador! They have made a lot of preparations! It is only now that I gradually understand that they are all premeditated!”

“I used to yearn for the Lab of the Gods very much, but after experiencing this incident, I understand a lot!

Now that the Gods Lab is developing like this, it must be brewing a super plan! Once they develop beyond their control, it will be a disaster for Velador and the world! Please stop them!”

Nichole already understood that the reason why the Gods Lab k!lled Levi was because he had been blocking their way and preventing everything they did.

Hear here.

Levi felt more and more that it was necessary for him to die.

The Lab of the Gods is more terrifying than imagined!

They are brewing a super big plan!

The future is extremely threatening to anyone!

Now that he is feigned death, he can just dig a little bit to inquire about the Gods Laboratory.

Otherwise, it would be too difficult to deal with the Gods Lab on the face.

There is almost no chance of winning!

“You must stop them! Take revenge for him too!”

Nichole looked at Levi seriously.

“It was all he k!lled! He wouldn’t die if it wasn’t for me as a burden on the side!”

Nichole still blames herself very much.

Levi smiled and said: “I believe he will not blame you! You did nothing wrong at all! Besides, it was his responsibility to protect the people of Velador! If you give him another chance, he will still protect you! There will be no complaints!”


Nichole has been living in guilt.

Hearing what Levi said was a bit touched.

“Yes! He wants to see you cheer up!”

Nichole nodded: “Well, I know. I will definitely cheer up!”

Levi was thinking about the next plan.

The first is to prevent the Lab of the Gods from taking the Sun Stone again from Velador, half of it will not work.

Second, staring at the Velador enterprise that is united with Blackwater Company, it is best to k!ll it in the bud.

Third, investigate the laboratory of the gods and try to get rid of Richard as soon as possible.

Fourth, the ultimate goal is to get rid of the laboratory of the gods.

Seeing Nichole’s recovery a lot, Levi smiled and said, “Do you believe he will appear in another form?”


Nichole was taken aback first, then nodded.

“I believe!”

“That’s good, wait for him to appear in another form!”

Just as Levi was about to leave, three people came outside.

It was Sarah.

After the decision, the speed of the three women was very fast, and Levi was in front of her feet.

“Miss, a group of people are looking for you outside!”

The servant came in to report.


Both Levi and Nichole were taken aback.

Why is there still someone looking for her?

“Who are they?”

Nichole couldn’t help asking.

“It’s a woman. She said she wanted to learn from you some of the circumstances of Mr. Garrison during his lifetime!”

Said the servant.

Levi became more confused.

A woman who wants to know his situation?

Who is it?

“Miss Nichole, then I will leave first!”

Levi’s goal was achieved and just left.

Nichole glanced at Levi: “No, you all want to know about him anyway! It doesn’t matter! You can also discuss and exchange! Maybe you know each other! Go get them in!”

Nichole said so, and Levi could not leave naturally.

Soon the servant brought the three in.

“Hello Miss Nichole, we came to you to find out something!”

The three of them greeted Nichole as soon as they came in.

Nichole also nodded.

“Hello, he also came to me to understand his situation!”

At this time, the three of them turned their eyes and looked at Levi next to them.

Levi also looked at them!




Levi’s expression changed drastically!

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