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Chapter 2028

“Any solution?”

Everyone looked over.

Richard looked serious: “Wait for them to make another move!”

“Now we don’t have any clues about their information, we have no breakthrough at all, just like a headless fly crashing!”

“Even if we can’t find the slightest of our strength, it shows that the other party has a great background and has some ability.”

Others echoed: “Yes, that’s right! The other party can steal the Sunstone silently, there are definitely two brushes.”

Richard took the topic: “So we definitely can’t find it! Unless we search every corner of the world, it’s impossible!”

“Now we just have to wait, wait for them to show up, wait for them to leave clues, so that we can look at them and unearth them!”

Richard cleared his throat: “I have arranged for Rex and the others to mine the second batch of sunstones and re-transport it in a day! I will escort the nets along the way and I will see if they can grab them?”

Everyone nodded their heads: “This plan is good! Transport the Sunstones again to see if they still can make a move! Once they make a move, they will be completely exposed! We will uproot them at that time!”

“Yeah, everyone started to prepare! Let’s see what is sacred in a day?”

Richard’s brows twisted, and he changed his words: “But it is also possible! They just want to grab the Sunstone once! After all, that batch of Sunstones has huge energy, which is enough for most forces. Used for a lifetime.”

“So it’s possible that they won’t show up at all, and we can’t wait!”

The others were silent.

This is really the case.

“So tomorrow they will know whether they want to prevent the Sunstone from leaving Velador, or simply want to rob the Sunstone.”

Richard smiled: “I hope they are trying to prevent Sunstone from leaving Velador…”

Richard quickly planned everything out.

The enhancement of the transportation escort and the blessing of various instruments.

There are inspections everywhere along the route, as well as various unmanned aerial vehicles and various advanced technology applications.

Once a problem is discovered, the support team will arrive within a few minutes.

And this time Richard asked Rex to mine only one day’s amount.

The purpose is to attract people, not to really want to transport so much.

On this day, the eyes of the whole world are on the laboratory of the gods.

In particular, no mysterious forces can be found, and all parties are slandering the laboratory of the gods.

However, Richard let the mining continue again, and this plan is clearly tempting.

Everyone knows it well.

Levi and they naturally knew all this.

Tylera’s real-time intelligence transmission, Levi is reading everything.

“Boss, Richard’s second transportation is to get us out! He must have laid a net and waiting for us!”

“I suggest giving up this time! Anyway, they only mine one day’s sunstone, not much!”

Several people suggested.

Levi glanced at them: “Did I say that they would never want to take a Sunstone from Velador?”


Everyone nodded in unison.

“That’s not right, let alone the amount of mining in a day, even if it is half of it, I will take it away!”

Levi firmly stunned everyone.

“Understand, everything depends on your instructions!”

Soon one day passed.

Rex installed the mined sunstone and shipped it from the six major production areas to the seaport.

This time, even the escorts in Velador have increased their manpower.

The number of transport vessels in the seaport has also increased.

And Richard used a strategy to distribute the Sunstones in all ships.


The transportation team set off, and everyone’s hearts hung up.

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