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Chapter 2033

“Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army, let all of them come to see me!”

Levi ordered again.

Shortly after.

All the dragoons came.

After getting Levi’s task arrangement, they left one after another, not knowing what to do.

Zhu Que and the others looked at Levi curiously: “Boss, what exactly did you arrange for them?”

“You will know this at the time. It’s kept secret for now!”

Levi smiled.

“It’s too difficult for the boss to want to rob the Sun Stone for the third time. Richard must use all his strength to look after him.”

“Yeah, over and over again, not over and over again, let alone Richard?”

“Boss what shall we do this time?”

Everyone looked worried.

Levi smiled and said, “It’s okay, you can just wait and see when the time comes!”

Evil door!

It is really rare to succeed twice in the laboratory of the gods.

For the second time, the laboratory of the gods suffered such a heavy loss.

In Morendam’s Rex, Jimson and others were completely dumbfounded.

Not to mention the loss of this wave.

That is, the money they use to mine the phone bill is astronomical.

The cost of these two mining operations was too great.

But all the sun stones were robbed.

They fetched a basket of water for nothing.

“I don’t believe it, this sun stone can’t be shipped back?”

Jimson didn’t believe in evil anymore.

I haven’t slept well these days.

After finally squinting for a while, I dreamed of Levi…

Dreaming that Levi is still alive!

He did everything!

“Uncle Rex, I think there is a possibility that I can tell Mr. Richard!”

Jimson said.

Rex was taken aback: “Huh? That possibility?”

“I think Levi is still alive! He did all of this! I can dream of him after taking a nap in the past two days, and he did it in my dream!”

Jimson said very positively.

His hunch is getting stronger and stronger.


Hearing that, let alone Rex, even the four young Lords almost laughed when they heard it.

Can it be like this?

Rex was directly angry: “Jimson, you are crazy! You are really scared by Levi! I didn’t expect a dead person to give you such a big shadow!”

“not me…”

Jimson wanted to explain, so he was interrupted by Rex: “Nonsense! Now no one in the world knows that Levi is dying, even the body is dissolved! You know this too? How could he be alive?”


For a while, Jimson was speechless.

“But my hunch is very strong, I feel that Levi is still alive! He often appears in my dreams, I feel…”

“Okay, don’t feel it! If you continue like this, I’m sure you will be crazy! If you don’t want to stay, I can send someone to take you back!”

Rex was already furious.

“That’s not true! But I feel like I can talk to Mr. Richard…”

Rex glared at Jimson fiercely: “Enough! You still don’t feel ashamed enough, do you want to be ashamed to go to Mr. Richard?”

In this way, Jimson did not tell Richard about this.

If told.

Richard, who is suspicious by nature, may investigate from the beginning…

But now he has forgotten Levi.

Who will remember a dead person?

“Enough, let me stare at the mining! Mr. Richard is going to mine for five days this time!”

“First, the amount mined in five days is huge, even if the opponent wants to rob it, it won’t be so easy.”

“Second, five days are enough for Mr. Richard to arrange the most perfect plan. It’s not like an accident like the second time!”

Rex received the order again to continue mining.

This time Richard wanted to see everything that took five days to arrange. How did the other party break it?

How to rob the Sun Stone again?

Five days passed in a hurry…

Chapter 2034

These five days have exhausted everyone in the six major sunstone producing areas!

Since entering the station, it hasn’t been idle for a day.

It was mining for three days at first, mining for the next day, and mining for five days…

After nine consecutive days of high-intensity work, his body couldn’t stand it.

Even the Lords who protect the production area, they can’t stand it.

It’s not the body, but the will and the spirit is a little broken.

In addition, all the sunstones mined in the first two batches were robbed.

Everyone’s mental pressure is very great.

Almost no one has ever rested, even sleeping is a problem.

Even Rex, Jimson and the others did not close their eyes and kept staring.

All personnel in the six major sunstone producing areas are exhausted to the extreme.

Some people even fainted during work.

All areas showed a state of extreme fatigue.

Jimson yawned: “Why are you so tired? I can’t hold on anymore!”

“Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on, I feel so tired? What’s wrong?”

The Four Great Young Lords are also in the same state.

“Something is wrong, why are everyone listless?”

Qin Shao found something was wrong.

There is an indescribable weird feeling.

There seems to be a problem.

“Can you be energetic? Who can bear such high-intensity work?”

“Yes, for nine days in a row, it’s weird if you can’t be sleepy. I can’t bear it long ago!”

After listening to what other people have said.

Qin Shao felt that there was no problem.

It is true that nine days of high-intensity work is terrible.

Enough to make everyone collapse.

“It doesn’t seem to work, this kind of high-strength is too useless! You have to use some laboratory enhancement agents to use it!”

Rex also found a problem, and must use special medicine to strengthen his physical strength and mental will.

He yawned and commanded Sunstone to load the truck.

Even the people loading the truck are extremely exhausted.

It could have installed all the sun stones in one hour, but it took three hours.

It shows how tired everyone is.

The transportation team starts to set off…

Richard is ready for everything!

Whether it’s the transportation team, or everything along the way, there are also support teams.

All to the point of perfection.

Especially after learning from the previous experience.

Richard spent a full five days doing more meticulous work. The additional Lords, various machines and resources and money he sent out were ten times the previous one.

And Richard led the Lords of the Gods’ Laboratory to sit in the sea in person.

Richard didn’t believe it.

Can the goods be robbed this time?

This is impossible!

In addition, the Fire Cloud Cthulhu and his Black Sun organization also agreed to assist.

Either do it directly or help Richard find clues…

Richard and they have everything ready.

Waiting for the mysterious forces to take action.

Soon after, the transportation team arrived at the seaport.

After loading the cargo ship easily, set off and headed to the war eagle country.

The eyes of the whole world gathered again, and everyone’s breathing became sharp.

Will the mysterious forces make a third move?

Will it be successful after a shot?

After all, everyone knew that Richard had arranged everything.

“Okay, let’s start, all groups pay attention! Be vigilant and contact at any time! Report once every three minutes!”

Richard started everything.

The transportation team sailed on the sea.

One hour.


Two hours.


Time goes by.

Seven hours passed.

It’s all safe.

But at this time, Richard became more vigilant.

Because the first two shots probably started from this time period…

“Improve concentration! They should do it!”

Eight hours.

It is still safe.

Nine hours.

Twelve hours.

“Huh? It’s not right! Are they still not taking action?”

Richard began to wonder.

This has passed the first two times.

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