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Chapter 2035

Why still no one shot.

Not even the slightest fluctuation was detected in every area he arranged.

This is not normal.

The first two shots were taken after the transportation team sailed for seven or eight hours.

That is the best time.

But now this time has long missed the best time.

According to the speed of the transport team, the agreed location will be reached in a few hours.

At that time, it was already within the scope of the War Eagle Country.

In any case, it will not be robbed.

“Mr. Richard, did you say that the other party was afraid? After all, we are in such a big posture! Who is not afraid when they meet?”

“Yes! This time I guess the other party expected that it would be impossible to succeed! So just gave up?”

“It’s very possible! If the other party wants to make a move, he has already made a move! It won’t be delayed until now!”

In fact, what everyone said makes sense, and Richard thinks so.

“But for us, every second is dangerous! Everyone should be vigilant and not ignore every second!”

Richard still ordered the ministries to stare.

The Huoyun Cthulhu also sent back news in real time.

They did not find anything.

Somewhere outside of Morendam.

Levi was with Zhuque and them.

Everyone looked at Levi in amazement.

Levi was drinking tea with a relaxed expression.

“Boss, are you sure you don’t need us to take action? How long will the Sun Stone be transported to the Warhawks? Are you sure we won’t take action?”

“Yeah, the boss, let us take action? In another four hours, everything is too late!”

“Yes, boss, we can’t give up!”

At first everyone thought Levi had some earth-shattering plans.

Unexpectedly, Levi stayed still.

Seeing that the sun stone is about to be transported to the war eagle country.

Levi was still drinking tea leisurely without panic at all.

What is he waiting for?

Everyone is anxious.

Anxiously sweating.

Levi looked up at everyone, “No one can act without my order!”

“But the boss…”

“Shut up! Listen to the boss’ orders!”

Wesley, Ron scolded.

Suzaku also coldly shouted, “Richard has already set up a net for the sky and the earth. Who of you can break into it?”

Everyone was silent.

Stop talking.

Everyone on Richard’s side is highly focused and staring at all times.

But the mysterious forces do not appear to live or die.

Richard was helpless.

Time is disappearing a little bit.

The sky is gradually getting brighter.

But the person still didn’t show up.

Time continues to pass.

Six hours passed.

The mysterious forces did not take action.

The transportation team entered the waters of the Eagle Nation without any risk.

Completely reunited with the team led by Richard himself.

Looking at the intact transport team in front of him, Richard was in a daze.

Is this true or false?

Isn’t it a dream?

Really shipped back? ? ?

Not just him, everyone has such doubts.

This is not normal!

It’s like a fucking dream!

That group of people didn’t even do it?

It’s not just their doubts, this is the doubts of the whole world.

Everyone is looking forward to an unprecedented battle.

Morendam is looking forward to the mysterious forces once again to block the Lab of the Gods.

But they didn’t even do it anymore and chose to give up.

Finally, let the Gods Lab transport the Sun Stone away.

“After all, the Lab of the Gods is amazing, and finally this mysterious force was suppressed!”

“Counseled! They were counseled in the end! The Lab of the Gods is so strong! Once it is true, those people will not dare!”

Richard didn’t know why he was a little lost.

He hoped that the other party could make a move.

This will be interesting.

“Forget it, transport all the sun stones into the base!”

He was disappointed.

After preparing for a long time, the other party is actually scared?

Chapter 2036

This is not too challenging!

keep going!

What’s wrong?

Richard is the one who most wants to catch the mysterious forces in one go!

He is looking forward to a positive contest.

such a pity.

These people didn’t dare to show up afterwards!

Richard shook his head helplessly.

“Let’s go, follow me to see the Sun Stone!”

Richard wants to check the sun stone that came in.

“it is good!”

Everyone followed.

This time it took five days to mine, and the amount is really not small.

A base is packed full.

“open to take a look!”

“Pay attention to protection!”

Richard ordered.

Everyone present was wearing protective clothing.

Richard also wore a special mech.

I was afraid that the energy of the sun stone would hurt…

The subordinates opened a box, and everyone backed vigilantly.


But when the box was opened, everyone was taken aback.

Because everyone didn’t feel the terrible energy fluctuations.

In the past, even a small piece of sun stone had super strong energy radiation.

What’s more, it’s normal for a box of sunstones to overturn people with its power.

But now there is no energy fluctuation at all.


“what happened?”

Richard leaned forward to look.

When he saw the scene inside the box, Richard’s face changed wildly.

A face becomes red and bloodshot at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“This, this, this…”

Richard was going crazy, because the box in the box was not a sun stone at all.

Not even half a piece!

The box is full of stones, ordinary stones!


At this moment, Richard’s blood pressure rose rapidly.

The eyes turned black and almost fainted.

After other people saw it, it was the same, almost not scared to death.

“No way?”

A bad premonition spread in the hearts of everyone.

If that happens.

That is the most terrible.

“Open the other boxes! All the boxes! Open them all!”

Richard yelled like crazy.

The subordinates went to open other boxes to check.



One box after another opened, and all the ordinary stones fell out of it.


There is no sun stone at all!


“Neither here!”


The boxes were opened one after another, all of which were ordinary stones.

Where’s the sun stone?

Where did you go?

Accompanied by the boxes being opened one by one.

Everyone’s heart sank to the bottom.

There is no sun stone.

Not a single box!

Where is the sun stone?

“No? Did we make a mistake? What if this is the sun stone? It’s wrapped in it!”

Someone said.


It’s just that someone grabbed a stone and crushed it instantly, without energy.

Another piece is still the same.

This assumption is not true.

“Is it possible that the installation is wrong? Or the energy of the sun stone has escaped during transportation?”

Everyone put forward a lot of hypotheses.

At this time Richard’s voice sounded: “There is no need to discuss and guess! They still shot!”

Richard’s body trembled violently.

He looked mad.


“They still shot!”

“They actually did it!!!”

Richard shouted like crazy.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Looked at Richard in a daze!

It was originally not a mysterious force, and did not make a move.

They had already taken action and robbed the Sun Stone secretly.

It’s just that they don’t know.

The mysterious forces deceived the laboratory of the gods and deceived the whole world!

When the whole world thought they were counseled, they did not expect that they would have successfully robbed the Sun Stone long ago.

It’s just that everyone is still waiting.

The Lab of the Gods also arranged a network of heaven and earth, waiting for the mysterious forces to take action.

Where did I know that the Sun Stone was tuned long ago…

But how did the sun stone be transferred away?

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