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Chapter 2037

It is absolutely impossible to adjust the package on the way.

Richard didn’t say anything about the arrangement but still stared at it all the time.

There can be no trace of loopholes.

What’s more, the five-day mining volume is too huge, and it is impossible to adjust the contract.

Then only when the seaport transportation team is loading the ship…

Not right!

At that time, Richard had sent a powerful transportation team, staring at it, and there was no possibility of problems.

How can it be possible to adjust so many sunstones?

That can only be…

Mining the source of contracting…

The ones installed in the six major producing areas were not sun stones at all, but ordinary stones.

In addition, the transportation device of the transportation team is to isolate energy fluctuations.

So no one knows whether it is an ordinary stone or a sunstone.

All this was done by Levi who arranged the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army to do it.

During these hours, Levi knew all about the six major producing areas.

Even meticulously, everyone knows what sleeping habits are.

Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army sneaked into it early.

The original nine days of uninterrupted high-intensity work put all those involved in mining in a very exhausted state.

The Dragoons have the opportunity to sneak in.

Not only that, the Dragoons also secretly moved their hands and feet.

Levi learned almost all the abilities of the evil god of poison.

It is not a problem to develop a medicine that can cause coma and hallucinations.

The Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army used this medicine in the six major producing areas, and the invisible gas produced was permeated.

All people have increased fatigue, listlessness, and even hallucinations.

The medicine developed by Levi will not leave any traces afterwards.

Qin Shao felt right at first.

It is indeed abnormal.

It’s just that everyone is exhausted and thought it was caused by high-intensity work.

Therefore, the original one-hour work of loading the sunstone into the transportation device has become three hours.

It’s just that everyone feels normal, after all, everyone is too tired.

Even Rex Jimson thinks so.

Richard couldn’t accept any feedback, let alone doubt it.

During these three hours, the Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army quietly transferred all the sun stones.

Then destroy all clues.

No one knows at all.

This is the reason why Levi is so slow to make a move.

Because they haven’t shipped the Sun Stone from the beginning.

“The boss’s mission is complete! The Sun Stone has also been placed!”

At this time, the Dragoons returned.

Levi nodded and took a sip of tea.

Suzaku and others were dumbfounded.

How is this going?

The task is completed? ? ?

Seeing everyone’s doubts, Levi smiled: “Yes, the mission has been completed, and the sun stone is in our hands.”

“What? This… how is this done? We are still standing still!”

Everyone is going crazy.

“Let him explain it to you!”

Levi smiled.

Soon Suzaku knew what was going on.

No wonder Levi is so calm.

It turned out that he solved the problem from the source.

Soon news that the third batch of sun stones mined by the Gods’ Laboratory was robbed again spread all over the world!

The world was shocked again!

Three full times!

This time, he quietly robbed the Sun Stone.

Even Richard didn’t notice it.

It was dubbed by everyone as “the greatest shame of the Gods Laboratory”!

Morendam parties are excited!

After all, none of the Sun Stone was taken away by the Gods Lab!

“It seems that this mysterious force is trying to completely stop the Lab of the Gods! Then we can rest assured! We even have to provide some help when necessary!”

Tiance Mansion and others began to express their views.

It’s great to have someone out there.

You can’t blame Morendam.

The news spread and fermented all over the world.

The face of the Gods Lab was completely lost, and Richard was nailed to the pillar of shame.

Richard wanted to die.

“Mr. Richard, the evil god of fire cloud is looking for you!”

“Hurry up, connect with him!”

Chapter 2038

A hoarse voice came from the other side: “The probability of this batch of sun stones is 80 to 90 in Morendam, and it was not shipped out at all!”

“My people are staring at Tiance Mansion and Morendam. There is no change. It means that the Sun Stone is in Morendam at all, and it has not been shipped out of Morendam. You can use means to find it in Morendam.”


Richard was taken aback for a moment, and then he reacted.

During this period of time, he was thinking about which part of the contract was contracted.

However, he never thought that things were packaged in Morendam.

In his subconscious, where is the safest.

There can be no problem.

In addition to the ideas provided by the Huoyun Cthulhu last time, it is said that it may be a kind of Bible organization.

This allowed Richard to completely focus on the major forces outside of Morendam.

Never doubted Morendam.

Now as soon as Huo Yun Cthulhu reminded him, he immediately reacted.

This time the Sun Stone was repackaged, and it definitely happened in Morendam.

Then the sun stone that was tuned is definitely in Morendam.

Won’t go too far.

After all, Morendam also had people like Tiance Mansion staring at him.

Once let them find out, they will also act.

However, the Huoyun Cthulhu was staring, and none of these forces had any problems.

That means it was not shipped out at all.

“Okay, I get it. This is the first positive conversation between you and me. I have a chance to meet!”

After Richard hung up the call.

Immediately arrange for Rex and them to act.

Use all the resources of your contacts to find Sunstone in Morendam.

At the same time, he sent some technicians with testing equipment.

He dared not send some strong men into Morendam.

After all, if you send these people, Tiance Mansion will stare at them and even expel them.

These people have no reason.

While Richard was angry, he was fortunate to have Huoyun Cthulhu as a partner.

Always show up when he needs it.

Make up his shortcomings and become his ace support.

“The boss just got the information, and Richard sent someone to search for the sun stones in Morendam! I heard from the Dragoons that the third batch of sun stones was hidden in Morendam. I haven’t had time to ship it out!”

Suzaku looked at Levi worriedly.

Levi smiled: “Let’s find it! Let them find it!”


Suzaku asked suspiciously, “Boss, what if they really found it?”

“What if they find it? Can they still be transported away? Will I let them take it away?”

Levi asked rhetorically.

“Oh oh oh, got it!”

Suzaku understood in an instant.

It doesn’t matter where the sun stone is hidden, but as long as it is in Morendam.

So just like the sunstone that has not been mined in the six major producing areas, even if they find it, they will not be shipped out.

It will always belong to Morendam.

This concept has to be figured out.

If you find the Sun Stone, you may not be able to transport it back, or it may be yours.

There is a high probability, or even 100%, that it will not be shipped.

So the Lab of the Gods is doing useless work at all.

If you have time to find the sun stone, it is better to mine it.

Not to mention it may not be found.

After receiving the order, Rex and the others frantically searched for the whereabouts of the Sun Stone in Morendam.

It took time, money, and manpower to look for it on a large scale.

But Levi didn’t take it seriously.

He is making plans for the next phase.

Richard was afraid to continue mining these days.

Has been looking for the whereabouts of the third batch of missing sunstones, as well as looking for mysterious forces in all aspects.

It just doesn’t make much sense.

Basically, they are standing still.

Richard was frowning all day long.

Had it not been for Huoyun Cthulhu to provide some clues and directions, he would have collapsed.

Recently, he didn’t even think about doing experiments.

It has been stagnant for a while.

“Mr. Richard, good news! Great news!”

“The third batch of lost sun stones has been found!!!”

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