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Chapter 2039

At this time, news came.

The third batch of lost sun stones was found in Morendam.

Richard and the others all jumped up.

“Where did you find it?”

Richard asked in surprise and joy.

“This… Actually, the Sun Stone has not been transported away, all in the mining area!”

The other side hesitated, and a voice came.


Hearing this answer, Richard was struck by thunder.

Looking for a long time.

It turns out that Sun Stone has never left the mining area at all?

The most dangerous place is the safest place?

Richard finally understood.

The mysterious forces just prevented the Sun Stone from leaving Morendam, but did not take it away.

The sun stone is just packaged into ordinary stones in the mining area, and the sun stone is in the mining area.

Was fooled!!!

Richard’s eyes were scarlet, and his face was stern with anger.

After doing it for a long time, the Sun Stone was in the mining area at all, still in his own hands, and he didn’t lose it!

But he played around with the laboratory of the gods.


Great shame!

Richard couldn’t wait to hit him to death, he couldn’t explain to the Lab of the Gods.

Three times.

It’s all being teased!

It would be better if he was robbed for the third time.

This is completely laid out.



Richard was so angry that he smashed something.

The men next to him persuaded: “Mr. Richard, don’t be angry! Although we were tricked, the Sun Stone was retrieved and it is still in our hands. We won’t suffer!”

Others also echoed: “Yes, the most important thing is that the sun stone is in our hands!”

Richard suddenly stared at everyone: “Are you fools?”


Everyone was taken aback.

“The Sun Stone is in your hands? Why is it in your hands? Isn’t that still in Morendam? Can you bring it back?”

Richard’s repeated questions made everyone confused.

“If this is the case, I still have sunstones for hundreds of years, but the six major mining areas are all in Morendam! Can we get one back now? Impossible!”

Richard shouted.

Everyone understood what Richard meant.

Now these sun stones are only theirs in name.

Can you really get it?

Can’t get it!

With this group of mysterious forces here, they don’t want to take away a sun stone.

They found the third batch of missing sun stones.

But everyone couldn’t be happy.

The result is the same.

Can’t be shipped back to the laboratory of the gods.

The most important thing is that even if the Sun Stone is found, there has been no clue about the mysterious force.

Even Huoyun Cthulhu did not find the slightest.

Now Richard faces two choices.

Should we bring the third batch of sunstones back first, or should we continue mining?

The problem!!!

Richard is a little scared now.

He dared not transport the sun stone.

He was afraid of being robbed the fourth time.


Richard actually had fear.

But the mysterious force is the fear of the unknown.

Richard was afraid that it was normal.

Richard gathered all his subordinates for a meeting to discuss what should be done next.

“Mr. Richard, should we continue to try? Try again to transport the Sun Stone back! Just follow the arrangement of the last time! This time, we will guard against death in Morendam. I don’t believe it will be shipped back?

Someone suggested.

“Yeah, they took advantage of the loophole this time. We discovered this loophole. I want to see it. Do they have any other solutions?”

“Yeah, I agree too! As long as we are optimistic about all the points, they can’t help it.”

Everyone suggested that the Sun Stone should be shipped back first.

Richard said helplessly: “All right, let’s try again?”

But at this moment, news came suddenly: “It’s not good, something happened again!”

Chapter 2040

Richard and everyone were taken aback.

“Something happened again???”

But they have to decide to continue to transport the sun stone back.

Not implemented yet…

How could something happen?

Everyone stared at the intelligence agent.

“This time something really happened! I just got the news that the sun stone mining areas on the Bay of Saint Lus Island in the Western Continent and the 13 islands in the Bens Sea were looted! The mining bases were all destroyed! “


a bolt from the blue!

The news came out.

Richard and others were dumbfounded.

Now all the attention of him and the laboratory of the gods is on the Morendam mining area and the mysterious forces.

Where can I take care of the others.

Richard doesn’t even care about Wood Zhengjie’s experiment now.

But I never thought that someone would actually start with other sunstone mining areas.

Over the years, the laboratories of the gods have established various base laboratories all over the world.

One of the main purposes is to discover and mine solar stone energy.

All over the world, the laboratories of the gods have discovered many locations for solar stone energy.

And then mine…

But everything is done in secret.

It is a level 1 secret of the Lab of the Gods!

Outsiders would never know…

But now, what’s the situation?

Listening to the familiar place names, Richard’s heart was about to fly out.

These places on St. Lus Bay Island are the key mining areas of the Gods Laboratory.

A lot of sun stones can be mined.

Was it destroyed like this?

How did they find it?


Richard fainted directly.

Others also felt dark in front of them.

The hands of this mysterious force are too long, right?

Not only the Sunstone mining in Morendam, but also other things now!

It turned out that everyone was wondering whether a certain force in Morendam would resolutely not let the Sun Stone leave Morendam.

Now it seems that this is simply someone who is against the experiment of the gods!

Did not wait for any reaction from the Gods Lab.

Another news came.

“A sunstone mining area in the northern glacier zone of Northern Continent has been damaged!”

“A sunstone mining area in the iceberg belt of Southern Continent has been damaged!”

“An extinct volcanic sunstone mining area near the East Island was destroyed!”

The Lab of the Gods has more than 300 sunstone mining areas in the world.

More than 30 people were affected this time.

The distribution range is still very wide, all over the world.

There are from all continents.

The attack range of the mysterious forces spreads all over the world.

It was done at the same time!


The world is shocked again!

Countless people are evaluating the strength of this mysterious force!

Before everyone summed up a truth.

This mysterious force is very powerful, but it can only engage in petty thefts in the face of the Lab of the Gods.

But wherever I thought, there was a huge wave of backhand.

It can move around the world at the same time and destroy more than 30 sunstone mining areas.

It shows that this force is strong enough to explode.

Can directly threaten the laboratory of the gods.

Some are happy and some are sad.

All parties in Morendam are naturally happy.

Someone can prevent Morendam’s Sunstone from being mined, and others can restrict the Lab of the Gods.

This is good for Morendam.

Some people who are hostile to the Lab of the Gods, or don’t have a good relationship with Warhawks think so.

However, the alliance and affiliated forces of the Warhawks, or the allies of the Lab of the Gods are going crazy.

This directly affects them.

All of this was naturally done by Levi.

His old ministry arranged to do these things.

Alton and the others are doing some big things…

“I can’t kill you all at once, but I can kill you a little bit!”

Levi sneered.

At this time Suzaku walked in and brought a piece of information: “Boss, you asked the investigator to find it!”

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