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Chapter 2041

“Find it?”

Levi’s eyes lit up.

He immediately took the information and flipped through it.

The Gods Laboratory has laboratory bases in almost every region in the world.

Surveying energy materials for the laboratories of the gods, etc.

This possibility is the lifeblood of the Lab of the Gods.

What Levi wanted to do now was to destroy these secret bases one by one.

Morendam must have them too, otherwise how did they find the place where the sun stone is produced?

So when Levi first deployed the mission, one item was to find out the secret base of the Gods Laboratory in Morendam.

These secret bases are the most critical of the Gods Laboratory.

So it is very secret and it is not easy to find out.

Even though the Blackwater Company came to Morendam with fanfare this time, the secret base never showed up.

This created a lot of difficulties for Suzaku and the others.

I haven’t found it until now.

This secret base is still under investigation in Morendam, looking for more energy sources, this time in the God of War Mountains.

Suzaku discovered it by them.

“It turns out that there is not only one base in Morendam, but six bases!”

Levi glanced at the list and couldn’t help saying.

Suzaku said: “It’s estimated that the laboratories of the gods have taken care of everything, otherwise, more than a dozen or twenty are possible! There are more places that produce sun stones.”

Levi nodded: “I have to say that the laboratories of the gods are too scary, and they have footprints all over the world! Besides them, who can do it? I don’t know how shocking the true core of the laboratories of the gods is, their real technology is not Know what level you have reached…”

Everyone’s complexion became solemn.

Don’t look at how badly it is hitting the Lab of Gods.

But let alone the lifeblood of the True Gods Laboratory, I have never seen it before.

“What about these secret bases, boss?”

Suzaku asked.

“Control it!”

“Nowadays, the mining of the sun stone is bound to be obtained! The whole world will start here! We are lack of technology, let alone mining, there is no way to find it.”

“So these people must be controlled and used by us! We need to survey the sun stone technology, but also the sun stone mining technology!”

“Understood! I’ll do it right away!”

In just one night, Levi sent someone to control all the secret bases.

Richard and the Lab of the Gods were really busy this night.

Damaged everywhere, check everywhere…

In the early morning, Richard took a breath.

Just when I was about to rest, there was another news.

“Mr. Richard has another accident!”

“Speak? What’s wrong?”

Richard was numb by now.

Too much bad news.

“Our six secret bases in Morendam have disappeared for no reason, and people can’t contact them at all! All the instruments are also in a closed state, fearing that they have been destroyed by mysterious forces.”

Hearing this, Richard’s face changed.

“You can find this? Even if we were mining in Morendam, we didn’t show them! After all, Morendam is the most resource-rich area! How did we find it?”

Richard was shocked.

“But the good thing is that the most important base is still there!”

It turns out that there are not only six secret bases, but seven.

Richard glared at him: “Let them hide temporarily, don’t let them find out!”

“Rex asked whether to continue mining or transportation?”

Richard shook his head: “I don’t know, my mind is all messed up now!”

“Who? Who on earth is against us?”

Richard is going crazy.

The whole person is going to explode.

The other party was eating them a little bit, but they didn’t even know who the other party was.

“Mr. Richard, I have an idea… Would you like to listen?”

Chapter 2042


Richard looked at the servant in surprise.

This kid is called Logan Shiji and he is from Star Country.

Obviously high-tech talents.

But give up all the good life, come here to apply for a servant.

Pour Richard coffee all day long.

In order to want to enter the laboratory of the gods.

“Yes, I have an idea!”

Without hope, Richard nodded: “Well, let’s talk about it!”

Just listen to it casually.

“From our point of view, looking for it now is a needle in a haystack! The other party deliberately targeted us, and it will never leave us any clues.”

“But with such a large-scale operation, they are not ghosts or gods, how can they not leave footprints?”

Richard seemed to think of something, his eyes lit up.

“Yes, as long as they move, there will definitely be something left. It’s just that we can’t find it from our perspective. You keep talking!”

Logan Shiji smiled and continued: “We can’t find our angle, but that doesn’t mean that other people’s angle can’t be found.”

Richard came to the spirit and looked at him carefully.

“My idea is simple, issue a reward order! Let more forces and more people help us find these mysterious forces together! As long as our conditions are good, we can attract more and more people to participate!

At that time, the difficulty of the mysterious forces increased every time they acted, not just facing us! To exaggerate, you may have to face the whole world! Their actions are equivalent to being exposed to the whole world! “

Logan Shiji stated his plan.

Richard slapped his thigh immediately.

“Yes, although we are strong, we don’t want to cover everything! We still need other people’s help! If other people can work for us, they really have nowhere to run!”

Richard immediately shouted: “Come here, immediately issue a reward order in the name of the Gods Laboratory and the Blackwater Company…”

The conditions for the reward order are very rich.

Even if you provide some clues, you can get a sky-high reward.

Including resource technology and so on.


As soon as this reward order was released, everyone went crazy.

They want to help the Gods’ Lab to unearth the mysterious forces.

Not only that, even the major hidden forces on the mysterious dark web have also taken action.

These dark forces hidden all over the world may even be a little afraid of the Gods Laboratory.

Some ancient forces that may have gone through hundreds of years.

There are many of them, even in this era, they are still standing still.

But the conditions set out by the Gods Lab are too attractive.

They are also tempted.

After the reward order was issued, almost the whole world was looking for Levi and them.

The effect was better than Richard and the others thought.

The number of participating forces is also more!

Looking at the clues presented, Richard was surprised and delighted.

Not to mention whether these clues are useful.

But there was none before.

Now even a clue to provide directions is fine.

The most important thing is that these clues are really useful after screening.

For example, you have taken pictures of your back, and traces of activities in a certain area, and so on.

The clues are more and more.

The truth is getting closer.

Richard was surprised at Logan Shiji: “I will directly promote you to be one of my assistants! If this time I really find a mysterious force, I will directly ask the laboratory for you!”

“Thank you Mr. Richard!”

Logan Shiji also smiled excitedly.

“Mr. Richard, I actually have another idea…”

He hesitated and stopped.

“Huh? Any ideas?”

Richard was taken aback.

“I think I can transport the Sun Stone back…”

“First, now the whole world is looking for them, they will be too much more difficult to act, and it is easy to be exposed!”

“Secondly, we can ask Morendam to be escorted!”

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