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Chapter 2043

Lee Seki looked at Richard and said, “Let me talk about my reasons!”

“I always think this mysterious force has something to do with Morendam! After all, the fuse started when Morendam Sun Stone was mined!”

“So we can ask Morendam’s Tiance Mansion or Colin to send someone to escort him! At that time, see if they have anything to do with Morendam?

The best mysterious forces can appear, and we can dig them out directly. If it doesn’t appear, the Sun Stone was also brought back by us. “

“We will not lose anyway!”

“And in the future we can continue to mine sunstone from Morendam… will not be blocked…”

Logan Shiji is very confident of this plan.

When Richard looked at Lee Seki, he admired the young man more and more.

Really have an idea.

Too many problems have been solved now.

Richard nodded and said: “At this time, I also want to continue to transport the Sun Stone back, forcing the mysterious forces to take action. However, I did not expect Morendam to escort him. This trick is really amazing! I can directly judge Morendam. Did you participate?”

“Come on, quickly prepare for me! Start to transport the sunstone back in a day!”

“Set it up for me! Tell me, Rex! And contact Morendam, let them send someone to protect this time!”

Richard quickly arranged the task.

All hand devices in the Lab of the Gods are in place.

Because of the rewarding order, the major forces who began to help the Gods’ Laboratory also began to wait.

As long as the time comes to help the gods laboratory a little, you will have to get rich rewards.

Almost everywhere in the world was in action, staring at whether Levi and the others would appear.

After Daxiatian Cefu and Colin received the request, they could only agree.

After all, the whole world is staring.

“No way, send someone to escort it! We can’t refuse!”

“There is also the thing that the sun stone was robbed must not happen in Morendam, even in the mining area!”

Tiance Mansion and Colin were forced to be helpless.

Can only send a team to protect.

Morendam’s reputation must not be damaged in any way!

This time the transportation is unprecedented.

It was also the easiest time for Richard and others in the Lab of the Gods.

They just sat firmly on the Diaoyutai and waited for Levi to appear.

This time, Rex was cautious and cautious.

Make sure that there are no problems in every link.

After confirming that it is correct, the sunstone is loaded into the transportation device.

Let Morendam’s escort team check again and again.

After everything is okay, the shipment starts.

With much attention, transportation begins.

“Boss, they are clearly targeting us this time! We won’t proceed in secret this time anyway!”

“Yes, it’s too targeted, we don’t have any chance!”

Suzaku began to worry.

One after another looked at Levi.

The opponent deliberately targeted, from the source, halfway and end, every link was stuck.

In addition, thousands of forces are still helping them, as long as Levi and the others do something, it will definitely be exposed.

And also deliberately let Morendam escort.

It is even more sinister.

“What about the boss? Are all ministries asking you?”

Everyone looked at Levi, everyone was a little anxious.

Levi was expressionless.

He didn’t know how well Richard and the others were targeted this time.

And he had anticipated that it would be more and more difficult to stop it later.

“Boss, do you have an idea?”

Everyone is even more anxious.

Obviously, it can be seen that Levi is also powerless this time.

Not as before, everything has been arranged long ago.

He didn’t have any arrangements this time.

Because every team is asking about plans.

Obviously Levi didn’t make advance preparations.

Annoyed by everyone’s questions, Levi said displeased: “Cold salad!!!”

Chapter 2044

Everyone was astonished.

Is this giving up?

Still do it recklessly regardless of risk?

But this risk is too great.

It will almost fail.

But the Sun Stone must not fall into the hands of the War Eagle Nation!

“Boss, tell us the truth, do you have any coup! It’s already ready!”

Everyone was anxious, wondering if Levi was ready.

Levi glanced at everyone and shook his head: “No!”

“Listen, no one is allowed to act rashly without my order! Offenders are dealt with by military law!”

Levi swept the crowd and warned.

The transportation team set off.

Escorted by all parties.

During the escort, check every half an hour.

Confirm that it is correct, and then continue to set off.

So repeatedly, all the way to the harbor safely.

Richard deliberately arranged for his cronies to wait in the harbor, and the Sun Stone came to look at it.

“no problem!”

“Start loading!”

The escort mission of the Great Summer Policy House was completed.

At least there were no problems in Morendam.

They also breathed a sigh of relief in Tiance Mansion.

They were afraid that the mysterious forces would take action in the territory of Morendam, so it was impossible to tell at all.

It will be condemned by the international community, thinking that Morendam did it or Morendam was an accomplice.

Richard and the others have been staring.

Seeing this, Richard sighed: “Does it really have nothing to do with Morendam?”

“Mr. Richard, let’s watch the next journey!”

Logan Shiji reminded from the side.

Nautical transportation continues!

Still very cautious.

Staring at it all the time, but after a while, I have to check again to see if it is still there.

So repeatedly.

One hour.

Nothing unusual.

Two hours.

Nothing unusual.

Ten hours have passed.

Still nothing happened.

But Richard and the others are cautious.

Checking it all the time, after all, I was scared the first few times.

For fear of being fooled again.

As time goes by, it gets closer and closer to the destination.

Suzaku started to cry in a hurry.

Levi had an arrangement before, and the Sun Stone had been contracted long ago.

But this time is different.

All the personnel are there, no one to perform the task at all.

Can only watch the Sun Stone being transported back.

“It seems that if we want to keep the Sun Stone from being mined, our own strength is still too weak! Morendam must come forward to stop it!”

“Yes, we are subject to too many restrictions! We can only stop a few times, and there will be no way for a long time!”

“Hey, this time we can’t stop it! Forcibly preventing us from exposing without saying, it is very likely that the whole army will be wiped out!”

Richard and Logan Shiji are also analyzing.

“After all, our methods are too hard! If you don’t give each other a bit of space, they can’t do anything.”

Richard smiled.

Logan Shiji nodded: “If it were me, I wouldn’t make a move. I can’t expose myself. I might even be uprooted.”

“But we still need to be cautious. What if the other party does something on the rest of the journey? At this time, our vigilance has been relaxed a lot. Maybe this is someone’s strategy?”

Richard is still very cautious.

In the remaining few hours of the journey, we still guarded strictly and checked from time to time.

Finally finished the rest of the road, safely came to the first base of the sea of ​​the Gods Laboratory, which is the place to meet.

Arrived here, it is equivalent to the territory of the laboratory of the gods.

It’s already the destination.

It’s safe.

Richard and the others immediately surrounded him, he was worried, he wanted to see it with his own eyes.

“Come on, turn on all the devices!”

Richard ordered the people to turn on all the devices.

Soon the sun stones all appeared in front of everyone.

This time it was shipped back safely.

No one is missing!

Richard cried with joy.

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