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Chapter 2045

He has been depressed for many days.

What kind of pressure is he under!

Repeated failures caused his position in the laboratory of the gods to drop sharply.

If you fail again, you will face the risk of a meeting and reprimand.

He is more stressed than anyone.

He kept taking a breath.

In the final analysis, it is to transport the sun stone back.

Now he succeeded.

Richard clenched his fists tightly, and he cried with joy.

Everyone was excited.

Everyone cheered.

A lively scene.

“Hurry up and spread the news! To the whole world! The Sun Stone is shipped back!”

Richard said excitedly.

He arranged for Logan Shiji and others to take photos and videos of the scene.

Soon news spread.

The Lab of the Gods successfully transported the Sun Stone from Morendam.

The mysterious forces were stunned, and in the end they didn’t dare to make a move, so they could only give the Sun Stone to the Lab of the Gods.

For most forces, they are sad.

They are still waiting for the emergence of mysterious forces.

In order to get clues or grasp, where to go to the Gods Laboratory to invite credit and reward.

The results did not appear.

They are very depressed.

The most depressing is Morendam.

They watched as the Sun Stone was transported to the other side of the ocean, but there was nothing they could do.

That came from the land of Morendam.

It is very likely that the Lab of the Gods will deal with Morendam in the future.

“Can’t keep it! Unless we forcibly tear our faces! But how can this work?”

“Hey, I hope they can come out to stop it! But after all, the pressure is too great!”

Reactions across the world are mixed.

Some are sad and some are happy.

But they all agreed that the mysterious forces were stunned, afraid, afraid.

After all, as long as you act, it must be under the nose of the world.

They can easily be dug out directly.

No one in this world can fight against the Lab of the Gods!

From now on, the Lab of the Gods can unscrupulously mine Sunstone from Morendam.

No one can stop the footsteps of the Gods Lab!

When Suzaku saw the news, they were so angry that they were about to explode.

The boss really didn’t prepare anything this time.

Let the laboratory of the gods transport the sun stone away.

They were angry and helpless.

Why can’t they be stronger?

If it is strong enough, then everything can be ignored.

They can stop everything openly.

But not now!

Can only watch.

Everyone clenched their fists and vowed to keep themselves strong.

“Where is the boss? Where did the others go?”

Suzaku noticed that Levi had disappeared.

“Hey, I guess the boss is more annoying than anyone else!”

“Yes, the boss is under the greatest pressure. Now that the Sun Stone is transported away, he must be the most uncomfortable!”

“Life is like this! You will always face things you can’t do!”

“Everyone had better not bother him now!”

Richard is really excited here.

“Let Rex and the others continue to mine! Let go and do it! Everyone has a reward!”

Richard shouted.

The senior management of the Gods Lab praised Richard specifically.

Some high-tech things were given and some permissions were opened up.

Let Richard get closer to the top.

“Come on, count the number! Load it directly into the energy system!”

Richard ordered.

Now that the sun stone is shipped back, it must be used immediately.

After everything was arranged, Richard left with Logan Shiji’s group with a smile on his face.

Others began to count the number of sun stones…

But is this over?





Richard did not take a few steps, and suddenly there was an earth-shattering explosion.

The entire base was shaking vigorously, and everyone was almost lifted off…

The flames are soaring into the sky…

But this is only the beginning…

Chapter 2046




The base composed of eight islands exploded at the same time.

Waves of serial explosions.

The soaring fire light shines here as bright as day.


The main reason is that this base is one of the energy supply stations of the Gods Laboratory.

In addition to the sun stone, there are too many energy materials on the base.

Once exploded, not only will the energy material be destroyed, some will also explode, and the power will increase dozens of times, even hundreds of times thousands of times.

The terrible energy radiated out was almost all devastating.

So the explosion just now is just the beginning, one explosion can cause a chain explosion.

And the power is getting more and more terrifying!


At first, one island exploded, and now three islands exploded.

Followed by four islands;

Five islands

In the end, the eight islands and all connected areas all exploded.

The terrible power affects the surrounding seas.

The sea began to tremble, and there were waves everywhere at a height of 100 meters, huge vortexes were surging, and the seabed changed, as if a tsunami was coming.

“Hurry up and protect Mr. Richard! Escort Mr. Richard out of here!”

Everyone shouted.

A strong rushed over to protect Richard.

At the same time, the special aircrafts of the Gods’ Laboratory were activated one after another, allowing the major senior and core personnel to ride.

“Hurry up! Stop it!”

Richard didn’t want to leave for the first time, but wanted to stop all of this.

“It’s too late, Mr. Richard! When the incident happened suddenly, we had no chance to react at all!”

“Our facilities are destroyed too much! In addition to the leakage of energy materials! The power is so amazing that we can’t stop it at all!”

Now the entire base is helpless, the only way is to evacuate and minimize losses as much as possible.

“not good!!!”

Richard suddenly remembered something.

“Sun Stone!!!”

“The sun stone is still there!”

As soon as Richard reminded, everyone reacted.

The sun stone has not been installed, if the energy of the sun stone is excited.

The consequences will be unimaginable…

“Hurry up…”

Before Richard’s words fell, he saw with his own eyes that the explosion range spread to the area of ​​the Sun Stone…

“No, withdraw!”

As soon as Richard finished shouting, there was silence between heaven and earth.

All voices are covered up.

The mushroom cloud rises!


The sun stone exploded.

The terrible energy overflowed for the first time, destroying everything.

All the buildings on the island instantly turned into nothingness.

The personnel on the island disappeared instantly, with no bones left.


It’s terrible!

Richard opened the special mecha on his body for the first time and protected him tightly.

He saw with his own eyes that the people around him disappeared one by one.

The island was torn apart, and the base building was directly ground down.

Doomsday sight!

The Lab of the Gods has simulated apocalyptic scenes many times!

The one in front of you is!

Even more terrifying, this is just the beginning…

The sun stone exploded one after another, and all the energy inside radiated out.


Richard saw with his own eyes that the islands were torn apart and disappeared under the immense power.

The remaining seven islands either tore or sank directly.

The sun stone exploded one after another, and its power gradually increased, each time getting stronger.

It is simply unstoppable, to destroy everything.


Richard only felt that the pressure in his body was so great that it was about to burst.

His special mech was also shattered every inch.

This is the latest generation of battle armor of the Gods Laboratory, and it can’t stop this terrible power.

The mechas of Logan Shiji and others around him were also shattering little by little.

So many sun stones are shattered, the power is too terrifying.

Can’t hold it!

Nothing can hold it!

That’s it!

Something is going to happen!

Richard’s face changed drastically!

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