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Chapter 2047

If it goes on like this, it won’t last long.

Everyone’s mechas have to be shattered.

It’s all going to die!

“help me!!!”

Richard pressed a distress button at a critical moment.

Thirty seconds.

Eight superpowers thus appeared in front of Richard, and their superpowers were displayed.

Light shields stood in front of them, stubbornly blocking the energy diffusion of the sunstone.


At the critical moment, Richard felt lighter.

He was dragged away by his men.

Logan Shiji and others were also rescued.

This is the privilege of Richard as the core staff of the Lab of the Gods.

You can press this button at the most critical moment to get the limit for help.

Unless the core personnel of the Lab of the Gods can use this privilege, no one else has the opportunity.

If it’s the situation just now, I can only die.

Richard used the privilege to rescue him from the mysterious eight powers who descended from the sky.

This is the ultimate rescue system of the Gods Laboratory.

But the speed is so fast, mainly because the rescue team is nearby and close.

If it is too far, it is absolutely impossible to arrive so quickly.

Looking at the doomsday-like scene below.

The fire has spread for thousands of miles, and the explosion can continue. The mushroom cloud has been soaring, and the thick smoke obscures the sky.

Richard’s brain was blank and his eyes were empty.

With such a large base, how could the huge area composed of eight islands be smoothed out? ? ?

More than that!

There are fewer than five hundred survivors of the tens of thousands of people on the base.

Either it runs fast.

Either the strength is strong enough to survive the explosion.

If he is not qualified to ask for help at the limit, he will also have to die.

The most frightening thing is that so many energy materials are all destroyed.

The sun stones that could be supplied for half a year and the sun stones that were just shipped back were all destroyed.

There is nothing left…

Although there was a loss before, it was just a small mess.

Basically, it tickles the Lab of the Gods.

Not even tickling enough!

But this time is different!

The loss is too great!

Unable to bear the loss!

The key, this base is one of the largest energy supply stations in the Gods Laboratory…

The arm equivalent to the laboratory of the gods was chopped off.

Since the establishment of the Lab of the Gods, it has never suffered such a big loss!

Everyone in the Lab of the Gods was dumbfounded.


I thought it was a success, but the Sun Stone was transported from Morendam, and it can be quarried well in the future.

That’s the sunstone energy that can supply a hundred years.

But I didn’t expect it to be gone in a blink of an eye!

The sun stone is gone!

All energy materials are gone!

The eight islands are gone!

A huge base is gone!

The changes before and after are so great that people are caught off guard and simply unacceptable.

One day, one place…

A pair of eyes in the sea of ​​fire kept watching everything.

It was Levi.

Seeing everything destroyed, he turned and left.

That’s right!

Levi did everything!

He said he would not let a sun stone fall into their hands!

Since the robbery does not go away, then it will be destroyed.

Don’t even think of using a little bit in the Lab of the Gods!

So from beginning to end, Levi didn’t want to stop it.

All he has to do is destroy!

Another point is that when they were looking for Levi in the Richard Gods Laboratory, Levi was also looking for them.

The Lab of the Gods has always been mysterious, and the real headquarters, branches and real core bases are not found.

The people sent by Levi have been looking for them, but the effect has been minimal.

There are almost no clues.

What Richard and the others never expected was that the repeated transportation actually exposed themselves.

Such as this supply station!

It’s so mysterious.

Normally, I can’t find it at all, let alone approach it.

But the transportation of Sun Stone this time exposed the base instead.

Chapter 2048

After all, he wants to transport the sun stone to a location.

It is precisely the Lab of the Gods who is making a big fanfare, waiting for the emergence of the mysterious forces, and also allowing the major forces of the world to supervise and escort.

It is equivalent to completely exposing this base to the eyes of the whole world.

Everyone didn’t realize this at all.

Everyone has preconceived notions, and their thinking is in the laboratory of the gods, and they are all thinking about how to dig out the mysterious forces.

But I didn’t expect to expose myself first.

And I didn’t expect that the other party was also looking for your secret base.

Levi searched for a long time and didn’t find it, but this time following the trail of the transportation team, he found it easily.

This is something no one expected…

Levi gained too much this time.

It’s not just that Morendam’s Sun Stone was prevented from getting into the hands of the Gods Lab.

It also destroyed a super important supply station of the Gods Laboratory.

This time Levi really hurt the Lab of the Gods.

It was also considered the most vicious counterattack since being persecuted by the Gods Lab for a long time.

It really hurts to the point.

Levi left, and no one found them.

Even the eyes of the major forces in the world are staring.

But they all stared at the transportation route, not at this base.

What’s more, Levi was acting alone, and they couldn’t find out anyway.

Richard and the others were taken to a certain part of the Eagle Nation.


After landing, everyone fell to the ground softly.

Like a living dead, Richard has no consciousness, and his eyes are not moving.

The same is true of Logan Shiji and them.

Lying on the ground motionless, just like a dead body.

This devastating explosion directly wiped out everyone’s hearts.

This time the blow was too big and too big.

Hit Richard directly and shut himself down.

“Come on, check the extent of their physical damage first!”

“Check again what happened to the explosion, and is there any possibility of retrieving the loss!”

The Lab of the Gods is completely messed up.

When the whole world was immersed in the shock of bringing the Sun Stone back from the Lab of the Gods, suddenly the dark web released a message…

The news is a video-a terrible video of the explosion at the supply station of the Gods Laboratory.

Probably all the scenes of the sinking and blowing up of the eight islands are included.

Registered netizens on the dark web have raised questions.

“What’s going on here???”

“This is too scary, right?”

“Where is the incident?”

“One of the bases of the Gods Laboratory is also the place where the Sun Stone was just transported back from Morendam!”

Someone on the dark web answered this question.


“How can it explode? And this power is too terrifying? Watching the video spread for thousands of miles is not a problem, right?”

Netizens on the dark web continue to ask questions.

“It is the explosion of the sunstone and energy materials! It is so powerful! Not only the sunstone transported back from Morendam in the Gods Laboratory is destroyed! The sun stone and a large number of energy materials in the base are all destroyed! What! Nothing left!”

“I’m sure this is the biggest blow in the history of the Lab of the Gods! No one! They are hurt!”

“Isn’t it? Although the previous secret bases of the Gods Laboratory were destroyed all over the world, the scale was too small, and it was not painful to destroy! This time it is the core base! It hurts to the point!”

This piece was fermented on the dark web in advance and soon went viral all over the world.

The Lab of the Gods came from Morendam Sunstone.

But it was completely ruined before it was warm.

Not only that, but also a huge base was completely destroyed.

Nothing is left.

It is also rumored that the senior management of the Lab of the Gods was injured in the explosion.

At this moment, the whole world was shocked.

Mysterious forces still shot…

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