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Chapter 2049

All parties in Morendam are boiling!

It turns out that the mysterious forces have shot at the last moment!

Although failed to keep the Sun Stone.

But the Sunstone Gods Lab didn’t get it either.

They also suffered a great loss!

The various forces who were helping to stare were dumbfounded.

Is the mysterious force taking action?

But why didn’t they see it?

They have been staring.

As long as the other party is moving, it is impossible for so many people to see no movement at all.

Wherever they wanted it, Levi was the only one to do it.

It’s not a multi-person action, they certainly can’t catch it.

“The Lab of the Gods thought it was in control of the whole situation, but I didn’t expect that it was the mysterious forces that controlled the whole situation!”

“I see! The Lab of the Gods is so fanciful that they want to attract the mysterious forces out to find them! But the mysterious forces are also looking for the Lab of the Gods!”

“You are looking for me, and I am looking for you too! When you stare at the abyss, the abyss is staring at you too!”

The Lab of the Gods was completely hit.

Richard fell ill directly.

The rest of Logan Shiji and others were also traumatized to varying degrees.

It was hit directly.


Mining on Morendam’s side also stopped.

Even if they were mined, they couldn’t be shipped back. Instead, they exposed their location.

The loss is even greater!

Levi frightened the Lab of the Gods with his own power.

I dare not mine Morendam’s Sunstone.

Together with some bases all over the world, they dare not mine anymore.

I’m afraid that Levi will come here…

This wave of Levi not only hit the Gods’ Laboratory, but also made them scared.

The Lab of the Gods is powerful, has the most advanced technology, and may even have the most powerful force on the planet.

But so what?

People still bully you and hit you in the same way.

But the point is that you can’t even find where people are, and you have nothing to do with it.

Morendam’s four young Lords are a bit depressed.

Obviously cooperating with Heishui Company, it suddenly became the envy of everyone.

But who knew this happened.

All the plans have been ruined.

Jimson’s whole spirit has become more and more abnormal these days.

Always tell people that Levi is still alive and that everything is done by Levi.

But no one would listen to him, and Rex scolded even more when he heard it.

Jimson even shouted to go back.

He can’t stay any longer.

I was afraid that Levi would appear.

“You are really sick now! Let me tell you, Levi can’t live! This is definitely not what Levi can do alone!”

Rex said angrily.

Others also said: “Yes, according to your assumptions, Levi is alive. But these recent things are clearly done by a big power! The whole world initiates actions together, can Levi do it alone? Impossible? ?”

“Yes, Levi had a lot of subordinate forces before! But we are all staring at all of Levi’s forces, Mr. Richard has repeatedly confirmed! These forces are all in Morendam, and they all know that Levi is dying… “

Jimson was silent.

This is indeed the case.

How could Levi do it alone?

The main reason is that the people like Wesley are too weak (before) and can’t attract anyone’s attention at all.

Times have changed, and Wesley has been eliminated…

Richard even found out that Levi’s secret team was staring at it. ????

However, people like Wesley looked like ordinary people in their eyes, and they didn’t need to stare at all.

“But I feel that Levi is still alive, he is by our side!”

Jimson believed in his own feelings.

“Boss! Shame! The one who lost your father!”

“I don’t believe that Levi is still alive, do you have the ability to come to us?”

Rex roared.

Jimson was even more frightened.

“Don’t, Levi might really come to us!”

“Then come to me, I’m afraid he won’t be a dead man?”

Chapter 2050

“I want to go home, I want to go home now.”

When Rex said this, Jimson became more frightened.

He immediately wanted to go home.

“Trash, what a trash! How can my brother have a son like you?”

Rex was going to explode.

He told the news to Jimson’s father, who was at the helm of the Blackwater Company.

They were very angry at Jimson’s speech and behavior.

Especially Jimson’s father felt that Jimson was ashamed of him again.

At this juncture, Jimson deceived the crowd and had to say that Levi was still alive.

It is to disrupt the military’s mind.

Not to let Jimson go back.

Just stay in Morendam!

“I just won’t go back, I want to see, will Levi come to look for it?”

Rex sneered.

Then the gods’ laboratory fell silent.

Rex and they are also waiting.

A few days passed, and nothing happened.

Rex found Jimson, who was almost in a state of collapse, and sneered: “Where is Levi? I have been waiting for several days, why hasn’t he appeared yet?”

“Do you still give you dreams every day?”

Jimson looked at him pale: “Don’t talk nonsense! He will appear! I have a strong hunch!”

“Mr. Richard’s younger brother Jefferson was like that! Levi was always staring at him!”


When Rex heard this, they couldn’t help laughing.

“I really laughed at me! A dead person will appear? Do you see too many movies or too many novels? Why don’t you say that Levi is a fairy of Morendam Mythology?”

“Appear? Come on, give me a try?”

Rex laughed.

“Yeah, isn’t Levi alive? Come and kill us? We’ll be wild on the land of Morendam, if you have the ability, come and kill us!”

Others also clamored.


At this time, Jimson, who was facing Rex and the others, suddenly looked at them and yelled like crazy behind them.

It’s like hell.

He was trembling, pointing to the back, looking terrified, choking, and unable to make a sound for a long time.

“After and after…”

Jimson wanted to talk, but he couldn’t make a sound at all, like something stuck in his voice.

He was sweating profusely, just like it was raining.


Jimson was just as scared as crazy, the whole person was not right.


At first Rex and the others continued to laugh.

Gradually they realized something was wrong.

Jimson seemed to see something, what was behind them?

The five of Rex slowly turned around, almost frightened by the look.

There is one of them!!!


Everyone in the Lab of Gods and the Blackwater Company remembers that face!

Is he alive?

Is he really alive?

Jimson is right?

“People can’t stand up talking, and they will come if they talk too much, understand?”

Levi’s voice sounded.

Let Rex and others split their livers and gallbladders.

Everyone fell to the ground in fright.

“Have I told you not to hang around in Morendam?”

Levi looked at Jimson again.


Jimson didn’t catch his breath, and was scared to death on the spot.

“You are still alive, it’s incredible!”

Rex looked shocked.

“Yes, and I do everything!”

Levi smiled.

Soon, only a pile of corpses remained in the room.

Soon after, news of the deaths of Rex, Jimson and other Blackwater executives spread.

Add haze to the laboratory of the gods.

The mysterious forces continue…

It seems that everything about them is under the surveillance of mysterious forces.

It just so happened that Sarah’s retreat ended today.

“What? Jimson is dead? No, I don’t allow others to avenge me! I want to avenge myself!”

Sarah looked into the distance.

Her retreat was over, and she felt that she had enough strength, and it was time to avenge Levi.

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