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Chapter 206

Lin Wanying also smiled and said: “You may not know Levi. After Mr. Graham Nanxuan took over the company, the salaries and benefits of the employees have been greatly improved! I, the vice president, also increased by 30%! How much can you calculate? !”

“Yes, look at their courage, can you compare it before?”

Everyone ridiculed Levi.

Levi smiled helplessly.

Can he not know about welfare promotion?

Is this arranged by him personally?

Lin Wanying raised Levi’s chin boldly and asked with a smile: “My dear President Garrison, I am not afraid of being ashamed. I confessed to you when I was your secretary, but I was rejected by you. Do you regret it now? Do you think Sarah is better than me?”

Levi smiled: “Of course she is better than you, how can you compare with her?”

Lin Wanying laughed and said, “Levi also used Sarah as a treasure. She is going to go bankrupt!”

“But she just got the investment.”

Levi firmly believes that Sarah’s ability is just a lack of opportunities.

He is now giving Sarah dye the opportunity.


When it comes to investment, dozens of people all laughed.

“Levi, you really amuse us! Don’t you know which company Sarah invested in?”

“It’s our Garrison Group!”

“Although the investment was finalized by President Graham, the procedures that can be followed have to go through a large part of our people! For example, Vice President Lin has to sign, and the final investment is set by the old Wei of the Finance Department! Now the follow-up investment money has not yet When it arrives, it is in the hands of President Lin and Old Wei!”

Everyone smiled.

Lin Wanying pointed to Levi’s nose and said: “Levi tells you the truth, we have the final say on the investment in Sarah! We can withdraw funds at any time, or the money will never be in place! Or, let’s use some small means. , Not only withdraw all funds, but Sarah has to pay compensation!”

Wang Qianfan patted Levi on the shoulder: “Have you heard? Are you arrogant? The fate of you and Sarah is in our hands!”

“Yes, Levi, you have to listen to us obediently tonight, otherwise, you and Sarah will have no place to survive in the city.”

Song Yuliang smiled presumptuously.

“Are you threatening me?”

Levi really wanted to laugh.

Originally, I wanted to find out these traitors one by one tomorrow, but I didn’t expect all the groups to come today.

“Of course! As long as I say a word, immediately withdraw the capital! Sarah will be blacklisted, no one dares to invest, and the company can only go bankrupt in the end!”

Lin Wanying is extremely domineering.

“Then what should you do to let Sarah go?”

Levi asked.

Lin Wanying stood up step by step, walked to the champagne car, smiled and said: “It’s very simple, as long as you listen to us, let Sarah!”

When the voice fell, Lin Wanying grabbed a bottle of champagne.


Suddenly the cork opened.

Lin Wanying took the mouth of the bottle to Levi.


Champagne liquid sprayed at Levi!

Others followed suit.

Everyone picked up champagne.




After the cork shot, everyone shook the champagne vigorously, spraying the liquid at Levi.

Dozens of bottles of champagne sprayed together, like rain, pouring Levi soaked all over.

He finally knew what the champagne of a dining car was for.

Everyone used to insult him!!!



Everyone’s unbridled laughter mixed with the sound of champagne jets…

Chapter 207

At this moment, the grievances that everyone had accumulated for six years were released.

Levi was like a toy that everyone spoiled.

Used as a vent tool.

Soon dozens of bottles of champagne were sprayed on Levi.

Levi is like taking a bath.

He didn’t care.

Because he will calculate the old and new accounts together tomorrow!

Tomorrow this group of people will know what cruelty is!

Song Yuliang still felt uncomfortable, and shouted at Levi: “Come on, kneel down, and lick my grandpa’s shoes clean!”

Hugo Cross, Xiao Van and others stretched out their leather shoes one after another, they just splashed a lot of champagne, and they all asked Levi to lick them clean.

Levi did not respond.

Wang Qianfan sneered and said, “Look at how you are now! You can resist even a little bit!”

“How about your domineering six years ago?”

“Come on, it’s a waste now! I can’t bear to bully you!”

Graham Wanqing smiled and said: “Levi is now, as long as you kneel down and let me ride you around in this box, I promise I will never be embarrassed by Sarah again!”

Levi stood still.

In the eyes of everyone, he hesitated.

“Knelt down quickly! Do you want plums to be dyed?”

“Levi, you have to recognize the reality. With your current ability, you are destined to only kneel in front of people and hang on!”

Everyone shouted.

Lin Wanying put her hands around her chest, and looked up at Levi: “Levi, as long as you do what I say! Immediately!”

In Lin Wanying’s heart, stepping on Levi’s feet can be satisfied!

After all, she was just a little secretary back then, and was fired by Levi.


At this time, a woman stood up and stopped everyone.

Levi knew this girl.

He Tiantian, the intern specially selected by him back then, has excellent professional quality.

He Tiantian is now a team leader of the Finance Department.

She has always been grateful to Levi.

“You all forgot about Mr. Garrison’s? If it wasn’t for Mr. Garrison who recruited you back then, would you have today?”

“Furthermore, Mr. Garrison did nothing wrong? Why do you hate him?”

He Tiantian said loudly.

“Huh! He Tiantian what are you doing? You don’t even hate him?”

“If he were here, would you have what you have achieved now? Do you want to betray us? Well, you won’t use it for work tomorrow! Go and resign yourself!”

Finance Minister Wei Guangliang said angrily.

“Yes, you were fired!”

Even Lin Wanying spoke.

He Tiantian cried all at once.

She just expressed what she thought.

He was fired unexpectedly.

Seeing He Tiantian crying, Lin Wanying said coldly: “Forget it, I don’t have much thoughts! I have to go back and prepare for tomorrow’s renaming ceremony!”

Before she left, she sneered at Levi and said, “Don’t worry, our affairs with Levi won’t be over so soon! If you don’t listen to me, I promise to embarrass Sarah!”

T Brown took out two wads of money from her handbag and threw it on Levi’s face.

“You will be settled later, and the rest will be treated as alms, stinky beggar!”


The others laughed.

Today is really refreshing!

Only Levi and the crying He Tiantian were in the box.

“Do you regret it?”

Levi asked.

He Tiantian wiped her tears and shook her head: “I don’t regret it!”

“Don’t look at how beautiful they are now, I don’t know how many dark trades they have made to get it! I have long been ashamed to be with them!”

Chapter 208

Seeing He Tiantian’s stubborn appearance, Levi nodded with satisfaction: “Don’t worry, no one will fire you! You will come to work tomorrow!”

He Tiantian seemed to see Levi, the first Tianjiao six years ago, at this moment!

“Okay, I will, President Garrison!”

He Tiantian said.

After leaving the hotel.

Lin Wanying was very happy.

“It’s so cool! Who would have thought that one day Levi would be played like this by us?”

“Yeah, it’s so cool to fly!”

Lin Wanying instructed: “Everyone, go back and prepare well. After the renaming ceremony tomorrow, Levi, no, Erick Group will be a tens of billions group! Our development prospects are super good!”


Everyone is imagining a better future.

In the evening, Levi returned home.

Sarah looked at him distressedly.

“I know everything, they sent me the video!”

It turned out that the scene of spraying champagne was recorded by Wang Qianfan and the others and sent it specifically to Sarah.

Seeing the helpless Levi in the video, Sarah was about to cry.

“I heard that you were humiliated because I was willing to do so. I was useless, but it happened that Kingland Group invested again! They control my lifeline!”

Sarah blames himself very much.

Levi smiled: “My wife is okay, they will have retribution!”

“I’m going to take a shower first, and help me prepare a new set of clothes. Tomorrow I will go to see the rename ceremony of Garrison Group!”

Levi approached.


Sarah looked at Levi’s back and vowed not to let him suffer again.

The next day.

Garrison Group Building.

He Tiantian still comes to work as always.

Just as soon as he walked in, the personnel department handed He Tiantian a dismissal letter.

“He Tiantian goes to the finance to settle the salary, and then you can leave! You have been resigned!”

He Tiantian was stunned.

She thought Levi had arranged everything.

But now it seems that Levi is just talking about it.

Besides, he just got out of jail, and even Sarah was saved. How could he be able to protect her?

But she doesn’t blame Levi, she never regretted what she said last night!

He Tiantian went to the personnel department to complete the dismissal procedure after the financial settlement was clear.

Gossip is everywhere in the company.

It turns out that He Tiantian was not only resigned, but also planted in a scandal, saying that she fooled around with an old man and damaged the company’s image.

“Such a woman, she looks like a pure lady on the surface, but she doesn’t know how many old men have slept with her!”

“Yeah, I’ve been pretending to be pure! In fact, it’s a waver…”

“I also heard that he and she gave birth to three old men at the same time! What a shame!”

When He Tiantian left, she heard all kinds of harsh insults.

She couldn’t control her tears anymore and came out of her eyes.

At the moment, Lin Wanying and others at the elevator entrance took a look and said with a sneer; “You actually violated my meaning, I let you die!”

Several other people are also proud.

He Tiantian lowered his head and ran out of the company.


She slammed into someone.

He Tiantian looked up, and it turned out to be Levi.

“What’s the matter? They fired you?”

Levi asked.

He Tian Dessert nodded.

“Okay, then you go in with me, and I will ask you for justice!”

Levi approached.

He Tiantian hesitated.

“Do you believe me?”

Levi’s eyes were domineering.


He Tiantian is willing to go out, anyway, there is nothing, it is better to try.

What if it succeeds?

Chapter 209

The name change ceremony was held at ten o’clock.

All senior executives of Garrison Group will have a meeting at 8:10.

It was hosted by Nanxuan, the newly appointed Old Continent of Garrison Group.

In the meeting room.

Lin Wanying and others are already waiting anxiously.

Lin Wanying took out her makeup mirror to see how her makeup looks.

“T Brown, look at my clothes, right?”

Lin Wanying also asked T Brown to arrange his clothes for him.

Others are also tidying up their appearances.

After all, this is the first time everyone has seen this mysterious boss, and they all want to make a good impression.

Even Lin Wanying was ready to dedicate her body.

She must take down this mysterious boss!

Why can she achieve the position of vice president?

In addition to strong ability.

They have slept with Hua Tianhai and Xiao Tianlong.

This is her usual superior method.

In the conference room, more than one hundred executives of Garrison Group have assembled, and they are all waiting in silence.

Everyone became nervous when footsteps sounded in the corridor.

Surrounded by several secretary assistants, a young man wearing sunglasses came to the conference room.

All the executives got up one after another.

Kirin took off his glasses when he arrived, amazed the audience.

Too young, right?

Isn’t it rumored that Graham Nanxuan is Erick’s uncle?

This is my brother!

Indeed, Alton is only twenty years old this year.

Lin Wanying’s eyes lit up fiercely.

Unexpectedly, the new president turned out to be a little fresh meat.

She has the best experience in dealing with this kind of small fresh meat.

As long as he releases a little charm, this little fresh meat can’t resist it.

Don’t look at Alton’s youth, but his domineering attitude, everyone felt scared when his eyes swept away.

“Everyone sit down!”

“Introduce myself, I am Graham Nanxuan! Garrison Group and Garrison’s Group were acquired by me from the Xiao family. I am now the acting president of the two groups!”

After the introduction of Kirin.

Lin Wanying immediately said: “Mr. Graham doesn’t know what the content of today’s meeting is? Please give instructions!”

Everyone is curious why the meeting is suddenly required?

Alton smiled: “Don’t worry, wait!”

Lin Wanying asked curiously; “Wait for someone? Does Mr. Graham mean someone else will come to the meeting?”

Kirin nodded: “Of course! Didn’t I say it, I’m just acting president! In other words, I will show up in the future of Erick Group’s affairs.”

Minister of Legal Affairs Song Yuliang asked: “Could it be that Erick Group has a real Lord behind the scenes?”

Alton smiled and said, “Well, smart. To put it bluntly, I also work for my Lord!”


Everyone took a breath.

One Graham Nanxuan took everything from the Xiao family.

How powerful is his Lord?

Lin Wanying asked immediately: “Does Mr. Graham say that the person waiting is the real owner of our company!”

“Yes, that’s right! He held this meeting! He will be here soon!”

Alton said.

Everyone became more nervous.

Who is this new owner sacred?

One minute at this time is like a century.

There was a sound in the corridor, and everyone became more nervous.

After the door in the meeting room opened.

How sweet is the person who came in!

Even Alton was stunned.

Who is this?

The others were almost furious when they saw He Tiantian.

Especially the Minister of Finance, Lao Wei, immediately said angrily: “He Tiantian what are you doing? This is the company’s high-level meeting room! What is your dismissed little employee doing?”

Lin Wanying was also very angry: “Yes, what are you doing here? Is this where you should come? Say! Who made you come?”

Chapter 210

“I made her come!”

At this time there was a male voice.

With hundreds of eyes, Levi appeared.

He and He Tiantian entered the meeting room together.

“What do you mean, Levi? This is where you should come!”

Lin Wanying was angry.

She pointed to the nose of the head of the security department and cursed: “How do you do your security work? Put all the miscellaneous things in the company? Did you run into the high-level meeting room?”

“Yes! Levi, what are you doing here?”

“He Tiantian, are you using Levi as your backer? He is just a trash!”

Song Yuliang, Hugo Cross and others were very angry.

What if you bump into Graham Nanxuan?

But what happened next was something they had never expected in their entire life!

I saw Levi walk to the front of the conference room, which is the position of Alton.

Alton unexpectedly flashed to the side with a respectful look, and said respectfully: “Are you here?”

Levi was sitting in a chair with his legs on the conference table.

He smiled and said, “You ask me what I’m doing? I’m here for a meeting!”

Alton said next to him: “Report to the Lord that all the 107 senior executives of the King’s Landing Group have arrived! Please give instructions!”


The language is not surprising and endless.

Alton’s words came out.

“Boom boom boom…”

Everyone seemed to have been struck by lightning, and their souls were torn apart.

Is Levi the Lord of the Garrison Group?

He Tiantian frowned and her brain stopped working.

Lin Wanying, who was very close to Levi, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, her breathing stopped, her face pale, like a walking corpse.

Xiao Van was startled.

Wang Qianfan was startled.

T Brown was startled.

Hugo Cross was startled.

Everyone present was stunned.

Who would have thought that the new owner of Garrison Group would be Levi!!!

Didn’t he just come out of prison?

Shouldn’t it be nothing?

Why can we acquire Garrison Group?

At this moment, Lin Wanying and others understood.

Graham Nanxuan and Erick have nothing to do with each other.

The reason why Garrison Group changed its name to Erick Group is because Levi wants to commemorate Erick!

It is also because of Levi that Erick’s parents live in a mansion worth hundreds of millions of dollars!

When Garrison Group imposed a commercial ban at the Case York Chamber of Commerce, Sarah invested, because he was in control of Garrison Group!

At this moment, all doubts were solved.

No one thought of the identity of this new owner!

Because Levi is most unlikely to belong to this person!

After Levi glanced around Lin Wanying and others, he smiled and said, “Hello everyone, we meet again!”

Thinking of the various insults to Levi last night, the older Song Yuliang fainted with a loud bang.

Wang Qianfan and Xiao Van shivered with fright, their crotches were wet, and there was a puddle of water on the ground, still steaming.


Scared to pee!

Hugo Cross, Lao Wei and others collapsed on their seats in fright, unable to lift a trace of strength all over their bodies.

T Brown was so scared that she cried.

As for Lin Wanying to see Levi staring at her, she could no longer bear this powerful pressure.


She felt sweet and vomited blood.

All those who participated in the project had this kind of reaction last night.

Others are very puzzled.

Even Alton wondered what was going on.

Levi slowly took out a cigarette, and Alton immediately lit the cigarette.

Everyone is uneasy.

Levi took a sip and said, “Do you guys tell me what you should do about last night?”

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