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Chapter 211

Levi’s words seemed like the voice of death.




Thirty-eight executives headed by Lin Wanying all knelt on the ground.

“Boom boom…”

Everyone kowtowed their heads frantically.

The head was knocked to pieces, but everyone didn’t care.

Life is almost gone at this time, who cares about this?

Wang Qianfan and Lin Wanying were the most afraid.

Wang Qianfan provoked this matter, and Lin Wanying was the Lordmind!

At this time, Wang Qianfan remembered what Levi said: I’m still your boss.

It really is!

Levi waved his hand: “Other people will stand behind me!”

Everyone was puzzled, but they still gathered behind Levi.

Lin Wanying and other 38 people were kneeling on the empty ground of the huge meeting room.

They are still kowtow.

Many people are bleeding.

“Mr. Garrison, let us once! We were wrong! Really wrong!”


I really regret it!

It’s okay to provoke Levi!

It’s all because of Wang Qianfan’s mischief!

Without this kid, it would be impossible for everyone to retaliate against Levi.

Everyone has forgotten about Levi!

Everyone looked at Wang Qianfan resentfully, and wanted to kill him.

Facing everyone’s plea, Levi was expressionless.

He shouted: “Bring everything in!”

At this time, there were dozens of strong men in black outside, and everyone brought in a sealed wooden barrel, not knowing what was inside.

Seeing these sealed barrels in front of them, everyone realized that they were not good.

My heart sank.

Levi smiled and said, “Don’t you like to use champagne to wet the temptation? I will give you enough today!”

Immediately after Levi waved his hand, these big guys tore open the lid of the sealed barrel.

“It smells so bad!!!”

Suddenly, a stinking odor came to the sky.

Everyone feels like falling into a cesspit.

The taste is too strong!

“Could it be…”

Everyone has guessed what is in the barrel.

Dung water!!!


The big guys lifted dozens of buckets of manure and poured them all on Lin Wanying and others.

Give them a bath with dung water!


Everyone screamed.

Everyone was wearing dazzling looks, but now they are all contaminated.

Hair, face, mouth are everywhere…

Everyone never expected that these high-ranking people with annual salary of several million, tens of millions, would encounter such a fate.

This is the biggest punishment!

“I now announce that these 38 people have been expelled from the King’s Landing Group and will never be hired!”

Levi came to the final sentence.


There were screams again.

This is equivalent to ruining their lives!

Levi glanced at the embarrassed people and announced: “From this moment on, He Tiantian has been appointed to the Garrison Group and will be the head of the Finance Department of the Erick Group in the future!”

He Tiantian is full of huge surprises.

She never thought that instead of being resigned, she was promoted to the position of Minister of Finance on the Rockets.

It’s because of the injustice I was fighting last night!

Lin Wanying and the others were stunned when He Tiantian was promoted.

Why is fate teasing them so much!

Levi stood up and said indifferently: “Let people deal with this place, especially the rubbish, I don’t want to see it again!”


Alton nodded.

Levi led everyone to another conference room.

Inside, the executives of the Yip Group are all waiting.

The first thing Levi did was to merge all of the Garrison’s Group into the Garrison Group.

The Garrison family did everything.

Only Levi’s signature is required.

Chapter 212

After all this is done, everyone is ready to change the name ceremony.

Reporters from major media and newspapers have arrived.

All are waiting for this ceremony.

On the large square in front of Garrison Group, the stage has been set up and the equipment has been debugged.

Levi naturally sat behind the scenes, sitting in his office again, looking at the whole Case York.

He could see the situation under the square clearly.

The person who came out this time was Alton, but he was also wearing sunglasses.

“General, shall I go down?”


At this time, Levi glanced over, and he could see mysterious figures coming around.

They are either from the Case York Chamber of Commerce, or from other companies.

There is only one purpose-to investigate the situation, mainly Graham Nanxuan’s identity.

At ten o’clock.

The renaming ceremony officially began.

Under the highly anticipated situation, Kirin entered.

The media keep shooting!

One by one photos, one by one video spread out.

In a short period of time, I don’t know how many people are checking the identity of this face.

However, Kirin wears sunglasses, the difficulty of face recognition has increased too much.

It is difficult to find out where Graham Nanxuan is!

All parties searched for a while without results!

Next to Graham Nanxuan were the former heads of the Garrison Group and the Yip Group.

Byron and his wife also came to the field, they want to witness this moment!

Kirin announced: “Just now, Garrison Group and Garrison’s Group signed a merger agreement. Since then, the two groups have merged into one and officially changed its name to Erick Group!”

“Boom boom…”

Bunches of fireworks shot into the sky.

The crowd also burst into flames.

Byron and his wife were already in tears.

They raised their heads and cried, “My son, did you see it? The company is named after you!”

The reporter below was already impatient, and asked: “Mr. Graham Nanxuan, what is your relationship with Mr. Erick from the Garrison Group? Is it a rumored relationship between your uncle and nephew?

“Right! Mr. Byron also talked about your relationship with Graham Nanxuan, President Graham?”

The reporters’ attention was focused on Graham Nanxuan and Byron.

Alton smiled mysteriously: “What about the relationship? Yes! We are all from the Graham family!”

This sentence is intriguing.

But there are many meanings.

For example, it doesn’t matter if they are all surnamed Graham.

Or it’s really a family.

This kind of ambiguous answer is the most troublesome.

The reporters looked helpless.

The next questions are also side-by-side, but Alton’s answers are all panacea, and there is no loophole at all.

Soon the reporter’s question was over.

Next is the most important part of the renaming ceremony, replacing the plaque.

Change Garrison Group to Erick Group!

After the plaque is replaced, the name change is considered successful!

Soon the new plaque came, and the plaque of Garrison Group was also removed.

After that, the new plaque is hung up by Alton himself to be considered a success!

Just as Alton picked up the new plaque, there was a mess in the field.

“Something is going to happen! Look at the west!”

Someone suddenly shouted.

To the west of the square, one or two hundred people in black suddenly appeared.

They have masks on their mouths and baseball bats in their hands!

It’s scary to look at the posture.

“Smash it for me! Nothing can be left!”

The headed man burst out.

One or two hundred people suddenly speeded up and rushed over aggressively.

The media surrounding the stage and the guests attending the ceremony were frightened.

The scene is in chaos!

Chapter 213

Their purpose is only one-to disrupt the renaming ceremony of the King’s Landing Group!

Let Garrison Group and Graham Nanxuan face scandal.

More than one hundred people rushed forward, waving their baseball bats.

Less than 50 meters away from the scene…

Levi in the president’s office witnessed this scene.

At this time, a voice came from the headset: “Report that the general’s 30 sniper teams have locked all targets, request instructions!”

What everyone doesn’t know is that there are sniper teams ambushing on seven or eight tall buildings such as the Garrison Group Building, the Left and Right Buildings, and the opposite building. A sniper rifle has long been aimed at these people!

They have been waiting for these people to appear.

Seeing the crowd getting closer and closer, Levi ordered: “Shoot!”

Wesley’s command voice came from the other end: “All sniper teams listen to my command and shoot! Repeat the command-shoot!!!”

The voice just fell.

Thirty sniper teams shot together.


In the square below, the man in front lost his balance, and one staggered to the ground.




The other more than 100 people were shot almost at the same time and fell to the ground.

The Alton and others on the stage saw a shocking scene-more than a hundred people fell down at the same time, lying on the ground, without any mobility.

No one thought of this scene!

What happened to these people?

I rushed so hard just now, why suddenly I fell to the ground.

In fact, it’s not just everyone who is puzzled.

These people who came to destroy also looked incredible.

They were lying on the ground, their whole bodies numb, not conscious at all, not even a trace of strength.

How is this going?

They were puzzled.

In the president’s office.

Wesley’s voice came from Levi’s ear: “Report to the general, the mission of the sniper team is complete!”

“Okay, evacuate!”

Levi gave an order.

Thirty sniper teams disappeared instantly without a trace, as if they had never been here.

Like a ghost.

The sniper team used only anesthesia bombs, not live ammunition.

Not to mention hitting this kind of narcotic bombs on people, even if hitting elephants, the elephants will instantly become paralyzed and lose all consciousness.

The most important thing is that this anaesthetic bomb is like an ice cube, and it hits a person without any traces.

Everyone regained their composure, and Alton still smiled: “It seems that there are so many people who want to pay homage today, so why do you pay such a big gift?”

Those who lie on the ground will suffer to death.

I was paralyzed and couldn’t escape at all.

They watched as Alton replaced the plaque, and Garrison Group officially changed its name to Erick Group.

After the ceremony.

Fu Xuejian has already sent someone.

Involuntarily speaking, all the more than one hundred people were pretended to be gone.

When the group arrived at the police station, the effect of the narcotic bomb had just passed.

Now they don’t even know what’s going on.

But their accusation of gathering a crowd to make trouble has been established.

It turned out to be from the city Tianfeng Security Company.

A few old men gathered by the famous West Lake in Case York.

It is Lei Qianjue and Qin Zhenglin.

Yu Buqun said solemnly: “Impossible! In order to be safe, I did not seek help from some of the big men on the road. I specially found Tianfeng Security Company, which has a good reputation and strength, and solved it in the shortest time with their ability Flee after the problem. I didn’t expect such a mistake to happen!”

Chapter 214

Han Xiaokun was also very puzzled: “Yes, Tian Feng’s security personnel are notoriously powerful, and they are all retired from the military and police! Several captains are also retired from special forces and mercenaries. How could they suddenly collapse? “

Lei Qianjue took a deep breath: “It must be Graham Nanxuan’s ghost. He was ready a long time ago, but how could the more than one hundred people fall strangely? We still can’t see through, even they don’t even know about it. What’s the matter.”

Qin Zhenglin touched his chin: “It seems that we underestimated this Graham Nanxuan! By the way, how did you find out about Graham Nanxuan’s identity?”

The three big bosses shook their heads together: “We have used all the relationships we can use, and we can’t find out who is sacred Graham Nanxuan! It seems that his information is a bit confidential!”

At this time, Yu Junchi, the heir of the Yu family, trot to come: “Dad, three uncles! Just now, Deputy Commander Hart of the military region has received a message: He is a bit familiar with Graham Nanxuan, but he can’t find it for the time being. Don’t worry. I’ll find it out sooner or later!”

Later, Lei Qianjue’s son Lei Tianyang also brought news: “There is news from Mr. Fu that this Graham Nanxuan is from the northwest, and the others are still being investigated.”

Fu Longxing checked that it was true that Alton served in the Northwest Theater.

“Haha, Lao Fu and Lao Hart are still supernatural! Let’s not move and see what Erick Group will do in the future!”

Lei Qianjue said.

Yu Buqun nodded: “Tian Feng Security, I’ve got everything clear, and it has nothing to do with the Case York Chamber of Commerce.”

In the Erick Group.

Levi gave the company’s follow-up development plan.

Because many executives were fired, and the Yip Group was reclaimed, there was a shortage of manpower.

First-summon the veterans who were forced away before.

Second-All Velador Recruitment of talents.

Alton touched his head and said embarrassedly: “General, you said you want to fight or train me, I can’t do business!”

“The Case York Chamber of Commerce has Lorded almost all the core technologies of the Garrison Group, and these technologies are printed in my mind. Next, we will produce the same products as the Case York Chamber of Commerce, at a lower price than theirs…”

Levi smiled.

Kylin thumbs up.

This trick is too overcast, no, too clever.

Producing the same products and selling them at low prices will definitely impact the market of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

The key is that the core technology of this product is plagiarized and stolen. Once they take measures, it is equivalent to admitting plagiarism.

So I can only watch Erick Group replace them step by step.

“The position of the vice president can’t be vacant, I need to find the strongest person to be this position! Has anyone been selected?”

Levi approached.

Kirin nodded: “General, I did this a long time ago. At present, we have selected the two strongest people, and we will come for an interview tomorrow!”

Levi smiled and said, “Well, tomorrow I will personally check it out and choose one.”

Levi came back home very late.

I talked about today’s affairs.

Sarah couldn’t help but exclaimed: “This Graham Nanxuan is really amazing!”

Apparently Sarah saw the daytime report.

Levi really wanted to say that Graham Nanxuan really didn’t know anything about business.

“By the way, do you know? My best girlfriend Natalie Fisher is back from the United States! I am a little busy tomorrow, can you pick it up at the airport?”

Sarah asked.

“Okay, I’ll pick it up!”

Levi knew Natalie, a beautiful woman who was as famous as Sarah.

Chapter 215

This woman is very powerful.

He obtained a double Lord’s degree from Huaqing University and Yenching University, then went to Harvard University to study, and then stayed on Wall Street to work.

Sarah was very puzzled: “My best friend has developed well on Wall Street, how could she suddenly return to Velador?”

Levi is also very curious, the brain circuit of a woman is too complicated.

“Then what did she tell you?”

Levi asked.

Sarah smiled and said: “She told me that she would come to Case York for development! They are all buying houses in Case York!”

Sarah’s good-looking brows frowned slightly, and a trace of confusion flashed in his beautiful eyes: “I didn’t think there was a company in Case York that my girlfriends could see?”

the next day.

Early in the morning, Levi drove Sarah’s car to the airport.

After waiting for a while, Natalie appeared at the exit of the airport.

He was about 170 tall, and he looked very tall when he stepped on Ferragamo’s high heels. A pair of long legs was not much more panic than a leg model.

Wearing a black windbreaker, the beautiful melon face is also wearing a toad mirror, and the temperament is cold and domineering.

The temperament of this woman is too unique.

Many people thought she was a star, so they took out their mobile phones to shoot.

Natalie also recognized Levi.

She went straight to Levi and threw the suitcase to him.

“Send me to Erick Group at nine o’clock, I have something urgent!”

The woman was so cold that she wouldn’t speak to Levi, and she directly said her request.

Levi was helpless.

Lao Tzu came to pick you up, don’t you say thank you, and treat me as a nanny?

But he still followed with his luggage.

“There is an hour left, drive faster!”

After getting in the car, Natalie glanced at the more than 800,000 Patek Philippe watch on her wrist, her voice was cold.

“Well, I will definitely deliver it to you!”

Levi started the car.

Natalie took off the toad mirror, revealing a melon seed face the size of a palm, with delicate features and delicate skin that can be broken by blowing.

The woman has a face comparable to Sarah.

Afterwards, Natalie kept looking at Levi.

“Aren’t you going to leave Sarah?”

Natalie asked suddenly.

“Why are you leaving?”

Levi was puzzled.

“Because you are not worthy of her! Not to mention that you do not have a little property and savings today. Just because you have been in jail, you are not worthy of Sarah! It is not that I discriminated against you, but you have this case that will affect Sarah the future.

She is now on the right track in her career. After receiving the investment from Erick Group, she wants to leave the Logan family and form a new company! In the future, she will definitely have a place in the Case York business community! As for you, if you continue to follow her, it will definitely become her weakness.

For example, after Sarah became famous, everyone would poke her back and say: Do you think Sarah’s husband has been in jail for six years, is it still because of r*pe! God knows how big the impact will be, and it won’t be good for you and Sarah! “

The woman is articulate and her mouth is like a machine gun.

Seeing Levi not speaking, she continued: “Also, I don’t see a trace of fighting spirit in you. The energy in you has long been worn away, and you would still bow to life after all. You six years ago, you wouldn’t condescend to pick me up!”

Levi glanced at the woman in the mirror and asked, “So what?”

“You and Sarah divorce!!!”

“After I stabilize this matter, I will proceed to deal with it!”

Natalie is extremely domineering.

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