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Chapter 2061


The emotional Sarah was taken aback and looked at the person in front of him incredulously.

Isn’t it Levi?

“Then you just said that you are Levi? No, I don’t believe it! You are Levi!”

Sarah looked excited.

Because this person is similar to Levi, his voice just now is the same.

Upon seeing this, the man pulled off his mask, revealing his true face.

A strange face appeared before his eyes.

Sarah was stunned.

Who is this?

“You…who are you?”

Sarah asked immediately, and the whole person became vigilant.

“For the sake of Levi’s face, whoever saves you, come with us!”

This person directly did not give Sarah any chance to resist, and took her away.

If Levi or the Seven Evil Gods were here, you would find that this person turned out to be the Underworld God!

It is now one of the eighteen dark angels in the Bible organization.

It turned out that it was the Bible organization that saved Logan Ziyan.

This is the task of the Dark God.

Six of the eighteen dark angels came.

Sarah must be saved.

It is estimated that no one would have thought that they would come out to intervene.

Levi didn’t expect it.

Hearing that Sarah was in trouble, he hurried over.

But he was stopped halfway.

Four top Lords.

Powerful enough to explode.

He had never seen it before.

Can faintly feel a little familiar, but can’t remember.

These four people are naturally the remaining four dark angels.

The four of them are responsible for intercepting Levi, while Mingxie and the other are responsible for saving Sarah.

It can be seen that stopping Levi is more difficult than rescuing Sarah.

When Levi was about to forcibly open the four people to intercept, they actually evacuated.

Levi didn’t think much, and rushed to the destination.

At this moment, Richard and the others are looking frantically.

Sarah was rescued? ? ?

Seeing this, Levi looked dumbfounded.

He just thought those people belonged to the laboratory of the gods, but now they don’t seem to be.

A third party got involved.

It turned out that the four people stopped him just now so that the others could save Sarah away.

They don’t want to save Sarah by themselves? ? ?

But they saved it by themselves.

The key is that these people still know that they are alive!

who is it?

Who the hell is it?

What are they going to do?

Think carefully.

Levi was startled in a cold sweat.

He immediately thought of someone helping him when he was almost exposed in front of Sarah when he was on Golden Harbor Island before.

That group definitely knew that they were still alive.

But at that time, Levi judged that they were not malicious and wanted to keep his identity secret and continue his own plan.

The fact that there was no interference or hindrance for a while later proved this point.

But the group of people who appeared now obviously knew their identities.

But to stop themselves, they rescued Sarah.

I don’t know what the intention is?

And this group did not reveal that they were still alive.

It is not known whether it is an enemy or a friend.

But Levi can basically tell that these are two groups of people.

It was another group who rescued Sarah.

What is their real purpose?

Richard and the others searched for a long time, but there was no trace of plum dyeing at all.

But most of their goals have been achieved.

Indeed shows the power of the Gods Laboratory.

No one dared to touch the weapon of God’s scepter.

Sarah has been labeled as such.

If it weren’t for people to save, it would definitely die.

But who saved Sarah?

Richard concluded that it was definitely not Levi.

He really expected it this time.

The whole world is wondering who made the shot?

Is it a mysterious force?

Did they show up?

The Great Summer Policy House is also very confused, who is it?

Levi also knew the whole story.

Pretending to be the person he saved?

“Boss, we are actively searching on the one hand, and on the other hand, I think they will find you! They must have a purpose to take the sister-in-law.”

Chapter 2062

Suzaku and others analyzed.

Levi thought for a while, it’s probably like this.

The other party knew that he was alive and did so.

That is purposeful.

They are likely to find themselves.

Who is the one?

Levi couldn’t think of it temporarily.

He could not imagine that anyone knew he was alive.

There is more than one group.

so horrible.

Why don’t you break the news that you are still alive?

In a large sense, it may be that you are weak in the eyes of these people, even like ants.

Of course, it is also possible that they have the value of use, such as dealing with the laboratory of the gods.

On the other side, Sarah slowly opened his eyes.

She was surprised to find that her injury was much better, and she was full of energy.

She survived.

But who is the one who saved her?

In the face of her husband?

Sarah opened his eyes and found himself in a dimly lit room.

Everything in the room was strange, especially the murals on the walls and some text symbols, which I couldn’t understand.

And it’s very scary.

“you’re awake?”

A majestic and cold voice came.

“Who are you? Where are you?”

Sarah became nervous.

She couldn’t tell where the sound came from.

“Don’t be nervous, I sent someone to save you!”

“Your husband and I are acquainted. Before he was alive, I even invited him to join my organization, but he refused.”

This voice is not someone else, but the dark God of the Bible organization.

But he didn’t tell Sarah Levi was still alive.

Hearing this, Sarah’s nervous nerves relaxed a lot.

But she still looked wary: “You save me, not just for my husband’s face, right? There must be other reasons!”

“Yes! Let me ask you first, have you seen the power of the Lab of the Gods?”


Sarah nodded.

“But this is actually just the tip of the iceberg. You can’t imagine the power of the Lab of the Gods! Not to mention you destroying the entire Lab of the Gods, you can’t even kill Richard! It’s hard, hard…”

Hearing this, Sarah dyed his face dejected.

Before, she felt that she was strong, and she was in retreat for a while, thinking that she could get revenge.

As a result, he almost caught up with his own fate.

Sarah clenched his fists tightly, can this revenge be avenged?

The opponent is too strong.

Strong enough to make people desperate.

She didn’t even find out Richard’s hole cards, let alone the Lab of the Gods.


Facing the laboratory of the gods, she felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

He knows who the enemy is, but there is no way to avenge him.

This feeling makes Sarah mad.

Just as she was desperate, a voice suddenly rang in her ear: “I ask you, do you still want to avenge your husband?”

“miss you!”

Sarah is decisive.

“Are you afraid of the Lab of the Gods?”

When the voice sounded, Sarah hesitated, but still shouted: “In order to avenge King’s Landing, I am not even afraid of death!”

“Well, good. Even though you are strong, it’s still too small to meet Richard and the Lab of the Gods.”

“I have observed you, and your potential has been developed up to 70%! Moreover, the cultivation method guided by Tiance Mansion is too old-fashioned! It is impossible to spur your true combat effectiveness. The increase in your strength is mainly derived from your emotions. !”

“It’s too easy to control you. Find a magic Lord or wizard to control your emotions, and your combat effectiveness will be greatly reduced. Killing you is easy!”

Hearing this, Sarah’s face was shocked.

The other party knows himself so well, what is he going to do?

“I know what you are thinking? Then I will reveal my identity! This is the Bible organization, I am the helm, they call me the God of Darkness!”

“Congratulations, Sarah, for passing my test, you are eligible to join the Bible organization!”

“Join us, nothing else, you will unleash all your potential, and you can avenge Levi!”

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