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Chapter 2059

Sarah has already felt the rapid loss of body energy, and her recovery speed can’t keep up.

She can’t even open her eyes now.

She has the heart, but is powerless.

She doesn’t want to die, she still misses Junjun and her family.

But she couldn’t help it.

She underestimated Richard, she underestimated the Lab of the Gods.

She was not strong enough to fight against this behemoth and avenge Levi.

“What about Mr. Richard? Kill her or catch her back? If we catch her back, we can do a lot of articles! Turn her into our person…”

Lee Seki gave a sinister smile.

However, Richard shook his head directly: “No need, just kill! She, like Levi, can’t stay, once there are too many variables! On the contrary, it is a threat to us!”

Levi has brought too many failures to Richard.

Let him understand that some people must be killed as soon as possible.

Can’t give a chance at all!

Richard glanced at Sarah: “Kill!!!”

A person next to him stepped forward, and the energy gathered on his right arm. This punch would definitely make Sarah’s bones disappear.

Only when there is no bone left, Richard will be relieved.

“Meet Levi in hell!”

The energy gathered on the right arm of the superpower is almost transparent.

He slammed a fist…


At the moment of the smashing shot, suddenly a powerful shot came from a distance.


This Lloyd Jin directly tore the right arm of the superpower’s energy gathering.


The man let out a scream, and his right arm fell directly.

“No one!”

Richard and his men were alert and yelled loudly.

“Kill her! Kill her quickly!”

Richard shouted immediately, fearing that things might change.

Everyone shot to plum dye one after another.




But any Lord who approached Sarah would either explode his arms or legs, and explode his head directly.

No one can get close to one meter away from plums.

This seems to be a restricted area.

Sarah was shocked by the movement, she opened her eyes hard and looked around.

Richard and his men also looked around.

But no one at all.

This is strange.

“Is it a Lord of the Great Summer Policy House??”

This was Richard’s first reaction.

But he had already prepared a countermeasure for Tiance Mansion.

After all, Zion Country is too close to Morendam.

If Tiance Mansion or Morendam Lord wants to act, they will arrive soon.

How could a man who is so cautious as Richard ignore this.

He had already contacted Huoyun Cthulhu before the action.

The Huoyun Cthulhu had already agreed, staring at Tiance Mansion and Morendam’s other Lords.

As soon as there is a turmoil, it will be notified immediately.

Not long ago, there was news from the Black Sun of the evil god of Fire Cloud, telling the exact distance between the support Lords of Tiance Mansion and Wen Lei.

It is impossible to reach in a short time.

So who will it be?

“Kill Sarah first!”

Richard knew that someone was coming to rescue, so he would never let Sarah live.

Several SS-level Lords killed Sarah one after another.



It’s just that they suffered an unprecedented bombardment.

Although he was not dead, his body was full of holes.

Although they are very close to Sarah.

But the distance of this meter is like a chasm, and it cannot be crossed at all.

However, these people’s shots will also attract people in the future.

Not far away, a tall figure stood on the top of the huge Gods Laboratory aircraft.

Like a demon looking down on the common people.

Just standing there brings an unprecedented threat to the Lab of the Gods.

Even Richard felt short of breath, even suffocating.

Other people are even more so, it is fear from the depths of the soul.

“who are you?”

Richard shouted.

“Garrison! Jun! Pro!”

Chapter 2060

The name of the person, the shadow of the tree.

When these three words came out, it was like a bolt from the blue.

“Boom boom boom…”

The soul that blasted everyone was not possessed, and the body was about to explode.

Levi? ? ?

A familiar and terrifying name!

The existence that was previously listed as the number one threat by the Gods Lab!

Mention this critical moment, everyone is going to collapse.

Richard didn’t know what was going on. He was soaked in cold sweat and almost incontinent.

The whole person’s brain is blank, and it is entirely a subconscious reaction.

Others are basically the same.

After Sarah heard these three words, her whole body trembled, and she seemed to regain strength, who was dying.

The sudden three words caused a huge panic.

The impact on the spiritual level is no less than the power of the scepter of God.

But, no.

Levi was dead.

Almost the whole world watched his body dissolved.

Richard was sure again and again for such a cautious person, and even his wife ran for revenge.

How could he still be alive?

Richard laughed suddenly: “You said you are Levi?”

He never expected that someone was stupid enough to pretend to be Levi?

Levi himself?

That is impossible!

I was afraid that the other party wanted to pretend to be Levi and act as a fright in his name.

I have to admit that the moment just now really worked.

Everyone was suppressed.

Including himself!

But how could it be possible to completely scare yourself with the name of a dead person?

“of course!”

The man at the top replied.

“Hahaha… I really didn’t expect someone to pretend to be Levi! Levi has no bones left, and those who die can’t die again!”

“My friend, I saw through your trick, you are not Levi!”

Richard laughed.

The man smiled: “Who said I was dead? Didn’t I live well?”


As soon as these words came out, the sober-minded Richard was taken aback.

He started to think.

Is there a possibility-Levi is still alive?

At this moment, his brain is running fast, and he has already thought about everything he should think about.

From the perspective of his knowledge, including the technology and secrets of the Gods Laboratory, Levi would never be alive.

Unless he is detached from humanity.

But it’s impossible!

Others were also wondering if Levi was alive.

But after thinking about it carefully, Levi couldn’t live.

“Who are you? You are not from Morendam, are you the one who has been against me lately?”

Richard asked.

“Guess what?”

The man sneered.

“I think so! I met today, don’t want to leave!”

Richard looked angry.

“Bye now!”

But the person on top of the aircraft waved goodbye.

Instantly disappeared from everyone’s eyes.

“Huh? Go away?”

“Not good, Sarah!”

Richard exclaimed.

As soon as Richard reminded, everyone looked back.

Where is the shadow of Sarah?

Gone long ago.

The mysterious person just appeared suddenly and said Levi’s name again, which attracted everyone’s attention.

During this time, no one else would take care of Sarah.

The opponent is a top expert, even more than one, it is normal to take Sarah away quietly.


Richard was so angry that he wanted to swear.

The ship capsized in the gutter.

The other party is arrogant.

It’s a pity that his attention was focused on the three words Levi, and he completely forgot.

Explain that the other party’s mention of the three words Levi is useful.

The other side.

In the desert of Zion Country.

Sarah was rescued.

That’s right.

Not just one person, there are others.

Soon they merged with the man before.

Seeing this man, Sarah’s face was full of excitement.

“King’s Landing! You are still alive! You are still alive!”

“I’m not Levi!”

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