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Chapter 2063

Every word of the Dark God pierced the heart of Sarah.

Sarah’s body trembled.

It seems that some factors deep in my heart have been aroused.

She clenched her fists tighter.

“I can’t guarantee anything else! I will only guarantee that you will be strong, strong enough, and strong enough to challenge the Lab of the Gods! Let you kill Richard yourself! Kill the people in the Lab of the Gods one by one, Take revenge for your husband!”

However, Sarah still had doubts. She still couldn’t believe the person in front of her at all.

There must be a reason for the other party to do this.

The Dark God saw her doubts and smiled and said: “First, I like your talent and need you to join the Bible Organization and become my disciple! Second, the Gods Lab is an enemy and not a friend, and I also want to overthrow it.”

“But it doesn’t matter if you don’t agree, I can send someone to send you away right now, but it will be very difficult for you to get revenge in your lifetime.”

“You can leave, but you can come back at any time after you think about it. The door of my Bible organization is open for you at any time.”

Sarah hesitated.

The other party even let her leave?

However, after she left, if she wanted to avenge Richard and the Lab of the Gods, there was almost no hope.

This time she deeply felt the strength of the other party.

Leave, the chance of revenge is gone.

If you stay, it is very hopeful.

After all, the ability of the Bible Organization to rescue her so easily shows that it is very powerful.

No matter what the purpose of the biblical organization is to recruit itself, as long as you are strong enough to avenge Levi.

After thinking for a moment, Sarah shouted: “I am willing to join you!”

“good very good.”

“Next, you have to go through rituals and baptism before you can truly become a member of the Bible organization!”

Sarah officially joined the Bible organization.

Even people like the Dark God do not know what the purpose of the Dark God is.

Originally, they thought that Sarah was brought in to force Levi to join the Bible organization.

Unexpectedly, the Dark God didn’t mention it, and instead let Sarah join the Bible organization.

The most important thing is that the dark god himself cultivated plum dye.

Since the establishment of the Bible Organization, the Dark God has personally trained only one person.

Sarah received this honor as soon as he joined.

Underworld God they couldn’t figure it out.

They all dream of being nurtured by the Dark God, even if they are instructed once.

But Sarah has not only been trained, but looking at this posture, he is likely to become the helm of the future Bible organization.

This is the most critical and the most terrifying.

But they dare not question.

In the biblical organization, no one has ever questioned the decision of the dark god.

the other side.

Levi has sent people out to check the whereabouts of Sarah as much as possible.

However, his manpower is limited.

And Wesley and the others can’t expose too much.


Suzaku was right.

The other party knew that he was alive and rescued Sarah. There is a high probability that he will come to him.

But what if you don’t come to look for it?

The other party didn’t think about targeting himself, so he wanted to make a fuss about Sarah?

Levi was very upset.

“Well, Richard is definitely looking for Sarah’s whereabouts now. Suzaku, send someone to watch their movements!”

Levi ordered.

“Understood, we have been staring at it. As soon as they have news, we will know immediately.”

Richard is also very distressed here.

He was furious: “Trash, a bunch of trash!”

“This time they have all exposed their whereabouts, why haven’t you found any clues? What’s the use of you?”

After Sarah was taken away, Richard sent everyone to find him.

The result was nothing.

The other party does not appear and cannot be found.

The other party appeared under his nose, but still couldn’t find it.

“Mr. Richard, the evil god of fire cloud is looking for you! He has a clue…”

Chapter 2064

“Hurry up!”


Richard shouted anxiously.

After the two connected, the voice of Huoyun Cthulhu came from there.

“Does Mr. Richard call himself Levi?”

Richard immediately replied: “Yes, but how could it be Levi, Levi died!”

The evil god of fire cloud replied: “Well, Levi can’t live! But are the techniques used by that person the same as Levi?”

The question of Fire Cloud Cthulhu surprised Richard.

Richard began to recall the scene of the man’s shot with his men.

I have to say that the Lab of the Gods still possesses a lot of high technology.

I didn’t see how the Underworld God took action before, but it was restored later.

Including where the evil god is hiding, how to make a move, and how to appear.

All have been restored one by one.

“It seems to be a bit like Levi?”

Everyone was surprised to find that the other party not only said that he was Levi, but the key behavior was also Levi.

“Send to Huoyun Cthulhu!”

Richard ordered.

After reading it, Huoyun Cthulhu said, “It looks alike! But this is not Levi! It is an imitation of him! I have doubts about his identity, but I have to check it out! I’ll give you the exact information!”

The Underworld God was once the closest person to the Huoyun Evil God, and he was well versed in the techniques of the Huoyun Evil God.

So he can also imitate Levi.

It can be imitated almost exactly the same.

Now Huoyun Evil God suspects that the Underworld God came to save people.

However, there is no conclusive evidence, and he dared not insist on it.

“It seems that you are already sure, how much is it at present?”

Richard is also a wise man, so he can’t read the mind of the evil god Huoyun.

“50%, I will give you a definite answer as soon as possible!”

After hanging up the call, Richard smiled.

Huo Yun Cthulhu was able to give him this answer, basically it was done.

They now believe that the one who rescued Sarah was the mysterious force.

Thinking that the mysterious force will be uprooted soon, Richard and others can’t restrain their excitement.

“Let’s go, the mysterious forces will surface soon! We have to be prepared too!”

Richard needs to improve his strength.

He aimed at pure energy body.

As long as pure energy manifests in the world, he will be proud of the world.

“Tomorrow will be the experiment of Logan and Mann’s family. I have to stare at it myself, and there must be no problems!”

Richard’s face was full of expectation.

Although so far no pure energy body can reach the level of Wood Zhengjie.

After all, Wood Zhengjie is the originator, and the super-energy particles colliding in the laboratory are different.

Wood Zhengjie discovered that it was natural, but they were man-made.

All aspects are greatly reduced.

But even the pure energy body with a low-profile version is invincible.

Not to mention that Richard is in mass production.

He currently has twenty-four pure energy bodies.

In addition, if the Logan and Mann family succeeded, it would be more than thirty.

He believes there will be more in the future.

However, such super-energy particles are also super troublesome to manufacture.

Consume a lot of resources…

the other side.

Levi has tried his best to find the whereabouts of Sarah.

But he can be sure that Sarah will be fine.

After all, they are all valuable.

He began to ask Suzaku and others to study God’s scepter weapon.

After all, the Gods Laboratory exposed this weapon this time, and it can only be used as a frontal killing weapon in the future, not a secret weapon.

So everyone must study thoroughly.

Destroy as much as possible.

If it can’t be destroyed, it will figure out how to prevent this weapon’s attack.

Where Levi sat cross-legged, he still recalled analyzing the moves of the four Lords who blocked him.

Trying to find some clues from the four.

“Huh? I have a clue…”

Levi thought of something.

“It’s not good, something has happened, the boss has something wrong!”

At this time, someone hurried in.

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