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Chapter 2065

It just happened to disrupt Levi’s thoughts.

The thoughts captured at that point are gone.

“what’s up?”

Levi asked with an unhappy expression.

“Boss, the sun stone we hid should have been discovered.”


Levi’s face changed.

The first few batches of Sun Stone were robbed by Levi, but the time was tight and they were not transported too far.

And uncharacteristically transported to the Star Nation to befriend the Battle Eagle Nation and the Lab of the Gods.

The Star Kingdom is basically the site of the Gods’ Laboratory.

In addition, the star country was close, so Levi hid all of the sun stones in the star country.

After the incident, the Lab of the Gods searched it all over, but Star Kingdom basically ignored it.

After all, in their view, this is their own territory.

This is black under the lights.

Levi knew that this trick would work temporarily, but over time, he would definitely be discovered.

He still has to find a way to transport it to other places.

I didn’t expect it to be exposed so soon.

“It was mainly an experiment in a laboratory of Sanxing Group that exploded, and it happened to spread to the place where we hid the sun stone! They sent someone to investigate, it should have been exposed…”

Levi immediately stood up: “Transfer! Move quickly! If it doesn’t work, it will be ruined!”

The other side.

Richard is checking Mike’s physical condition.

At this time, Logan Shiji came quickly: “Mr. Richard is surprised! The sun stone that was robbed in front has been found!”

“What??? You say it again!”

Richard almost jumped up excitedly.

“The Sun Stone has been discovered! In Star Country! Sanxing Group discovered it by accident!”

Logan Shiji was also a member of the Sanxing Group before, so he got the first-hand news.

“Hurry up and let Sanxing Group and Star Country take down this batch of sun stones in the name of the Lab of the Gods! Use all means! Grab the people and leave the sun stones!”

“Tell them that the Lab of the Gods will promise what they want!”

“In addition, we are also going to the Star Country, at the fastest speed!”

“Come here, bring me two pure energy bodies! You can control it!”

Richard hastily ordered to go to the star country desperately.

Even if the pure energy body is formed, it is actually in the experimental stage.

Because you can’t fully control your thoughts yet.

Regardless of everything, Richard took two with him.

Star country.

The Sanxing Group and related departments received the news from the Gods Laboratory. To be precise, it should be an order.

“Immediately, immediately, everywhere! No one can escape from the star country, and the sun stone cannot be thrown away!”

“Once successful, the Lab of the Gods will satisfy what we want! This is a great opportunity!”

“Hurry up and send someone to send our hole cards!”

“In this era, our Sanxing Group has to intervene to let them know how strong our Sanxing Group is.”

Sanxing Group is really low-key.

It has always been based on power and wealth.

But they do a lot of things secretly.

Such as engaging in technology, such as genetic modification, etc…

In fact, Sanxing Group is a hidden dragon.

They are very tolerant.

Before Levi was forced to do that, none of them revealed their secrets and hole cards.

They endured it for so long in order to adapt to the current era.

The heir of the Sanxing Group who was beheaded by Levi at the beginning was actually on the surface.

The true core members of the Sanxing Group have been doing genetic modification and bloodline modification experiments since they were young, even in their mother’s womb.

After these core members were born, each of them awakened their super abilities.

It’s just that the outside world doesn’t know it at all.

The Sanxing Group and the major forces of the Star Country went to the hiding place of the Sun Stone non-stop.

Where will be thoroughly surrounded.

On the other side, Levi also sent someone to take away the Sun Stone.

Chapter 2066

An unprecedented conflict will arise.

Richard and the others arrived at the fastest speed in a flying vehicle.

They can arrive in two hours at the earliest.

As for the vicinity of the Star Nation, all the forces that could be used by the Lab of the Gods or the Eagle Nation were sent out.

Stop the Sun Stone from being shipped out at all costs!

Both sides are racing in time.

“It really doesn’t work! Let Sanxing Group come up with the hole card, which is the one developed with the Lab of Gods!”

Richard issued another order.

The products developed by Zhushen Laboratories and Sanxing Group’s laboratories, Richard wanted to use before in Zion Country.

It’s just useless, Sarah was rescued.

Richard will use it this time.

“Not only that, by sending a message on the dark web in the name of the experiment of the gods, anyone who helps us will be rewarded! Let all the nearby forces or people go to the star country!”

Richard issued the order again.

Richard could not wait to use all his hole cards this time.

Now more and more forces and people all rushed to the star country.

Once something happens, Richard will not give a chance.

Levi personally led people on the way to the star country.

“The boss is not good, the Sanxing Group and the major forces of the Star Country have been madly dispatched, and they have surrounded the place where the sun stone is hidden. The Alton Warlord are in trouble and are trying to find a way!”

The hiding place of the Sun Stone of Sanxing Group was the closest to Alton, so after the accident, Alton was the first to take charge of the overall situation.

But now it is surrounded.

Levi’s face was gloomy.

He is thinking about countermeasures.

Who would have thought that an experimental error in Sanxing Group would blow up the location of the Sun Stone.

People are really not as good as heaven.

“This time we have to be exposed anyway, and we can’t even destroy the sun stone!”

Everyone looked gloomy.

Levi said with a cold face.

The situation is severe to the extreme.

It’s more difficult than ever.

the other side.

The major forces of the star country are madly dispatched.

The largest consortium, the largest dark force, and the strongest supernatural organization have all been dispatched.

Sanxing Group is understandably, the leading consortium of Star Country.

The black hand group, the biggest force in the dark world of the star kingdom, has countless Lords.

The Mythical Organization, the strongest organization of super-powers in the Star Nation, encompasses super-powers in the Star Nation and the entire world.

There are other forces all on the way.

Surrounding the hiding place of the Sun Stone is impenetrable.

Among them, the team of Sanxing Group has arrived near the place where the Sun Stone is hidden.

The team of Sanxing Group is very large, and there are large ships parked in the harbor not far away.

The big ship shook violently from time to time, raising waves, as if there was something in it, and it was angry.

Not surprisingly, it contained the secret weapon of Sanxing Group, and even what Richard said-the trump card developed by Zhushen Lab and Sanxing Group together.

On land, the Sanxing Group’s team of hundreds of vehicles all stopped.

There are a few armored vehicles at the end, which are still special armors.

Can block the attacks of super warriors and super powers.

After the armored car was opened, boys and girls came down one by one.

The oldest is estimated to be twenty-four-five.

But these young people are cold and terrible one by one.

They turned their eyes, ignoring sentient beings, and their faces were cold and unfeeling, without a trace of human feelings.

Like cold-blooded animals!

But each of them exudes an aura of bloodthirsty and terror.

Other people in the Sanxing Group saw these boys and girls subconsciously avoiding, they were in fear.

Among them are some powerful warriors and super powers.

They are actually afraid of these young people.

It’s incredible.

“Is it necessary to make the battle so big this time? Release all these “devils”…”

Someone looked at them and murmured in horror.

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