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Chapter 2067

It can be seen how terrible these young people are.

He is called the “devil” by his own people.

I don’t know if they are the trump cards developed by Sanxing Group and Zhuo Shane Lab.

As soon as these young people appeared on the stage, even their breath changed.

Everyone only feels depressed, the feeling of being pulled away from the soul.

Only the people of Sanxing Group know what kind of perverted group this is.

They are the demons from hell.

and also…

Everyone glanced at the big ships in the nearby harbor.

This is also the super secret of Sanxing Group, the super hole card.

Take it out all at once.


Suddenly a few super long trucks in the distance arrived carrying the device.

These vehicles are unprecedented in length and width.

Apparently, there are hundreds of meters.

Still a few.

I don’t know what the devices on these cars are for.

It’s just that after everyone saw it, their faces changed drastically.

“Even it was taken out? Terrible!”

“We Sanxing basically took out everything we should take!”

“I don’t believe that Sun Stone can fly away this time?”

It seems that the Lab of the Gods is crazy this time and wants Sanxing Group to ignore all costs.

Soon, the Lords of the Mythology Organization and the Black Hand Organization all arrived.

There is nothing wrong with the mythology organization possessing superpowers, very strong and super strong.

The black hand organization is the boss of the dark world, and black hand means that one hand controls the world.

They also have a lot of hole cards.

When the three major forces of the Star Kingdom came out, it was simply terrifying.

Surrounded here tightly on a large scale.

The air was also blocked, the ground was blocked, and even the sea was blocked.

Now the probability of transporting the Sun Stone out is zero.

Even the unicorns can’t run away.

After determining the encirclement, the Sanxing Group ordered them to further narrow the encirclement and kill the people inside.


In the hiding place of Sun Stone.

Alton stayed with hundreds of people.

These are the brothers of Xuan Zijun and Huang Zijun.

When they wanted to take the Sun Stone away, it was too late.

The Sanxing Group was too powerful and reacted too quickly.

So that Alton and the others are now surrounded.

Can’t get out at all.

“What will the Alton King do now? The opponent is accelerating to shrink the encirclement. Soon we will all be exposed, and the Sun Stone will not be able to keep it.”

The boss of Xuan Zijun asked.

“Yeah, if the other party is pressing, we can’t get out, and people outside can’t get in. In the end we all stayed here.”

Huang Zijun’s boss also said.

Alton looked ruthless: “It really can’t, destroy all the sun stones!”

“I can only take this step in the end!”

“However, we can reduce casualties! We break a blood path, and the Alton King, we will cover you and evacuate! We will die with the Sun Stone!”

“Yeah, let us take the Kylin War King. You are better than us, and staying with the boss has a greater effect. We are willing to coexist and die with the Sun Stone!”

Everyone said.

Alton glared at everyone: “Fuck! I can still abandon you and go? Then am I still called Alton? Look at it! Anyway, the Sun Stone can’t be shipped out, we have to destroy it all! We can run away for a few minutes. One!”


Everyone was waiting in unison.


At this moment, the earth rumbling suddenly.

The earth shook and the mountains shook.

“this is…”

At this moment, everyone felt a change in their bodies.

It seems that the blood flow has slowed down, the heartbeat has slowed down, and breathing has become difficult.

Everyone is a warrior, and is very sensitive to physical feelings.

The key is that everyone feels that they can’t use true qi, and can’t use the powerful power in the body.

“No, even the sun stone doesn’t emit energy! What they should use is a device that isolates energy to prevent us from destroying the sun stone!”

Kylin is aware of the seriousness of the problem.

Chapter 2068

Before Levi destroyed the sun stone very simple, as long as detonate any sun stone, once the terrifying energy is emitted, it can cause successive reactions, and all the sun stones will explode.

But now, the other party uses a device that isolates energy.

The terrifying energy in the Sun Stone was isolated and blocked, and could not explode at all.

Alton and the others wanted to destroy the Sun Stone, they had to break it piece by piece.

It’s very difficult.

Maybe this time, the opponent has all rushed in.

And they themselves are also affected, unable to display their true strength.

“What kind of device is this? It’s terrible, isn’t it?”

Everyone was shocked.

In fact, this device is a device that disturbs or even changes the magnetic field.

So as to achieve the effect of isolating energy and affecting the strength of martial artists.

This device came from the several hundred-meter-long trucks just now.

Sanxing Group and Richard had long expected that Alton might destroy the Sun Stone.

So start this device specifically.

After the device was activated, Sanxing Group immediately ordered it.

“Rush in and protect the Sun Stone! Capture all the enemies alive, don’t kill them!”

“Remember, don’t let them destroy the Sun Stone!”

“Hurry up!!!”

With an order, all the Lords rushed in.

All of the black hand organization and the myth organization sent Lords to enter.

In addition to a middle-aged man, Logan Zaiwan, the principal of Sanxing Group also has a young and beautiful woman in a windbreaker, as cool as the wind.

Her name is Logan Chengmin, regardless of her youth, but she has a high position in the Sanxing Foundation.

He is the leader of the security group of the Sanxing Foundation.

This is an extremely high position in Sanxing Group.

The institution that truly controls the force!

Logan Chengmin looked cold, and beckoned at the young people called “devil”: “You all go too!”

“Remember not to kill! Grab everyone!”

These young people nodded one after another and proceeded obediently.

Everyone around was amazed.

Admired and looked at Logan Chengmin in horror.

Because she is the only one who can dominate this group of demons.

This group of young people would not listen to any orders, only listen to Logan Chengmin’s.

After Logan Chengmin gave the order, this group also joined the battle group.

“Report to Mr. Richard, ten minutes to solve everything, and soon we will know the identity of the mysterious force!”

Logan Chengmin smiled.

The encirclement has been completed, and the next step is to arrest.

Richard received the news, but was not happy.

He was very cautious and asked Logan Chengmin to stare outside.

He determined that someone would come to the rescue.

There may even be a head-on collision with mysterious forces.

“Mr. Richard is not so exaggerated? To put it more exaggeratedly, we are almost a nationwide power. Are you still so cautious?”

Logan Chengmin is not arrogant. It is mainly in this posture, who can escape?

“Listen to me right! Even the Lab of the Gods has suffered! Not to mention you!”

Logan Chengmin’s face changed now.

“Okay, I understand. Come here, give me an order…”

Logan Chengmin ordered to guard against outside rescues at all times.

This is basically foolproof.

“No, people from Sanxing Group rushed in!”

Alton stood up and shouted: “Everyone is beginning to destroy the Sun Stone! Never leave it to them!”

“Remember! You ruined my face before you die or before you get caught!”

“Even blew himself up!”

Alton shouted.

Even if they die, they cannot reveal their identity.

It is best to blew up and leave nothing.


The brothers of Xuan Zijun and Huang Zijun shouted together.

The crowd began to destroy the Sun Stone.


But the Lords of these forces in the star country came too fast.

They didn’t give Alton a chance at all.

“Surrender, you can’t get out!”

On the plane, everyone panicked.

After hearing the news from Alton, everyone’s faces became ashamed.

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