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Chapter 2069

“Boss, we will arrive at the designated location in five minutes! What should we do?”

“The other party also blocked the air!”

Everyone asked anxiously.

“When will Richard arrive?”

Levi asked.


Everyone was taken aback.

At this time, Levi actually asked Richard.

“Here in half an hour!”

But Suzaku still inquired and answered.

“Hold him as much as possible! Extend his time here!”

Before the words fell, Levi had already stood up.

Go to the door of the cabin.

“Boss, what are you…”

Everyone was puzzled.

“Just follow my command!”

Levi opened the hatch and jumped straight down.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

That’s right.

Levi jumped from a height of several kilometers.

It turned into a meteor and swooped down.

The speed is getting faster and faster, like a bright flame.

Logan Chengmin and other troops were guarding the periphery. At this moment, someone exclaimed: “Look at the sky!”

This sound made everyone look up to the sky.

The streamer falling from the sky is terrible!

Across that distance, everyone can feel the momentum of the thunder.

No matter what it is, even if it is a big rock, the power is amazing when it is dropped from such a high place.

“It’s a person! It’s an individual!”

Soon Logan Chengmin’s men detected that it was a person.


Everyone was shocked.

Some people fall from the sky.

“Block him in mid-air!”

Logan Chengmin ordered.

“It’s late, no chance!”

Suddenly, Levi in mid-air accelerated and fell from the sky at a speed that his weapon could not catch.

In the blink of an eye, a figure on the retina of everyone’s naked eye gradually became clear.


Levi landed.

The ground shook the mountain.

Levi unbiasedly landed on the truck roof of the Sanxing Group’s magnetic field device.



The power that fell from the sky was too amazing.

It smashed the magnetic field device and the truck directly.

Not only that, but the power was also dissipated.

The earth appeared fine cracks like spider webs, and they continued to extend out.

“Kacha Kacha…”

The surrounding Sanxing Group and other forces’ vehicles or machines exploded one after another.


Not only that, but the sea next to it was thrown into waves, and all ships were overturned.

Because of Levi’s landing, this area has become a ruin of the doomsday.


Everything is messed up!

Everyone who was guarding the periphery and who was arresting Alton was in a mess.

Especially when the people inside didn’t know what was happening, the ground was shaken.

It’s like being bombarded by super weapons here.

However, only Levi landed.

“Stay steady, steady!”

Logan Chengmin shouted.

Richard and the others who rushed to the other side immediately rushed in after they learned the news here.

Only halfway there was harassment by unmanned aerial vehicles.


“No, the other party is here prepared!”

“Clear all obstacles and move forward at full speed!”

Under Logan Chengmin’s command, the perimeter line of defense was soon restored to order.

Everyone rounded up Levi.

The three layers inside and the outside are impervious to water.

“You finally showed up! I’ve been waiting for a long time!”

Logan Chengmin looked excited.

If she can accomplish everything before Richard and the others come, she will become the biggest hero.

Whether in Sanxing Group, or in the laboratory of the gods.

She can even replace Richard.

Standing on a high place, Levi said coldly: “Woman, it’s better not to fight and kill!”

“Hehe, then you can’t control it!”

“Don’t you say that you are Levi? The last time you appeared in Zion Country, right?”

Logan Chengmin stared at Levi.

Levi smiled and said, “It’s me! But I didn’t appear in Zion Country last time! It wasn’t me!”

Chapter 2070

Levi simply and generously admitted.

But no one believes it!

I thought he was a fake!

Just like the last time the Underworld God faked Levi, no one would believe it.

In everyone’s consciousness, Levi was dead. Even if he didn’t die, it would be too late for Tibet. How could he report his family?

No one would believe that he called himself Levi these days.

Even if you have the exact same face as Levi, no one will believe it.


Whether it is the ancient disguise technique or modern technology, disguise is completely possible.

So imitating Levi is too simple.

Instead, Levi told the truth, no one would believe it.

Even if he showed his true face, no one would believe it.

But at this moment, Levi concluded that Logan Chengmin was the leader of these people.

The so-called catching the thief first catching the king, Levi did not hesitate at all, and turned into a flash of lightning to burst into the crowd.

Levi’s speed was so fast that everyone didn’t react at all.

Through the crowd.

He appeared directly in front of Logan Chengmin.

Logan Chengmin is also a superpower, and his strength is extremely terrifying.

But her superpower is not attack or defense, but manipulation.

For example, why can she control a group of young people known as the devil?

Are they really afraid?

Do not!

She can control it!

Her superpowers can control them!

No matter how powerful they are, they can be firmly controlled by her.

But in the face of Levi’s sudden attack, she didn’t have the strength to fight back at all.

She was captured by Levi in an instant.


Levi tapped acupuncture points on her body a few times, and Logan Chengmin couldn’t move, even her superpowers could not be used.


Logan Chengmin’s face changed drastically.

Levi actually used Morendam’s ancient acupuncture skills.

This is from Lord’s ancient books.

It is different from traditional acupuncture points.

The one left by the Lord is stronger.

In the beginning, Levi’s acupuncture skills were just to control people.

But there was an extra note beside it, it turned out that Levi didn’t care.

But later he realized that tapping the acupuncture points can still control the powers, making their powers unusable.

It is mainly used to seal the meridians of the acupoints, so that your power and abilities cannot be used.

Levi didn’t know what Logan Chengmin’s power was, so just in case, he directly sealed the acupoints to lock the meridians.

Make her unusable!

Logan Chengmin was captured, and everyone around him reacted.

Thousands of people panicked immediately and stared at Levi.

“Hurry up and let the people go!!!”

Judging from the crazy reactions of these people, Levi caught the right person.

This is their boss!

Facing these people, Levi sneered: “Don’t move, whoever touches me will squeeze her head!”

The words came out.

Several of Logan Chengmin’s subordinates immediately panicked. They waved their hands and shouted: “Calm down, all calm down!”

“Be careful, don’t hurt the team leader, otherwise you will die without a place to bury your life!”

Several people also warned at Levi.

Levi sneered: “Really? Then I will kill her, try?”

With that, Levi clasped Logan Chengmin’s neck and slowly exerted force.

Logan Chengmin’s beautiful face gradually disappeared and turned pale.

Behind, she was breathing fast, her face turned purple.


There was a choking sound in her mouth.

Everyone is anxious now.

As long as Levi tried hard, Logan Chengmin’s neck would definitely burst open.

This is something no one wants to see. .

“Wait, wait! Don’t do it!”

“Be careful, don’t hurt the team leader!”

Logan Chengmin’s men were completely panicked this time.

Did not dare to threaten Levi the slightest.

“What conditions do you want, we will agree!”

The crowd shouted.

Logan Chengmin, who was controlled by Levi, also asked, “What on earth are you going to do?”

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