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Chapter 2071

Levi smiled: “It’s very simple, let my people go and take away all the sun stones at the same time!”

“No way!!!”

As soon as this was said, someone immediately rejected it.

“No way, can you? Then I will kill her!”

Levi wanted to kill Logan Chengmin simply and rudely.

“Promise him!”

Logan Chengmin shouted.

“Is the group leader real? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Are we really going to let it go?”

“Yes, this opportunity is gone, it will be difficult next time. Moreover, the Lab of the Gods also left immediately. It is difficult for us to explain!

Everyone looked embarrassed.

Logan Chengmin stared at everyone: “Then you want me to die?”

“Huh? It’s not, we…”

Everyone began to struggle.

It’s not to let it go, it’s not to keep it going.

“Hurry up, my patience is limited!”

Levi said.

“Let it go! Let it go!”

Several senior executives immediately shouted.

“No, I want to watch people leave with my own eyes!”

Levi took Logan Chengmin to the hiding place of the Sun Stone.

“Human and Sun Stone will come out soon, please pay attention to it!”

Levi contacted Zhuque and the others.

Finally, Levi watched Alton and the others leave with the Sun Stone.

“I don’t have much time for you, and it’s all up to you now, don’t shame me!”

Levi said.


He could only use Logan Chengmin to threaten him for a short period of time.

Especially after Richard arrived, even if Logan Chengmin died, he would do it.

So the time is less than half an hour.

After half an hour, the Sanxing Group will chase it, and Richard and the others will chase it even more.

At that time, they could only rely on themselves.

Regarding the strength of Wesley Alton and their strength, he is still at ease.

Not to mention avoiding it permanently, it’s okay to avoid it for a while.

“Huh? I want to track it secretly, stop it all! And hand in all your deployment plans! Including personnel and equipment!”

In order to prevent everyone from being tracked, Levi also made some follow-ups.

These deployment plans were given to Alton.

Allow them to escape further.

Time passed by every minute and every second.

Alton and them all withdrew with the Sun Stone, and successfully reunited with Suzaku and them.

In a short period of time, they have disappeared from the sight of Sanxing Group.

“Huh? Obviously we could detect it just now! Why did it suddenly disappear?”

“Where did they go, are we staring at it?”

Sanxing Group will never let Alton and the others leave.

There are trackers on the transported ships or devices, even if the Alton and the others leave, the position is always locked.

But everything disappeared just now.

Alton these people disappeared out of thin air.

Levi felt relieved when he heard this.

Sure enough, these guys still have two brushes.

But if this is not possible, his efforts will be wasted.

Then he can come at his own pace.

He still has to procrastinate.

Otherwise, the Lab of the Gods will still be frantically looking.

Wesley and the others still suffer from Shang Richard.

Don’t be afraid of 10,000, just in case.

“We have all done according to your requirements, can people let it go?”

Logan Chengmin’s men said.

Levi smiled: “Yes!”

It’s just that he hasn’t moved.

At this moment, Richard and the others arrived early.

In the case of blocking, they still arrived five minutes earlier.

Faster than Levi thought!

They already knew what happened just now.

Richard has arranged the deployment, and most of them are chasing Kirin.

They directly invaded the Lord control of the Sanxing Group, but they also found that the Alton had disappeared.

“He must not let go!”

“Even if you kill Logan Chengmin, you still have to keep him!”

Richard ordered that all the Lords of the Gods Lab stared at Levi.

Waiting for Levi to come is a net of heaven and earth.

Chapter 2072

Levi can actually go.

But he can’t go.

If he leaves.

Richard will definitely send all the power out to find Alton and them.

When the time comes, the pressure on their side will be too great.

Maybe it will lose everything.

Therefore, he cannot go.

He is going to hold Richard down here.

He hijacked Logan Chengmin and looked at Richard with a smile: “Richard, your movements are a bit slow, much later than I thought.”


Richard was not far away for a moment.

He didn’t expect the other party to call his name directly.

And listening to this tone, it seemed that it was Levi.

“Who are you? Why do you pretend to be Levi?”

Richard said coldly.

“I am Levi, why should I pretend to be?”

Levi smiled.

Richard stared at Levi tightly: “Do you think I will believe it? I already know that you are that power! When I catch you and tear off your disguise, you will know who you are.”

“Everyone is ready to take him down! Never let him go!”

“Mr. Richard don’t… the composition is still in his hands! If we are in a hurry, the team leader’s life is in danger!”

“Mr. Richard, don’t…”

Logan Chengmin’s subordinates pleaded.

They don’t want the team leader to have trouble.

It’s just that Richard’s face is cold and he doesn’t care about Logan Chengmin’s life or death.

“Go! Just a mere team leader! Let alone her, even if it is the true head of the Sanxing Group, I will not care about his life or death!”

Richard roared.

In the eyes of the Gods Lab, Sanxing Group is just a dog raised.

He doesn’t care about anyone’s life or death.

He wouldn’t care even if he was at the helm of Sanxing Group.

Not to mention the leader of a security group.

In the Sanxing Group, it is a high position, but in his eyes, it is like an ant.

It’s impossible to threaten her.

“Take it! Don’t worry about her life or death!”

Richard ordered.

At this time, everyone in the Sanxing Group did not dare to say anything, and could only execute orders.

Logan Chengmin was also shocked.

In Richard’s eyes, she was not worth mentioning.

“Hahahaha…Did Leader Logan see it? You gave people your life, and they don’t even care about your life!”

Levi laughed.

Logan Chengmin’s face became more and more ugly.

“Fortunately, you have already become my inner ghost! Otherwise you will die in vain.”

Levi’s next sentence came out.

Everyone in the audience was stunned.

Even Logan Chengmin himself was taken aback.

The speaker has no intention, the listener has the intention.

Everything tonight looks weird.

Why was Logan Chengmin so easily captured by Levi?

She did not resist at all?

The senior management of Sanxing Group and the Lab of the Gods knew that Logan Chengmin was very powerful, especially her control ability.

Can control everything, including human minds and so on.

Even that group of demons can control.

But why not use Levi?

Let him catch it?

Then cooperate with Levi to make people and Sun Stone all escape.

Is Logan Chengmin involved in all this?

If not, it looks a bit too smooth.

In addition, Logan Chengmin is the commander-in-chief of this operation, which is even more suspicious.

It’s obviously a crucified thing, why is it so easy to be transported away.

And in accordance with the order issued by the Lab of the Gods, at all costs.

In other words, even if Logan Chengmin died, he would not let those people and Sun Stone leave.

Even if it was just a suspicion, everyone saw that Logan Chengmin’s expression was not right.

Especially people like Richard.

Levi smiled again: “Why do we dare to put the sun stone here? Think about it for yourself. If there is no one, do you dare to do this?”

Levi wanted to hammer Logan Chengmin to death.

In this way, Logan Chengmin must follow him so that he can continue his plan.

Levi’s purpose has been achieved.

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