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Chapter 2073

That’s a pure energy body!

Even Richard himself doesn’t know how to deal with them?

Fortunately, he controlled their consciousness in advance.

These people are used by them.

Richard once imagined that if his opponent had a pure energy body, how would he deal with it?

How should the Gods’ Lab deal with it?

Richard conceived according to everything he knew, and the end result was that he could not deal with pure energy bodies.

There is no way.

Encounter is helpless.

The only thing we know is how Wood Zhengjie died.

But how to restore that environment?

The other party will not let you get rid of it stupidly, and he can’t restore the terrible degree of that experiment.

He doesn’t have that kind of super particles.

So for a period of time, Richard was melancholy about this matter.

Even if the other party does not have a pure energy body, what if the pure energy body that you experimented with turns back?

How should he deal with it?

He has to figure out his future.

In the end, one of the real seniors in the Lab of the Gods, Richard’s immediate boss, told him.

Feel free to experiment and produce pure energy bodies.

The Lab of the Gods has a solution to the pure energy body, but this is confidential.

Since then, Richard has let go.

At the same time, there was a little more fear in the laboratory of the gods.

I thought he had already touched the core of the Gods Laboratory.

Unexpectedly, it still didn’t.

Even the pure energy body could be removed, he couldn’t imagine.

How strong is the true core of the Lab of the Gods?

How many secrets do they have?

What are they controlling?

Richard vowed to continue to work hard to gain access to the true core of the Lab of the Gods.

He wants to reach the level of his immediate boss.

That’s why Richard went to do this experiment frantically.

After all, there are people on the bottom.

The pure energy body joined the battle group, which greatly enhanced the combat power of the Gods Laboratory.

Richard personally led the team to hunt down.

On the one hand, he paid close attention to the news about Sun Stone and Alton.

It’s just that Alton and the others slipped too fast, and they disappeared without knowing what method they used.

Although most of the power of the Gods Laboratory was overwhelmed.

But there is really not much gain for a while.

Levi dragged as much as possible to help them disperse their strength.

Others have to look at themselves.

He is now running wildly with Logan Chengmin.

Has entered the center of Star City.

This is the advantage of bringing Logan Chengmin.

She knows everything and knows where to go and where not to go.

“I just notified by the secret line that Richard had almost sent all his power to block the star country. He did everything at all costs in order to catch you! It is said that he sent two super Lords! It is comparable to the existence of the Scepter of God! It is Richard! Germany’s biggest killer!”

“We are in big trouble now.”

Logan Chengmin’s face was solemn.

I used to hear that Richard had a lot of hole cards, but he had to add one behind the strongest.

But the two sent out this time turned out to be Richard’s strongest killer, none of them.

This is serious.

Levi’s expression also changed after hearing this.

No matter how he fought Richard before, he wouldn’t show the real hole cards.

But this time he was completely pressed.

It turned out to be the biggest killer.

“Then what are these two killers?”

Levi asked.

“I don’t know, my people can’t touch this! But I’m checking, I hope we don’t encounter it!”

Logan Chengmin took Levi to her refuge in Star City.

No one knows except for a few of her most trusted men.

“We won’t stay here for long, we will be discovered soon. Think of a way how can we escape?”

Logan Chengmin was so nervous that he was sweating.

But Levi looked relaxed, admiring it in the room, looking at this, moving that.

I didn’t even think about how to escape.

Although Levi was afraid of Richard’s hole cards, he wanted to touch it in advance.

Chapter 2074

After this period of contact, Levi discovered that Richard, even though he was known to the outside world as the top of the Lab of the Gods.

But he still did not touch the core of the Gods Lab.

The Lab of the Gods has to dig further.

Even the strongest killer is nothing.

So he must touch Richard’s strongest killer.


Seeing Levi’s leisurely appearance, Logan Chengmin couldn’t help being stunned.

“What do you mean? It’s all this time, not nervous at all?”

Levi smiled and said, “What are you nervous about, aren’t you? Now we are grasshoppers on a rope.”

“Who are you? Where are you from?”

Logan Chengmin sensed something else and couldn’t help but doubt Levi’s identity.

“I am Levi!”

With that said, Levi pulled down his hat, revealing his original face.

“Don’t pretend, you can easily…”

Logan Chengmin just wanted to say disguise, but suddenly he remembered something.

“Aren’t you really Levi?”

Logan Chengmin opened his mouth slightly, surprised.

“it’s me!”

Levi didn’t need to hide from Logan Chengmin.

Logan Chengmin’s brain is running fast, thinking a lot, and accepting that the person in front of him is Levi.

“Gosh, how did you survive?”

Logan Chengmin looked incredible.

Levi is too amazing, right?

Just a little bit of her finger just blocked her ability to use.

She wanted to know why Levi was still alive.

Levi smiled: “Sometimes what you see may not be true!”

“Fake, everything we see is fake?”

Logan Chengmin thinks he is also the group of people standing at the top of the world.

But she couldn’t imagine how Levi could deceive the world.

“Don’t worry, you and I will be able to safely escape from the star country!”

Levi also checked Logan Chengmin’s information just now.

This woman is a cruel person.

And the status of Sanxing Group is extremely high.

Once he found out Richard’s real hole cards, he had to withdraw.

Relying on his strength and Logan Chengmin’s whole body to retreat is no problem.

Richard and the others quickly shrunk the encirclement circle and tightly guarded the surroundings of Star City.

With the patience of the Gods Laboratory, it is really possible to achieve the level that a fly can’t fly out.

“Go find it!”

“Find them all! Remember that Logan Chengmin is very familiar with everything about Star Country, and even knows our deployment! You must look carefully!”

Richard ordered.

Each department conducts a carpet search in Star City.

Especially the frantic search for places related to Logan Chengmin.

Time passed by every minute and every second.

Levi was even so bored that he lay on the sofa, flipping through some information about Sanxing Group.

There is even Logan Chengmin’s collection of red wine next to it.

Logan Chengmin didn’t have any thoughts, on the contrary, she was so busy to death, she kept paying attention to the outside dynamics.

She didn’t understand Levi’s intention to stay inactive.

In fact, Levi was waiting for her Charitable’s biggest killer.

“Inquired, Richard’s biggest killer is the pure energy body! The pure energy body comes from Wood Zhengjie’s experiment, and Wood Zhengjie treats himself…”

Logan Chengmin finally found the information of the pure energy body and told Levi all of it.

“Fuck, Wood Zhengjie’s Lordpiece!”

Levi knew a little about Wood Zhengjie, and Wen Lei caused the experiment accident to get rid of him.

Unexpectedly, this laboratory was restored by Richard.


Even the low-end version is terrifying.

Levi’s expression became solemn: “Next, we must be careful. You have to use all your resources. We can hide if we can!”

Richard searched a lot, but he still couldn’t find anyone.

“I searched it all over, but I couldn’t find anyone!”

Everyone started to worry.

It’s just that Richard smiled: “I have a way, I can definitely find someone!”

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