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Chapter 2075

On the other side, Levi was as calm as ever.

Logan Chengmin was still anxious: “Richards are now frantically searching, our place will be found after one day at most.”

“Don’t you want to think about how to leave?”

Levi smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it won’t take a day or an hour to find it! Don’t underestimate Richard!!”

“Go, call all Logan Chengmin’s cronies!”

Richard ordered.

Soon, a dozen of Logan Chengmin’s cronies were called to Richard.

“Where is Lee Sung Min?”

Richard asked.

Logan Chengmin’s cronies are all dumbfounded.

Why would you ask them?

“We don’t know Mr. Richard! Aren’t we looking for it too?”

Everyone is puzzled.

Richard smiled: “Well, I know you are in touch with her! You are providing her with news and convenience!”


As soon as these words were spoken, everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

Just when they were sophistry, Richard immediately shouted: “I’ll give you a chance! If anyone tells where Logan Chengmin is, I will not only spare him not die, but also reward him! I even let him join the Lab of the Gods!”

“Don’t say, kill without mercy!”

Richard gave everyone two paths.

Either die, or speak out and enjoy the glory and wealth.

As soon as they heard joining the Lab of the Gods, some people showed enthusiastic expressions on their faces.

Joining the Lab of the Gods should be the dream of each of them.

Who doesn’t want to?

A dream thing!

“Don’t say it! Richard will kill you too!”

“Yes, are you still not sure about Richard’s style?”

There are a few people who want to be tight-lipped and protect Logan Chengmin.

And they knew it was a dead end.


Richard gave an order to directly kill these people who disturbed the military’s morale.

The others were terrified.

“Not to mention that is the end, I said to join the Lab of the Gods! How can I kill you when I use people!”

Richard smiled.

Logan Shiji echoed: “Yes, am I just an example?”

“As long as it is valuable and useful! Absolutely reuse!”

Several people looked at each other and finally decided to confess.

Soon according to the address given by several people, Richard’s men locked Logan Chengmin’s position.

“It has been determined that Logan Chengmin and that person are there!”

Richard’s expression suddenly changed: “Okay! Order everyone, surround here! Immediately, immediately, let’s go!”

Several of Logan Chengmin’s close friends said excitedly: “Mr. Richard, do you think we can join the Lab of the Gods?”

Richard smiled, smiling like a devil.

The few people seemed to realize something and wanted to run away immediately.

But how could Richard’s men let them go?

Soon several people fell in a pool of blood…

In Logan Chengmin’s secret hideout, Logan Chengmin suddenly lost contact with his cronies.

At this time, Levi was counting down: “3, 2, 1!”


Suddenly the house suffered a terrible bombardment!

“They are coming! What should I do?”

Logan Chengmin’s face faded.

“Kill out!”

Levi immediately killed the two.

At the forefront of the attacks are the Mythology Organization, the Black Hand Organization and the Sanxing Financial Group.

Richard naturally wants to use this group of cannon fodder.

Try to consume Levi’s two people as much as possible.

But with these leftovers, want to consume Levi?

impossible things!

This group of leftovers had no effect on Shangye Levi.

In just one round, the Sanxing Group suffered countless deaths and injuries, and many people fell.

Logan Chengmin is also more and more confident in Levi’s strength.

But soon Richard arrived with an army.

“You can’t run away! You are destined to fall into my hands today!”

Richard smiled.

He is not nonsense.

Directly send out the Lords of the Gods Lab and the two pure energy bodies.

He couldn’t make any mistakes this time.

Levi must be taken down.

Chapter 2076


Levi got serious.

From the tens of thousands of people in front of him, he has felt two very different existences from the others.

Whether it is a super power or a warrior.

Both are different from these two people.

How do you describe these two people?


Sun Stone!

These two people are pure energy bodies just like the Sun Stone.

There is terrible energy in it.

They can’t feel their organs, blood, muscles and veins at all.

Pure energy body?

It seems to be composed entirely of energy.

As expected of Wood Zhengjie!

If this lunatic is alive, it is probably more terrible than Richard!

Fortunately, he died.

Before Levi could think more, all the Lords in the Lab of Gods came up.

Even though there were two pure energy bodies in the battle, Richard was still worried and needed a large number of Lords to assist.

Levi and Logan Chengmin joined forces.

I have to say that Logan Chengmin has two tricks, especially her control ability, which is simply the nemesis of the superpower.

Always restrain them.

Logan Chengmin immediately entangled dozens of Lords and shared a lot of pressure for Levi.

Levi also fought with a large number of Lords.

Richard was always paying attention to the situation, and this matter was immediately fixed, but he still couldn’t ignore it.

But at this moment, he received the news.

People like Sun Stone and Alton chased and disappeared.

They disappeared completely, no matter what method they used to find them.

“Are those machines?”

Richard asked.

“Using it, it’s so weird, it disappeared for no reason! The other party’s method is a bit powerful!”

Richard thought for a while, and said, “Forget it, according to their strengths in the previous few times, we must not be able to find it this time! Some people are left to look for, and some people come to Star City! Here! There is one person who must be caught!”

The team that followed the Alton Sun Stone returned and pressed up here.

It will be difficult for Levi to leave when that happens.

Unless abruptly to open a bloody path.

In the field, Levi had already fought against the pure energy body.



Both sides played back and forth.

Although it is a low-profile version of pure energy body, the power is too fast.

Can actually fight Levi!

Don’t let the wind fall at all!

However, the rest of the Lords suffered. Levi slammed it down with a punch, and they couldn’t bear it.

Either the body explodes, or a blood hole is exploded…

Although they are also strong.

But between Levi and the two pure energy bodies, it still seemed weak.

Not one level.

If you insist on getting involved in this level of battle, there is only one dead end.

What Richard originally wanted was to use the two pure energy bodies as the main combat power, and the other Lords to consume and harass.

Now it seems to be of little effect.

It had little effect on Levi.

The casualties were heavy.

More and more Lords fell.

These people can also stalemate with Logan Chengmin.



Along with Levi’s horrible two punches, all those who consumed and harassed him were beaten away.

Only two pure energy bodies are left.

“Lord, there is no need to send someone, the two of us are enough!”

The two pure energy bodies waved their hands and signaled Richard not to send anyone.

The two of them can solve Levi.



The two big moments started and turned into lightning, killing Levi one after another.

The speed is much faster than the destroyer before.

Not an order of magnitude at all.

Richard also installed suitable armor for them to increase their power and speed.

The two start hands at eight times the speed of sound.

Two terrible punches came.

The speed is almost impossible for the machine to capture.

But Levi actually avoided these two punches.



At the same time, two punches hit the two pure energy bodies.

These two punches contain multiple strengths…

Levi will kill with one blow!

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