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Chapter 2095

Commoner is defeated!

Velador is dead!

“What kind of monster is this?”

“The Common Killer god is defeated? Who can be the opponent?”


Richard is pleased.

Mike’s ability to defeat Common Killer god gave him a lot of satisfaction.

The Common Killer god East Island wiped out the Black Sun organization.

In Velador, and even the whole world, the position is very important.

To beat him is equivalent to pulling the gods off the altar.

For the first time, the core executives of the Lab of gods sent a message to praise Richard.

And give him more authority and status.

This made him very excited.

Now he wants to create more pure energy body to go to Velador.

He was already thinking about the picture of Logan and Mann’s family who all turned into pure energy bodies and became disasters in Velador…

“Go on! Use Levi’s mother to force Tiance Mansion to take action!”

Richard gave orders to Mike.


In the field.

Mike stepped on the Common K!ller god. He sneered and said: “As long as I use a little harder, he will die!”

“Today, let me see who can keep Levi’s mother?”

Thousands of people have come here after hearing the news, most of them are Levi’s old friends, or are related.

Swear to protect Ollie.

It can be seen that the powerful commoner has been defeated.

Everyone was silent.

How can this be played?

Don’t look at so many people, you can’t protect them at all.

Mike is too strong!

All agencies are observing and analyzing Mike.

His level of danger has skyrocketed!

No one knows how the key Mike became stronger.

The senior officials of Bass Guard directly called Tiance Mansion and asked them to send a master to stop Mike.

Mike will become a disaster if this continues!

Tiance Mansion agreed, and it was already making arrangements.

It will arrive soon, but it will take a while.

After all, the real Lords of Tiance Mansion were unable to retreat.

It hasn’t even appeared in decades or hundreds of years, and even people in Tiance Mansion have not seen them.

And its nature is the same as the Trex clan.

Only in times of crisis in Velador will be shot.

That’s right.

Mike is very strong now.

But it has not yet become a disaster in the Great Velador.

It stands to reason that in order to save a person, Tiance Mansion and Trex clan would not make a move.

It was because of Levi’s merits that they made the move.

It’s great to be able to send someone.

“Tiance Mansion has sent a Lord, but it will take a while, we have to withstand it!”

“We need to unite!”

Wenia, who had recovered a little bit, began to organize everyone to guard.

Ollie advised everyone to hand over her.

But is it actually Ollie that everyone is guarding?

In fact, the family is guarding this land…

Ollie has evolved into a spiritual symbol.

Anything can fall, she can’t!

“Can you stop it?”

Mike sneered.

Wenia teamed up with masters from all sides and began to deal with Mike.

After getting out of his body, the Common k!ller also joined the battle group.

Have to say that the effect of someone’s command is really good.

At least we can maximize everyone’s role, so that Mike will not be easily defeated.

But he is too strong.

Everyone unites, plays their respective roles, and maximizes their strength.

In fact, there is no harm to Mike, it can only delay the time and drag the power to Tiance Mansion.

But it has been very effective.

Able to hold Mike for a while.

Seeing the other party’s purpose, Mike directly increased his attack.


Originally everyone wanted to delay it for half an hour, and the strong of Tiance Mansion would definitely be able to arrive.

But Mike speeded up.

ten minutes!

In just ten minutes, Wenia, Common k!ller and others were all blasted off.

None of the thousands of masters stood.

Wenia couldn’t get up even if they wanted to.

Only Ollie is left.

Mike appeared in front of Ollie instantly.

“Now I see who can save you?”

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