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Chapter 2096

“No, don’t!!!”

Wenia shouted heartbreakingly.

But she can only watch.


Now no one can be Mike’s opponent except for the powerhouse of Tiance Mansion.

“k!ll her! We don’t need her to threaten anyone. k!lling her can force Tiance Mansion to take action!”

Richard’s order came in Mike’s ear.

“it is good!”


Mike punched Ollie.

This punch made her disappear on the spot.

Wenia, Regina and they all cried.

They don’t want to watch this scene.

They still didn’t keep it!

At the critical moment, a black shadow appeared at a speed that Mike hadn’t even noticed.


The opponent also punched Mike abruptly.

Afterwards, this person grabbed Ollie and left directly, turning into a flash of lightning and disappearing on the spot.

Mike immediately caught up.

The person was so fast that people didn’t react.

But Mike was able to catch up.

However, a master appeared midway to stop Mike.

Even if Mike was k!lled on the spot, it also extended the time.

Moreover, it was blocked by stages, with about four or five waves of masters coming to block him.

Even if every wave of people is blocked for a few seconds, the total time is enough for the mysterious person to take Ollie and escape.

After Mike clears the obstacles, where are there people?

Even if it was as strong as him, there was no trace of him.

The mysterious man ran out of sight long ago.

Mike was dumbfounded.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Obviously the other party came prepared.

Even the people who were blocking were selected, in order to save them.

“Who? Who is it?”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

This is by no means a strong man in Tiance Mansion.

If the powerhouse of Tiance Mansion would not secretly save people away, he would do it directly.

So who is saving people?

People related to Levi are here.

The common k!lling god is here.

The secret teams are also here.

Who can it be?

Besides, it is still so strong that it can take people away from Mike.

It’s equivalent to pulling a tooth from a tiger’s mouth.

This strength is far less than Common Killer god.

He had no confidence in taking people away from Mike.

And this person should be very familiar with Mike’s strength, never entangled for half a minute, just run with someone.

And block by section, delay the time to escape.

This is carefully prepared.


All dumbfounded.

Everyone is wondering who took Ollie away?

After thinking about it, there is no such person.

The Common K!ller god in a daze.

He was the only person present who knew that Levi was still alive.

Could it be that Levi took the shot?

But according to Levi’s character, how could he leave after saving people?

Will definitely k!ll Mike.

What’s more, he is still in retreat.


Could it be Wesley or someone.

But Common Killer god is very familiar with them. These people are very strong, but they are not strong enough to save people from Mike.

So who is this person?

The most dumbfounded is Mike!

He was going to explode.

Since coming to Velador, he has always controlled everything like a god.

But at a critical time, someone saved someone from him.

This is a shame!

Mike was very angry.

Richard was even more angry.

“What’s the matter with Mike? Let people rescue people from you? Useless waste! Can’t k!ll even an ordinary person! Waste! Waste!”


Mike became even more angry when he heard Richard’s reprimand.

He jumped out immediately, blindly searching for Ollie.

He must k!ll this person!

Otherwise it will be a shame!

the other side.

Ollie has been rescued to a safe area.

Ollie looked at the stranger in front of her, thanked, and asked, “Do you have anything to do with my Levi?”

“Well, it’s related! But I dare not get involved!”

The man answered.

“Then who are you? Can you tell me?”

Ollie was very curious.

“Of course, I am actually…”

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