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Chapter 2098

There were three people who found Mike.

Three middle-aged people.

Two men and one woman.

They were wearing long gowns and cloth shoes under their feet.

A dress from the Republic of Velador era.

But in fact they are from that era.

But the seemingly ordinary three people were sent by Tiance Mansion to suppress Mike.

It is unimaginable.


The information that Richard scanned through Mike quickly allowed people to inquire about the three people’s information.

The strong man who can be dispatched at this time definitely has a position in Tiance Mansion.

So Richard has to pay attention.

I have to say that the intelligence agency of the gods’ laboratory is really terrifying, and has all the information for nearly hundreds of years in control.

In just a few seconds, the information of these three people has been found out.

Three people who disappeared!

To be precise, the three people who died!

In that turbulent age.

All three of them were short-lived and only appeared a few times.

And it was either in a major event or randomly appeared in some small places.

They are just like ordinary people who disappeared in the long river of history.

It was the same as the large number of people who starved to death at that time.

There is no difference between the sense of presence and which animals.

No one will pay attention.

No matter how to check it will not find it.

But the laboratories of the gods actually have their information.

These are the three wonders!

Born with visions or weird things.

They were all abandoned by the family as monsters.

But in fact they were not dead, and they reappeared later.

Unexpectedly, these three people were selected by Tiance Mansion.

I have to say that the Lab of gods is horrible.

People like this have been found.

There is also information.

But what is the combat power of these three people? What will they do…

None of these gods’ laboratories knew.

But this is the beginning.

What Richard wanted was to dig out the hole cards of Tiance Mansion little by little.

It is best to expose the major players.

Then study one by one, and work out a specific plan.

It’s the so-called knowing oneself and knowing the enemy.

“Test the strength of these three people!”

Richard ordered.

Mike immediately attacked the three.

The three did not retreat and counterattack.





The seemingly ordinary three palms are shot.

But it has a terrifying power like a stormy sea.

Directly blast Mike out.

When the three of them shot, they were obviously far above Wenia and Common Killer god.

The three Wenia, Sarah and Regina all knew each other.

Because when the three of them first entered Tiance Mansion, these three were guiding them.

Of course Aubrey is cultivated by stronger people.

This time the Tiance Mansion sent these three great abilities out to give Mike face.

“Take it down!”

The three big bosses shot together, directly trying to lock Mike.

Mike was immediately under pressure.

However, his physique is immortal, and no matter how much pressure the three of them put on, it won’t hurt him at all.

Mike tried to fight back, but the three of them were very strong and could deal with all his attacks.

So whoever is on both sides can’t help.

Mike and these three are of the same level.

Richard asked his men to analyze the combat power and strengths and weaknesses of the three.

“It seems that the limit of Mike’s pure energy body has reached! It is almost the same as these three! If we want to force the trump card of Tiance Mansion later, the pure energy body will be upgraded! It just so happens that Nick succeeded in the experiment today! Better than Mike! With Neil, Katie and others have also succeeded! Send them over immediately!”


Next, Richard will send out more pure energy bodies, and one is stronger than one.

After all, the physique of young people dominates.

“Mike withdraw first! Can’t consume it anymore!”

Under Richard’s order, Mike immediately evacuated.

Although these three people were powerful, they still let Mike escape.

Can’t catch up…

They thought Mike had retreated, and the danger was gone.

Where do they know that a greater danger is coming…

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