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Chapter 2097

The man smiled and said, “Yes, they all call me the Cthulrun!”

That’s right!

The person who rescued Ollie at the critical moment was Cthulrun!

Since seeing that token, he can’t wait to be a slave behind Levi.

First he let go of Levi, and now he saves Levi’s mother.

It is still in the hands of partners to save people.

If Richard knew everything was done by the evil god Cthulrun, he would vomit blood.

After Cthulrun told him the reason, he unconditionally believed that Cthulrun would cooperate with the Lab of gods.

Even in any situation, he would never doubt the Cthulrun.

But who would have thought that the evil god Cthulrun would betrayed after seeing that token.

Do this twice in a row.

“Cthulrun??? Is it you?”

Ollie obviously knew the evil god Cthulrun.

He was once instigated by the Black Sun organization and turned Levi into the descendant of the Cthulrun. He was endlessly pursued and k!lled.

Ollie was deeply impressed by this.

Unexpectedly, Cthulrun would come to rescue her now.

“Sir, are you the Lord of our Levi?”

Ollie asked curiously.


Cthulrun sighed.

How good is he?

To be Levi’s Lord?

Is he worthy?

Not necessarily worthy of being a servant!

“Old lady, rest here temporarily! It will be dangerous if you leave!”

The Cthulrun arranged Ollie properly.

In fact, there is no need to worry about her safety.

As long as the Cthulrun raised his arms-this is the mother of the token holder.

Then the ancient ethnic forces all over the world will work hard to protect them.


The Common k!ller found Wesley and others for the first time.

Ask if they made the shot…

“It’s not us…”

“We are not strong enough!”


Everyone is blinded.

“Who do you think this person might be?”

The Common k!ller asked Wesley to analyze.

It is possible that they know people that everyone does not know.

“I don’t know, I can’t think of it! Unless the boss himself! But the boss is still in retreat!”

Everyone shook their heads.

Tylera suggested: “Should I tell the boss about this matter? After all, his mother matters a lot!”

The Common k!ller shook his head: “No, let Mr. Garrison rest in peace! Since this mysterious man saved the old lady, it means that the old lady is safe! I will also look for it!”

“That’s true! Saving the old lady means that the old lady must be fine!”


Mike’s affairs in Velador, for the core senior management of the gods’ laboratory, were just watching a show.

The performance is good, they praise a few words, the performance is not good, they don’t care.

What they are concerned about now is the dispatch of ancient forces and races from all over the world.

Richard’s immediate boss and a few people playing Joker cards got together.

“We communicated with an ancient race in the depths of the Northern Continent Ice Sheet! When we offered to cooperate with them and help them, we were rejected!”

“We were rejected when we found the ancient blood family in Western Continent!”

“But we also got a little bit of news-these ancient race forces are all dispatched, it seems that they have seen some tokens and are looking for someone! But there is too much news to find out! These ancient forces races are tight-lipped! Don’t say anything! Don’t let other people participate!”


Richard’s immediate boss sighed: “I hope it will be beneficial to us!”

On the other side, Mike did not find Ollie after looking around.

This made him angry.

Basically to the point where it will k!ll you when you see it!

This is what Richard allowed!

What he wants is to let Mike wreak havoc in Velador.

“Presumptuous! How can Velador let you go wild??”

There were cold shouts.

The real powerhouse of Tiance Mansion is here.

They found Mike.

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