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Chapter 2104

As soon as this condition came out, Bryant and the others exploded even more.

Still want to take away the little sister?


Everyone has to work hard!

However, others contacted Tiance Mansion for the first time.

The news reached the god general of Tiance Mansion for the first time.

It also reached the ears of several teachers who instructed Aubrey.

The teachers who have instructed her have a lot of background, and they are older than a few gods in terms of qualifications.

In addition, the Lords of Aubrey are one from Tiance Mansion and one from each branch of the Trex clan.

Everyone is super powerful.

It is much higher than the Lords of Sarah and the three of them.

After all, Aubrey is the most talented one.

She can even be said to be the future cornerstone of the Trex clan in Tiance Mansion.

That is the seedling that guards the future of Velador!

Too important!

So Aubrey’s masters are terrifying!

Put it this way…

In the mysterious Tiance Mansion and Trex clan.

No one dared to provoke Aubrey, the only outsider.

Just because Aubrey’s masters are too terrifying, and their status is too high!

Can’t afford it!!!

Aubrey is everyone’s favorite!

Hearing that Nick and their negotiating terms were to hand over Aubrey, the masters of Aubrey were angry!

“It turned your back! Who would dare to agree to this condition??”

This is a female master of Aubrey, who also came from Tiance Mansion.

It is said that she and the old guys in Horizon Pavilion are of the same generation and equally mysterious.

She rushed directly in front of the great gods and generals of Tiance Mansion and angrily said: “That shameless dare to beat my disciple’s idea???”

The great gods will be frightened.

“There are so many Lords in Tiance Mansion who just send out a few, don’t you just solve some of the waste? I have to hand over my apprentice? What do you think???? My dignified Tiance Mansion needs to negotiate with people?”

Lord Aubrey roared.

The whole area is like an earthquake.

The great gods are trembling…

“Senior, we haven’t agreed yet! And our Tiance Mansion has not acted because of the overall situation! Now the gods’ laboratory is using these pure energy bodies to test our Tiance Mansion’s trump cards! They are experimenting with the gods. Room layout…”

“We didn’t plan to hand over Aubrey, we were just thinking of a way to get the best of both worlds! Temporary tolerance is for future counterattack!”


Everyone began to explain.

“The significance of the existence of Tiance Mansion and Trex clan is not only to save Velador in the most critical moment, but also to maintain Velador’s reputation and dignity! Understand?”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about this matter, I will handle it!”

The female master of Aubrey slammed the door and left.


The great gods will be stunned.

“If you let this Revered ancestor go out, it won’t be a big deal?”

“But do you dare to stop it? Who can stop what she decides?”


The great gods wanted to chase them, but they didn’t dare to chase them. For a while, they froze in place and didn’t know what to do.


The place of negotiation is in the capital.

Nick gathered all the pure energy bodies here.

Only gathering together can give Tiance Mansion the greatest pressure.

In fact, it is not necessary to have a king, this is Richard’s trick to anger Tiance Mansion.

He was forcing it to do something.


“How? What about your decision? We can’t wait too long!”

Nick urged.

The negotiation team is still waiting for news.

“Please wait, we have posted the news! The news will come soon!”

The crowd trembled.


Nick and others wanted to laugh.

They would actually push Velador like this one day.



At this moment, the door broke and the house collapsed.

“Which ba5tards had the idea of ​​hitting my disciple?”

The voice came like a billowing thunder.

Aubrey’s domineering female master is here!

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