His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2132

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Chapter 2132

Christian’s style of behavior is unpredictable.

In the past, he was a demon of the world, and everything would have to be mixed up, and he couldn’t wait for the world to fall apart, he smiled and clapped his hands on the side.

At that time his handsome was perverse and asshole.

And now?

He is like a savior, like a god.

Lemuel Chu stared at Christian blankly for a few seconds, then he smiled when he recovered.

“Okay, do it as you please. I will be your last backing if you have something.” Ameli Su has been behind Christian from beginning to end. She didn’t say a word, she just put her hand on her own. Belly.

If a girl is also pregnant here, then she must shoulder this responsibility, hoping that girls all over the world will be less wronged.

Seeing the firm expression on Ameli Su’s face, Lemuel Chu withdrew his gaze.

He said, “If your child is full moon, can I sit at the main table?”

Ameli Su finally smiled, “Yes, I will call you.”

Lemuel Chu’s nose was sour.

Seeing his beloved woman giving birth to other men, he said that it was false that it was not uncomfortable, Christian, he was envious of him.

The world says that Lemuel Chu is shameless, sits and reaps the benefits, possesses everything that Christian has laid down for him, and finally washes away easily, but they don’t know what he is carrying along the way.

Maybe they are not wrong.

In this struggle, Christian paid the most but got the least.

Lemuel Chu laughed at himself, “I have always wanted to ask you why you don’t want this position?” It’s already there, isn’t it better to sit on your own?

“The person sitting in this position can’t have any emotions.” Christian looked at Lemuel Chu directly, “But I am different, I have.”

He has strong hatred and love, both of which come from one person, Ameli Su.

He doesn’t want to be above ten thousand people, he wants to be below one person.

That person is Ameli Su.

“They say I got too little.” Christian nonchalantly waved his hand, “do not fall for me indignant, with Ameli Su I’ve got too much, compared with you, I won numb.”

Or that Hunshimowang The accent! Lemuel Chu was so angry that he almost vomited blood!

He gritted his teeth and said, “Be careful when you go abroad! Don’t call me to collect your corpse!”

“Hehe, then I will be with Ameli Su, and don’t even want to separate.” Christian said with a smile.” Our ashes are going to be burned together, mad at you, mad at you, mad at you.”

Lemuel Chuxin said who the romantic male protagonist looks like this! Would you be more decent? Don’t be like a big villain, Christian!

After talking with Lemuel Chu in the follow-up, Christian seemed to have finished explaining the funeral. He led Ameli Su out. Because Ameli Su was pregnant, her makeup was light recently. Compared with her enchanting attitude a while ago, Christian With a little sense of innocence, his face looked round.

Is this what it’s like to marry the one you love, your eyes are full of light.

Lemuel Chu sent Ameli Su away with sorrow, sighed, turned to look at his mother’s tombstone, and said, “Mom, I might really like Ameli Su, but no one can separate her and Christian. , I just gave up. I’ve been single for a lifetime. You can’t see me getting married and having children. You won’t scold me?” Then another voice came out, “What’s so good about getting married? You’re all dead, who do I see They are all like you, what should I do.”

Lemuel Chu heard the female voice, slightly hoarse, as if she had just cried, and probably came here to pay homage to her lover.

However, this cemetery was buried here, and Lemuel Chu was a little curious about who said this.

After walking a few steps forward, she saw a tall and thin woman in front of the tombstone. Unlike ordinary beauties who were white and thin, her tanned skin was sexy and visually impactful. She turned her head back, stunned, and pointed. Lemuel Chu said, “Isn’t this the man who picked up the bargain.”

Lemuel Chu gritted his teeth, “Who did you listen to the story?”

“Han Qingyan.” Qin Ruo straightened his hair, “She has your story. Complete works.”

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