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Chapter 216

Levi smiled helplessly: “Sister, please, it’s not you who married me!”

“Sarah is my best friend, I don’t want to see her fall into the fire pit!”

Natalie said coldly.


Natalie’s words turned around.

“Unless what?”

Levi asked curiously.

“Unless you start a new career, at least not worse than Sarah! You have to be worthy of her! Otherwise I won’t agree!”

Natalie said coldly.

Levi smiled and said, “I’ll give Sarah the opportunity now, okay?”

Upon hearing this, Natalie’s face was icy, and the cold light appeared in her eyes.

She spoke as if with ice scum: “Would you say that Garrison Group was taken back by you, and it was your idea to change to Erick Group?”

Levi smiled: “Smart, you guessed it!”

“Levi, can we be more practical? I think your brain is broken? I want to take you to the hospital for an examination!”

“I found out everything about Erick Group. The chairman is Graham Nanxuan and has nothing to do with you!”

Natalie finished speaking, then stopped talking.

The car fell silent.

Natalie has been strong and domineering since she was a child, coupled with strong ability.

After the situation opened up on Wall Street in the United States, it became even more arrogant.

Except for some financial tycoons, no one cares about it.

Levi, who was at the peak six years ago, wouldn’t even take it in her eyes!

What’s more, Levi, who had just been released from prison, had nothing left.

Not in her eyes!

Just after some exchanges.

She felt that Levi was in his bones.

She and Sarah are totally from two worlds.

So one of the purposes of her return home this time was to divorce Levi and Sarah.

After a while, I arrived in front of the Erick Group Building.

“Help me transport the luggage back to Sarah first, and I will contact Sarah at night!”

Before getting off the bus, Natalie took out her wallet, took out a few dollars and threw them to Levi: “You won’t be able to give it away for nothing! This is your hard work!”

In Natalie’s eyes, Levi was just a servant.

You can use the money.

Levi looked at the few banknotes thrown on the seat, and he was lost in thought.

This woman is humiliating her with money!

“Forget it, let’s send the luggage back first!”

Just when Levi was about to start the car, Alton’s call came.

“General, where are you? The two people who applied for the vice president are here! As I told you, the interview will start at ten o’clock!”

Hearing what Alton said, Levi patted his forehead.

After patronizing to pick up Natalie, he forgot about important things.

“I’m here, come up right away!”

Levi approached.

“Well, I will arrange them for an interview now!”

Alton said.

After coming to the office.

Kylin arranged everything.

On the screen of the office is the monitor screen of the conference room, and the two of them will have an interview here soon.

In the meeting room.

Alton stood behind, he was only used by the town.

A few executives are the real interviewers.

One of them is He Tiantian.

But Alton also wears a headset, and Levi will tell him if he wants to ask later.

“Okay, please come in for the first interviewer!”

The interview officially begins.

The first person to come in for an interview turned out to be a woman.

She is tall and beautiful, too beautiful.

When Levi saw this woman in the picture, he was stunned…

Isn’t this Natalie?

It turns out that this lady came back from abroad to apply for the vice president of Erick Group!

Chapter 217

No wonder she sent herself to Erick Group?

Only blame Natalie for humiliating herself.

Levi didn’t react at all.

Natalie has already started the interview.

She was indeed too strong and quickly conquered several company executives.

Levi also stabilized his mind and began to ask questions through Alton.

His question is too sharp, but his professionalism is unique.

Natalie felt surprised every time Alton asked a question.

Graham Nanxuan is too good!

The angle of these questions is simply too powerful!

She immediately recognized Graham Nanxuan as a business wizard!

Development under his hands is definitely promising!

One’s own talents will also be maximized.

This is what she wants most!

But how did she know that these questions were asked by Levi!

Natalie resolved all these problems of Kylin.

It seems that she has come prepared, and has considered the future of Erick Group, and even some detailed plans are available.

After asking the question, Levi also felt that this woman was too strong!

Just what I want!

“Kirin told her she was admitted!”

Levi approached.

Alton hesitated, and whispered: “General, isn’t there another interviewer? You didn’t watch it?”

“Don’t read it, she is what I want! Let another person apply for other executive positions!”

Levi approached.

In the meeting room.

Alton smiled: “Congratulations, Miss Fisher, you are the vice president we want! Get acquainted today, go through the entry formalities, and take the post tomorrow!”


Several executives who were interviewing in the field were stunned.

Even Natalie was stunned.

She herself was admitted with confidence.

Can it be so fast?

For general recruitment, the follow-up needs to be discussed by the executives. !

What’s more, there is an interviewer at the back.

He Tiantian asked, “Mr. Graham, what about the interviewer in the back?”

Alton smiled: “Miss Fisher is what we want, let him apply for other positions later!”


Natalie became more shocked.

Immediately, Natalie admired the unicorn a little more.

Be bold and eclectic!

This is the one who does great things!

Come by yourself!

When Natalie came to Kylin, she wanted to talk to him about the company’s development.

Alton smiled: “Miss Fisher, to tell you the truth, the boss of our company is someone else, and I also work part-time. The boss who interviewed you just now was the big boss!”

Natalie shockedly asked Alton about the big boss.

I also want to meet the big boss.

“You will see it later!”

Come to the office.

Alton wiped cold sweat.

“General, did you decide too quickly?”

Levi smiled: “No! This woman is bold and innovative, and is more suitable for the development of the company. I have read the resume of the other one, and he is more suitable for steady and steady play.”

In fact, Levi had already compared it.

The corner of Levi’s mouth raised: “Natalie, how can you never think that I am your boss?”

Natalie went through the entry formalities, visited a large circle of the company, and came out with the company’s information.

Found that Levi was waiting for her!

Immediately surprised.

Levi also just came down.

Natalie looked suspiciously. After getting in the car, she took out a dozen banknotes from her wallet and threw them to Levi.

“Part of the money is for your fortune. After all, you are waiting for me. The other part is for tipping.”

Natalie said.

She is used to it abroad.

The waiter, the parking staff, and the driver all give tips when she sees them.

Now Levi was in her eyes, no different from these people.

Not even as good!!!

Chapter 218

Levi took the money and stuffed it all into his wallet.

This scene fell into Natalie’s eyes.

She sighed and shook her head.

Levi bowed his head for a little money.

Is such a person worthy of plum dyeing?

Levi did not forget to ask: “Give me a tip reward? Are you making a fortune?”

Natalie pointed to the building of Erick Group.

“You know here, right?”

Levi nodded: “Of course, the former Garrison Group.”

“En, now Erick Group has integrated the Garrison’s Group, with assets of more than 10 billion, and its future development is very impressive! I have just joined Erick Group as the vice president! Salary has not always been my consideration, but the annual salary is also seven. Ten million!”

Natalie seemed to be talking about a trivial thing.

Indeed, she can earn so much every year abroad.

She came to Erick Group mainly to realize her ambitions.


Levi smiled.

He added in his heart: I’m afraid you won’t know that I am your boss and I personally set your salary.

Levi took Natalie back to the Oriental Garden.

Arriving in the Daping layer, Natalie was shocked.

“Is this bought?”

Natalie asked uncertainly.

“No, it’s rented!”

Levi answered.


When Natalie heard it, she laughed.

“Levi, Levi, don’t you have a little bit of shame? You let Sarah rent a house? If I’m right, Sarah pays the rent?”

Natalie concluded that this kind of flat floor would cost tens of thousands of rent in a month. What would Levi pay for?

Levi nodded: “Yes, Sarah is paying the rent!”

“Marrying a man like you is really…if I am, I will definitely get a divorce! I promise that I won’t hurt my son!”

Natalie stared at Levi fiercely: “Don’t tell me about love and other things. Besides, if you really love Sarah, you should do it for her, and you should get a divorce!!”

Levi sneered: “Women, you look down on me too much, don’t you? Do you believe that I gave everything you and Sarah gave?”


Natalie almost vomited blood.

It’s really bragging and not drafting!

This man is hopeless!

The ability to speak big has risen!

“If you give everything to me, I can marry you!”

Natalie was so angry that his body was trembling.

“This is what you said, don’t regret it then!”

Levi smiled.

Seeing Levi, he looked at himself with interest.

She is going crazy!

This man is a scumbag!

She got into the room that Sarah had prepared, and she didn’t want to see Levi again.

Sarah came back early in the afternoon.

“Let’s go, my girlfriend, I’ll pick up the dust for you!”

Sarah was very excited.

“Let’s go, I have dinner today, after all, I have successfully joined the job!”

Natalie smiled.

“that is really good!”

Sarah is really excited for his girlfriends.

Natalie smiled: “Sarah, we have more opportunities for cooperation in the future. I will focus on supporting you, investment cooperation is indispensable.”

“Let’s go, go eat!”

After Levi came out, Natalie said directly: “Sarah said something you might be unhappy about. I will tell you about divorce tonight!”

Sarah was startled: “What do you mean?”

“You and Levi divorce!”

Natalie smiled and said, “I think it’s not just me, but your parents and relatives will also agree to divorce!”

“What? A divorce?”

Chapter 219

When I came to the door.

A Porsche 911 sports car worth more than one million was parked.

“My car is here!”

Natalie opened the car door and got in.

It turned out that Natalie had arranged the garage before returning home.

One of the cars is this one.

For real estate, it is the Oriental Garden, next door to Sarah and Levi.

“I got it!”

Natalie shouted.

Sarah hesitated.

This sports car only has two seats, what about Levi?

“Hmph, let him take a taxi! Levi, don’t drive, no cars with less than one million dollars are allowed in that place!”

Natalie said coldly.

This shows that they and Levi are people in two worlds.

Everyone drove a sports car. Levi drove a one hundred thousand car, which seemed out of place, so he might as well take a taxi.

Finally, Natalie took Sarah.

Levi took a taxi to go.

The Royal No. 5 private kitchen is located in a quiet place.

The rules here are also based on membership appointments.

If you want to eat, you must first pay at least two million for membership, and then book a week or even a month in advance.

Because many of the ingredients in it are precious, some are still being raised, and some need to be fished in the deep sea.

All need to be prepared in advance.

It is worth mentioning that the Royal No. 5 private kitchen is the property of Xiao Ruofeng, the second young Lord of the Xiao family.

In name, it was still run by the Xiao family, but in fact they belonged to Levi.

Outside the royal private kitchen, there are many luxury cars parked, there are tens of millions of them.

Even Natalie’s Porsche 911 looks inferior.

Natalie sneered: “Did Levi see it? Sarah and I both went in and out of this kind of occasion. You don’t even have a luxury car like this. Are you worthy of her? You just shame her by following her. of!”

Levi ignored it.

Natalie, the woman entered here after showing her membership card.

But her membership card is just an entry-level silver card.

Natalie shook the membership card in her hand and smiled: “See? I am the lowest-level membership card, but I also need to recharge two million every year!”

Natalie glanced at Sarah and said, “Sarah is unhappy. Levi is not qualified to come here without you and me!”

Sarah was slightly embarrassed.

But her best friend has such a personality.

What to say…

“Three, please come in!”

I don’t know what’s going on. After entering here, everyone looks at their eyes with awe, even fear.

Even Natalie wondered, what’s wrong?

Is he so scary?

Where did he know that Levi, who the Xiao family feared the most, was here.

The private kitchen manager Ran Yaoshen immediately came out to greet: “Honorable Mr. Garrison, Miss Fisher, Miss Logan, please!”

Dozens of waiters next to each other shouted: “The Royal No. 5 private kitchen welcomes you all!”

Ran Yaoshen even shouted: “Clear the venue! Clear the venue quickly! Today the Royal Private Kitchen only serves the three of Mr. Garrison!”

Soon, the other dining guests were all driven away.

Seeing this scene, Natalie and Sarah were even more incredible.


what’s going on?

The royal private kitchen was cleared for himself?

I only have a small silver card in my hand.

There are also gold cards, black gold cards, and diamond cards on it!

Finally, the three of Levi were placed in the best position of the royal private kitchen.

Natalie was extremely puzzled.

Because this position clearly stipulates that it can only be enjoyed by the diamond card.

The annual recharge of the diamond card is 50 million, right?

My own card is obviously not good!

Chapter 220

Why can I sit in this position with a silver card?

has a problem!

There is definitely a problem!

It was weird to come in from the beginning!

“Mr. Garrison, are the three of you satisfied with the service?”

Ran Yaoshen asked.

Of course he was looking at Levi.

Levi smiled and said, “Just make do, so-so!”

Sarah was anxious.

Natalie even said coldly: “Levi, what are you talking about nonsense? Are you able to intervene in this kind of occasion? Are you qualified?”

When Ran Yaoshen saw this, he immediately understood.

The two women didn’t know the identity of Levi.

He immediately came to an end: “Miss Fisher, don’t be angry, as long as it is a guest, it is our God, who is qualified to say this, and can even make comments! As long as Mr. Garrison is happy!”

Ran Yaoshen shuddered when he thought of Xiao Ruofeng’s words-if Levi was upset, he would definitely screw his head.

The entire royal private kitchen is now afraid that Levi will be angry!

Ran Yaoshen bent over, looked at Levi and asked, “Does Mr. Garrison have any suggestions?”

“The suggestion is to quickly serve! I’m hungry!”

Levi said impatiently.

Ran Yaoshen waved his hand immediately: “Hurry up and serve! All the best dishes from the private kitchen are here!”

“That’s right!”

Hearing Levi’s approval, Ran Yaoshen was very excited.

He looked down and saw that Levi’s leather shoes were a bit dirty, and immediately took out the handkerchief and bent over to wipe Levi’s leather shoes.

“Mr. Garrison, your shoes are a bit dirty. I’ll clean them for you!”

Natalie and Sarah’s eyes are about to fly out.

They watched in shock and horror as Ran Yaoshen squatted on the ground and wiped Levi’s shoes.

Oh my god!

what’s going on?

Natalie and Sarah both understand.

As the general manager of Royal No. 5 Private Kitchen, Ran Yaoshen has a high status.

After all, this is the property of the wealthy Xiao family!

Even if many rich people see such a person, they have to give three points of face.

Are you shining Levi’s shoes?

What is the identity of Levi?

It’s incredible!

Stunnedly, all the dishes were served.

Natalie was stunned at first glance.

Because it’s not the dishes she reserved.

These dishes on the table are the most expensive dishes of the Royal Private Kitchen!

Because the ingredients are so scarce!

Two hundred thousand for such a table!!!

Natalie smiled awkwardly: “Did you make a mistake? I didn’t order these dishes!”

Ran Yao smiled: “Miss Fisher, Ms. Logan, don’t be nervous. This table is given to you for free! The three of you are eligible to eat everything from the Royal Private Kitchen for free! No matter when! No appointment is required!”

Natalie was even more stunned.

“This, this… Manager, I only have one silver card!”

Ran Yao said with a smile, “It’s okay, the three of you can enjoy the benefits above the Diamond Card!”

This makes Natalie very puzzled.

Sarah was also very puzzled.

The two people looked at Levi who was eating and drinking.

It seems that the problem lies with him…

Natalie couldn’t help asking, “Levi, what is your status? It seems to be because of you. We are all treated like this?”

Levi said without looking up: “Yes, it’s because of me!”

“Then what’s your identity?”

Natalie swallowed and became nervous.

Plum dyed his heart also tight.

Levi wiped his mouth and said with a smile: “Because this store is mine, I can do whatever I want!”

The air freezes as soon as this is said.

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