The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2116

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Chapter 2116

The four engines are the most they can start.

They are also the most powerful.

“Da da da…”

There was a dense explosion in the sky, and the earth was still shaking, even torn apart.

The air waves behind are even more one after another.


With the help of the four engines, the eight people instantly k!lled Levi.

Eight people, eight directions.

Not to mention anything else, just the power of activation can crush people into minced meat.

Only the corner of Levi’s mouth raised a smile.

The retreat during this period of time enlightened him too much.

And in the three months of Orion Group, he has not been idle.

Still going on…

The basic exercise Lord taught him is to pursue the ultimate in strength and speed!

So he can get stronger and stronger!

Relying on this most basic exercise alone…

You can go rampant!

Especially this retreat study how to deal with the pure energy body, so that he has a new perception and improvement.

The pursuit of power and speed at this moment has taken it to the next level.

He even cooperated with multiple strengths and bursts based on one point…




Before the devastating momentum of the eight people arrived, Levi instantly blasted thousands of punches on the eight people.

The eight people rushing at the limit speed stopped abruptly, and their bodies stopped in mid-air.





There was a roar of explosions, and the aerospace engine behind them began to smoke.

“Boom boom…”


Immediately, they exploded one after another.

The destruction of the space engine device brought them a devastating blow.

They are completely defeated.



The frightening thing is that the armor on them also burst one by one.

Can’t stop this power at all!

Multiple strengths!!!

Just now, the fists behind Levi contained multiple strengths, which exploded at this moment.




Finally, these eight people, their terrifying physiques were carefully selected from all over the world by the laboratory of the gods.

But now all cracks appear as fine as spider webs!

In the end, all eight people burst open, turning into a cloud of blood and dissipating.

Hot blood splashed all over Richard.

Although he was wearing battle armor, it was no different from not wearing it.

The devices on these guys burst to pieces.

His one is the same as paper.

Richard was completely dumbfounded.

Never been so desperate for a moment!

All hole cards, all methods are used.

Even the ultimate rescue privilege was used.

Still can’t stop it.

Only waiting to die…

Although the Lab of gods received the news, no matter how fast it was, it would not be ahead of the extreme rescue.

The person in front of him can k!ll him at any time.

That’s too late!

who is it?

Who the h3ll is he?

At first, he felt that this person was pretending to be Levi, and he must even be organized by the Holy Tribe.

But now it’s uncertain.

He feels more and more familiar with this person!

His will to k!ll him, Richard could feel it!

“No matter who you are, I now give you a chance, leave immediately, and I will let you go!”

Richard tried to calm his emotions and wanted to delay time.

Levi smiled: “Richard, you are really an old fox, want to delay time?”

“Hehe, do you dare to k!ll me? Are you sure you can k!ll me? Are you sure you can afford the consequences of k!lling me?”

“Do you know what the cost of k!lling a core high-level person in the Lab of gods is? Know what trump card I control?”

Richard pretended to be calm.

Levi was happy and walked towards him step by step.

“Then I will k!ll you today, can I bear the consequences??”

Levi’s eyes turned red, and his murderous aura skyrocketed.

He endured Richard for a long, long time.

Today, it must be k!lled!!!

“Goodbye, Richard!!!”

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