The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2117

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Chapter 2117


Levi blast past with a punch, and the armor on Richard’s body fell apart.


There were countless blood stains on Richard’s body.

Richard looked at the changes in his body with horror on his face.

“Richard wanted to k!ll you long ago!”

Levi watched his body crack open.

At close range, Richard saw Levi’s face clearly.

This time, he believed that it was Levi.

“You, it’s you! How can you live?”

“Impossible!!! How is it possible?”

“It turned out to be you, it turned out to be you!”


Richard was crazy.

He wants to understand everything!

Everything later was done by Levi!

But why is he still alive? ? ?

This matter is more terrible than his death!

“Hmm! I’m still alive!”

“Want to fight me, next life!”

As soon as Levi’s voice fell, Richard’s body exploded directly.

Richard is dead!!!

His body exploded completely and turned into a blood mist, with no possibility of surviving!

The strongest spokesperson for this laboratory of the gods, who had almost wiped out Velador’s existence, was beheaded today.


Levi let out a long sigh of relief.

This kid finally died.

After k!lling Richard, Levi left quickly.

When the army of the Gods’ Laboratory arrived, there were ruins everywhere.


Levi did not leave the War Eagle country, he turned around and went to other places to k!ll other spokespersons.

Overnight, Levi successively k!lled the spokespersons of 13 Lab of god, and also destroyed a dozen of Lab of gods bases…

The entire War Eagle Nation was in chaos, and the Lab of gods was chasing him everywhere.

But it didn’t catch up anyway.

His whereabouts are uncertain, and he will leave after k!lling.

What’s more, they were all spokespersons, not key figures in the Lab of gods.

So it is difficult to catch his whereabouts…

Levi left from the War Eagle Nation, and successively eliminated several spokespersons outside the War Eagle Nation.

According to the list, Levi k!lled one by one.

The k!lling continues…

Levi wanted to k!ll all these spokespersons in one fell swoop, and k!ll them one by one.

At this time the news has spread!

Richard, the core figure of the Lab of gods, was k!lled!

Together with Richard’s base were destroyed!

The world is shocked!!!

Richard is now the hottest big man in the world!

The nightmare of countless countries and forces!

When he fell, all parties were dumbfounded.

The news of Richard’s death spread all over the world…

The opponents began to cheer one after another!

Richard has brought disasters to many places over the years!

Many people wanted to get rid of him!

No way!

Richard was getting stronger and stronger, and his position in the laboratory of the gods was also getting higher and higher.

In particular, many people knew that the Lab of gods has extreme rescue privileges, and it is even more unk!llable.

Richard’s position was very high, and he was only one step away from the real core layer.

Now that he is dead, it is a terrible and heavy blow to the Lab of gods!

Because the base from which the Sunstone was removed hurt the vitality of the gods’ laboratory, and now Richard is dead even more hurt.

In recent years, it was mainly Richard who replaced the Gods’ Laboratory to work outside.

Now that such a capable man is dead, the Lab of gods is about to cry.

Richard’s immediate boss and others are thunderous and angry!

It is bound to avenge Richard!

This is the shame of the Lab of gods!


Levi is still k!lling all the way!

Nearly three-quarters of the people on the list were k!lled!

Levi appeared near Yangard, and Yangard also had a spokesperson for the Lab of gods.

But at this moment, Levi’s face changed.

He noticed that someone showed up.

In the next moment, several figures appeared.

“Levi is indeed amazing! He actually k!lled Richard!”

The other party smiled.

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