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Chapter 2119

The eighteen dark angels were shocked!

Suddenly entangled Levi!

Levi slammed past with a punch. Not only would they not turn into a blood mist and explode, they were all right!

Their special physique made Levi stunned.

Among the eighteen dark angels, there were several great evil gods.

Among the eighteen people, they are the last, but their physique can be said to be against the sky.

Better than the masters in the laboratory of the gods he encountered before!

It can’t hurt at all!



Even Levi is pondering what is going on…

These people are weird!

But now is not the time for Levi to think.

He has to quickly resolve everything in front of him and leave.

Otherwise, if the core Lord of the Lab of gods arrives, it will be difficult for him to leave.

Can’t even go.


Levi immediately increased his offensive, and they looked out.

“Don’t let him go! He wants to run!”

The eighteen dark angels worked together.

It seems that everyone is an individual, but there are faint connections between them, and the eighteen people are a whole.

Levi was tightly trapped.

Don’t let him escape!

Seeing that Levi was trapped, the Underworld god sneered: “Levi thinks about it? It won’t take a long time for the people from the Lab of gods to arrive! At that time you really can’t get away!”

“Now? Do you still choose to confront us?”

In their view, Levi had only two choices.

First, be entangled by them, and wait until the Lord of the Lab of gods arrives.

Second, agree to join the Holy Tribe organization and follow them.

Levi said: “Just rely on you to stop me?”

The voice just fell.

Levi’s entire popularity changed abruptly.


There was a terrible trembling sound around him.

The eighteen dark angels couldn’t help being surprised.

Feel the unprecedented threat.


Levi shouted out.

The whole body exploded vigorously.


With a booming sound, the world was overshadowed, as if it had fallen into the doomsday.

The terrible mushroom cloud exploded.

The mountains and rivers are shaking!

A high wave of hundreds of meters above the sea rises!

The mountains not far away caused a sensation one after another and exploded.

The terrible power forced the eighteen dark angels to retreat.

Any combination of skills is useless in the face of absolute power.

The eyes of the eighteen people such as the Underworld god and others were shocked that couldn’t be wiped away…

This is too strong!

After Levi forced 18 people back, he left immediately!

He didn’t think about k!lling 18 people at once, these 18 people are weird and strong.

Only leave now!

“Can’t let him go!”

The Underworld god shouted.

This is their task!

It must be done!

Levi can never escape!

Eighteen people chased Levi like crazy.

But the Lord made a move only for a moment, and just as Levi forced them back, he got a space to escape.

They were still a step slower after all.

D*mn it!!!

Everyone was irritated!

But still can’t catch up!

Can only watch Levi leave.

Beyond the dust.

Levi also thought he had gotten rid of it.


But there was a terrible air current.


Levi smashed with a punch.

The whole person staggered back a few steps.

So strong!

He was not only stopped but blocked.

The eighteen dark angels were also stunned.

Someone took action and blocked Levi.

Who is this? ? ?

Must be the powerhouse of the Lab of gods!

But this also came too soon!

It was so much faster than they expected.

Not only did Levi not escape, but neither did they.

This time it was completely exposed to the eyes of the gods’ laboratory.

“Want to leave? Impossible!”

A hoarse laughter came.

A man playing with Joker cards appeared.

The whole person is also dressed as a clown.

It seems funny, but everyone feels a kind of horror.

Just as he forced Levi back with a single blow, he already imagined how powerful it was.

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