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Chapter 2118

This time Levi was not curious about who they were.

Because he encountered them in the Zion Kingdom not long ago.

The dark angels of the Holy Tribe Organization.

Levi was too familiar with this breath.

The four people who had blocked him.

There was one more person, the one headed, and Levi vaguely guessed his identity.

Underworld god!

“Yes, you can find me! The Lab of gods can’t do it!”

Levi smiled.

The evil god also smiled and said: “That’s because they are the entrants, we are bystanders, and the angle is different!”

This is also true!

It’s similar to the black under the light!

Now that Levi is so rampant, it stands to reason that the Lab of gods is easy to find.

But they are the entrants, and they are confused.

Levi has been leading the nose to walk, and has been stuck in the rhythm for a long time.

It’s hard to find.

On the contrary, the Holy Tribe Organization has always been a bystander, which is equivalent to the perspective of God.

Levi asked directly: “Then what’s your purpose in coming to me?”

After the evil god clapped his hands, Levi appeared in front and back.

The eighteen dark angels all came.

This time the Holy Tribe organization sent all the dark angels just to bring Levi back.

“The purpose is simple! I told you before! You pass the standards of the Holy Tribe Organization and you are eligible to join! We are here to invite you to join!”

Underworld god said with a smile.

The eighteen dark angels gathered together, that is, they must take Levi back.

They have enigmatic self-confidence.

“We advise you to join the Holy Tribe Organization! This is something you can’t escape! If you join, you will get benefits you can’t imagine!”

Underworld god smiled.

Levi smiled: “I am used to being free, and joining your organization will make me uncomfortable…”

“So you don’t agree?”

“No, I have a condition!”

Underworld god was taken aback and looked at Levi curiously.

“It’s very simple, I can join, but I want to be the leader of the Holy Tribe organization! Everyone must listen to me!”

When Levi said this, everyone was dumbfounded.

To be the boss?

Did he come to be the Dark god?

What a joke!

Everyone then realized that they were played by Levi.

“Levi, don’t toast or drink fine wine! We can hold you in many ways!”

Underworld roared with anger.

There are indeed many ways.

First, the eighteen dark angels joined forces to bring him back.

Second, there is also Sarah this hole card.


Levi looked at everyone with disdain: “Really? So confident!”

The evil god stared at Levi: “Nothing else! As long as we entangle you for enough time, the Lords of the Lab of gods will rush here! You have to go by then, is it possible?”

Others also said one after another: “Yes, we will give you the opportunity now! You can choose it yourself!”

“Come on, are you sure you can stop me until that time?”

Levi sneered.

“Then give it a try! Let’s do it together!”

Eighteen dark angels joined forces to attack.

This is the first time in the history of the Holy Tribe Organization that 18 people have joined forces to attack.

Anyway, there was only one order from the Dark god-to take Levi back by any means.

When the eighteen people made their move, it was earth-shattering…

the other side.

In the Lab of gods, Richard’s immediate boss received the news that the person who k!lled Richard was near the East Island.

Now he was stopped by someone.

“set off!!!”

The person who played cards jointly with Richard’s immediate boss, and a large number of core Lords from the Gods’ Laboratory traveled by flying vehicles.

These core Lords could not be mobilized by Richard during his lifetime.

Now all the brains are all following.

“Richard is blunt, he is not a member of the laboratory at all! Really we can provoke casually?”

Richard’s immediate boss was very angry.

He wants to let the world know that the Lab of gods is really here…

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