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Chapter 2127


The two sides meet!

There was a dull sound, and a buzzing trembling sound came from the sky.

The earth began to stir, the whole island was torn apart and completely collapsed.




All three of Lucifer vomited blood and flew out!

As for Levi’s body was also thrown high, he suffered more serious injuries.

Although he used the taboo technique, his current level and realm were not yet in full control, and he could not exert the true power of the taboo technique.

Forcibly urged, it is very likely to be controlled by the taboo technique and become a killing machine, bloodthirsty demon.

It was already the limit to be able to fly all the three powerhouses one level higher than him.


Others may not understand the Lucifer trio.

But everyone in the Lab of the Gods knows what level these three are!

The three of them teamed up to a tie with Levi!

How strong is Levi?

I used to think that he was just an opponent who could deal with Richard, and he didn’t need a shot at the level of Logan Lucifer at all.

Everyone also disdains.

Think it’s too shameful to deal with him.

But now the three teamed up to make a tie with him!

The Lab of the Gods is going crazy!

Levi, who was beaten out, was seriously injured, but he sighed into the sea and fled immediately.

Don’t give them any chance.

“Chasing! Can’t let him run away!”

“You are the king in the sea of ​​the sea monster! You come after him!”

The three of Lucifer were about to catch up immediately.

But at this time, the eighteen dark angels blocked their way.

“Go back, don’t chase!”

This is the order given by the Dark God to them after Levi started the killing technique and gained a glimmer of life just now-he can properly help Levi to block the laboratory of the gods!

Now the Lab of the Gods knew that they had intervened.

So they can just stop it.

“you guys!!!”

The faces of the three Lucifer changed drastically.

They know the eighteenth dark angels, and they are very strong.

If you start, it will be impossible to solve it for a while.

As for Levi, he ran far away.

After a stalemate between the two sides for a period of time, Lucifer reluctantly ordered: “Withdraw!”

“But today our hatred is settled! Sooner or later, the Bible organization will be destroyed and disappear!”

Lucifer watched them and warned.

“Come on! Who is afraid of whom?”

The eighteen dark angels laughed.

After receiving the order, the army of the Gods Laboratory disappeared in a short period of time.

The eighteen dark angels also evacuated.

When all the forces arrived, there were only sinking islands and devastated scenes.

Nothing else.

“Has the boss survived?”

Wesley and the others were surprised and delighted.

After the arrival of the great gods of Tiance Mansion, all parties were shocked.

No one thought they would come.

Because Tiance Mansion has never left Morendam to perform the mission.

They will only appear when the summer is in danger.

They were relieved by the news that whoever was alive.

As for Logan Chengmin successfully converged with the injured Levi.

Levi knew that the Lab of the Gods would not let him go, and would look for him.

The best way now is to hide in Sanxing Group.

Soon the parties dispersed.

After all, there is no one left.

But not long after they left, groups of mysterious characters appeared.

Ancient races and forces!

Always looking for the holder of that token!

Just when Levi performed the taboo technique, they noticed the familiar aura.

All came in one brainstorm.

Get together, everyone is dumbfounded.

Both are ancient ethnic forces in the East and the West!



“It’s a familiar breath! That’s right! For sure!”

Chapter 2128

These old guys were all excited.

Tears filled my eyes one by one!

Some even knelt down.

I don’t know what I’m worshiping.

They searched for a little half a year and finally found it.

The token also has the familiar aura of killing forbidden technique!

It’s all from that person!

“Are you here too?”

Some of these ancient ethnic forces know each other, and they all greet each other.

“What? Even you are here? Don’t you sleep in the depths of the Arctic glacier?”

“After receiving news from him, we will look for it immediately!”

“There are you? Isn’t the legend annihilated? Why are you still there?”

“It’s not because of that person that we survived!”

“You guys are here too???”

“You too!”

The forces of the ancient races are going crazy.

All came unexpectedly.

But they did not find it strange.

Because of that person’s words, people who come ten times a hundred times will not be surprised.

“Killing forbidden technique! He has used it before! Kill the Quartet!”

“The mysterious man just used the killing forbidden technique to force a tie with three strong men beyond his level!”

“Check! Check immediately for me where this mysterious man has gone!”

“Unexpectedly, you still left a descendant! Are you still alive?”

“The old slave wants to see you!”

A big guy knelt on the ground and sighed up to the sky.

This was something that no one had expected. After the matter was over, such a group of people came back unexpectedly.

The major forces, such as the laboratories of the gods and the Bible organizations, have arranged for people to observe.

But soon all the spies who were observing were discovered and obliterated.

None of them were left.

They miscalculated the strength of this group of people.

It’s not that they can snoop at will.

The forces of these ancient races are too strong, and no news of their coming here has been spread.

It’s not just these ancient races.

There are voices everywhere in the world.

“Appeared! Appeared finally!”

“Forbidden to kill! Oh my god, it’s going to be messed up, this time it’s completely messed up!”

“Hahaha, excitement! Excitement! His taboo technique has appeared, and the old guys will be forced out this time!”

In the Tianji Pavilion of the Great Summer Policy Mansion.

“Here! It’s coming after all!”

Obviously, Levi’s use of the taboo would cause a mess.

But now, more people are looking for Levi.

The Lab of the Gods has suffered too much shame and loss, and will definitely find him crazy.

Now the ancient tribes are also looking for him.

Too many people are looking for.

Levi is at Logan Chengmin’s residence at the moment.

He was hurt all over.

He had a tie with Lucifer’s three, to be exact, the four Lords. In fact, he was seriously injured.

“Too strong! Is this the Lab of the Gods?”

Levi sighed.

Never encountered such an opponent.

Existence that can’t be killed with a taboo technique.

Spelling out a way of life, but also hurt like this.

It’s all to blame for the people of the Bible Organization!

If it weren’t for them, what’s the point?

“The Lab of the Gods is unimaginably powerful. The few people you meet are all ancient mutants! Naturally control some strange powers, don’t awaken or get superpowers from adventures! The group that really controls the Lab of the Gods Exist, let alone what kind of existence it is.”

Logan Chengmin not only sighed.

Soon Logan Chengmin received the message: “I just got the most confidential information from the Sanxing Group, which shows that these four are all ancient races, innately controlling flames, controlling the sea, and so on.

Now the superpowers who can control the elements in later generations are actually from their blood, not pure, more or less inherited a little blood to have superpowers! But these talents are of real blood! “

Levi was surprised: “So scary?”

“The most terrifying thing is…”

“What is it?”

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