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Chapter 2136


The man exclaimed.

He comes from an ancient race and is good at magical medicine.

“What happened???”

Everyone became more and more confused.

“He was obviously dead just now, and now he has a breath, and his body is recovering on his own!”

The man looked in astonishment.

It looked like a ghost.

“It’s impossible!”

Others were also shocked: “Doesn’t that mean that they are not dead at all?”

Hearing the news, everyone wept with joy.

“It’s great, it’s great!”

The man continued to shout, “It’s not right, it’s not right, this is terrible! He is not only recovering, but also recovering like a phoenix nirvana! He seems to be stronger and more terrifying!”

Everyone felt it carefully.

The aura on Levi’s body is indeed getting more terrifying!

Is there such a thing? ? ?

If you don’t die, can you recover?

Even get stronger?

How is this going to make sense!


“What’s the situation? Everyone is well-informed, can you tell me what’s the situation?”

Everyone is very confused about this.

“Forbidden technique! It’s the reason he used the forbidden technique!”

“Yes, I heard that one of the forbidden spells of Master.

It is used when you are on the verge of the most dangerous moment!

But it seems that this taboo technique does not end up at the same time! It is just testing whether you have the determination to truly die with others!

Most people dare not try it easily! After all, there is no such courage!

But once you try it, you don’t actually end up with it! And a taboo technique for Nirvana rebirth!”

This person glanced at Levi: “Now it looks like this is really the case!”

“Great! It’s great that he can live!”


Lucifer was not dead, everyone did not expect.

But Levi was not dead, and everyone didn’t expect it.

In front of the attic of Tiance Mansion Horizon Pavilion.

Several great gods were kneeling unexpectedly.

“Sir, did you know that Levi is still alive?”

They asked.


“Then why didn’t you tell us earlier?”

The great gods will be very puzzled.

An angry voice came from the attic of Horizon Pavilion: “I need to explain to you when I wait for the action?”

“Don’t dare, don’t dare! The juniors are just wondering!”

Several great gods immediately changed their expressions.

Whatever these people want, even the supernatural commander can’t intervene, let alone them.

“Senior, the news just came that Levi is really dead, the Lab of gods…”

Soon, everyone passed the news to Horizon Pavilion.

“We knew it a long time ago! This is his fate, let him go! I’m just waiting for Velador to have more such characters!”

“In addition, did you see the Lab of gods this time? It’s terrifying!”

“Be prepared, you are too far behind! We don’t want to wipe too much a55!”

The great gods will be terrified: “Understand, understand!”

After waiting until the great gods will leave.

The voices of several old men in the attic of Horizon Pavilion echoed.

“The taboo technique! It’s reproduced!”

“Will he die?”



In the laboratory of the gods.

“The ancient ethnic forces are active, what makes them like this?”

Asked the clown emperor.

“Well, I also found out that the old guys I knew before have come out to breathe! It’s not easy!”

“The news of these guys is hard to find! One by one is tight-lipped! I won’t reveal it at all!”

The man in the suit sighed, “So we have to hurry up! Hurry up to get the first chance, and control everything in our hands!”

The clown emperor was silent.

What the people in front of me are talking about are the future plans of the Lab of gods.

This is the real secret.

The secret is what the gods’ laboratory is going to do? ? ?

“Come on, I’ll arrange a task for you, and do it right away!”

The man in the suit suddenly thought of something and arranged a task for the clown emperor.

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