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Chapter 2137

The clown emperor left immediately after receiving the task.

News came from the laboratory soon after.

Lucifer was rescued and returned.

The doctor took action.

Lucifer was rescued abruptly.

The man in the suit showed a smile: “If he makes a move, there is nothing that can’t be saved!”

“Well, I’m starting to work on my plan!”

The man in a suit no longer pays attention to other things.

I don’t know what the future plans of the Lab of gods are.

In short, it’s crazy.



“Am I still alive???”

Soon after, Levi woke up.

Not only that, he found that his physique changed and strengthened again, and his strength also increased.


It’s a taboo technique!

He immediately thought of the taboo technique of ruining together!

That is not the same thing!

Just let you use it in times of crisis, more precisely, it is an unbreakable taboo technique.

It turns out that there is a hidden mystery in this taboo technique.

Of course, Levi is excited to be alive.

“I’m still alive! Even I didn’t expect it! Haha…”

For a while, Levi laughed out loud.

It seems that everything is clear.

At this moment, he knew how reluctant he was to bear his mother, child, wife, and others.

And those brothers…

“Huh? Someone outside???”

Levi noticed someone outside.

When he opened the door, he was taken aback by the scene before him.

Because there were hundreds of people kneeling outside the room.

what’s going on?

Levi was dumbfounded.

“You are…”

Levi couldn’t help asking.

“I’ll be here as early as possible, waiting for you to wake up, Sir!”

Everyone said together.

“Waiting for me? So you saved me?”

Levi asked.

“No, we just tried our best! The main thing is you, sir! To be exact, it has something to do with the use of taboos by your husband!”

Someone said below.

Levi was shocked.

Even the taboo technique is known.

Could it be that the trouble of running out of taboos that Lord said is coming?

“Who are you?”

Levi asked curiously.

But these people are not enemies.

Otherwise, he won’t live.

This group of people will not guard here!

“Sir, let’s ask you first, where did the black token on your body come from?”

Hundreds of kneeling people raised their heads and stared at Levi curiously and nervously.

Levi replied: “My Lord gave it to me!”

But then Levi felt that something was wrong, and said, “No, it should be said that I treat him as a Lord. He never admits it, and doesn’t like me calling him like this!”


Hearing Levi’s answer, everyone knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

“First worship-worship heaven and earth!”

“Second worship-worship order!”

“Third worship-Master Bye!”

The crowd knocked three heads on the ground.

Levi understood that the second head was knocked to Lord.

Is this all related to Lord?

“this is…”

But said that just called Lord himself, but he didn’t admit it.

“No, sir, he can pass the divine order to you and give you the taboo technique! You are his disciple! Or the only one! He has never confiscated his disciple!”

“Yes, you are his heir! This token alone is enough!”

“All of us recognize you! There are others who recognize you too!”


Everyone said these words.

Levi also confirmed that these people came because of the Lord.

Know their identities even more.

Ancient forces from all over the world.

How old is it to say?

I have never heard of it before.

Some are so old that they are even comparable to the Velador Trex clan.

Existed for too long, too long.

But it goes back to the time when Tiance Mansion was established!

Even the time when Tiance Mansion was established was their younger brother.

“By the way, having said so much, where is my Lord sacred?”

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