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Chapter 2144

“Can you let my mother stay here, take care of Aubrey’s daily life, and be with her!”

Levi said.

Aubrey is too lonely lately, and his mother is also lonely outside, and there is danger.

It’s better to take care of Aubrey here and k!ll two birds with one stone.

“Okay, no problem! Little things!”

The female warrior agreed.

Aubrey and Ollie both smiled.

“Grandma can accompany me every day, I hope my parents will also accompany me…”

Aubrey looked at Levi eagerly.

“Aubrey don’t worry, when I finish my work, I will definitely come back to accompany you! And bring mom and grandma all of them!”

Levi promised.

Aubrey immediately smiled: “Daddy is determined, but you can’t lie to Aubrey!”


Levi didn’t stay long in Tiance Mansion either, and was about to leave.

After all, he is not an insider of Tiance Mansion.

Can’t stay for too long.

Finally, he left with Cthulrun.

“No one can touch them both!”

This is an order from the grandfather-in-law himself.

Wait until the two are far away.

A voice came from the Horizon Pavilion.

“God is really going to change this time! This little guy will disturb the situation!”

“His identity is revealed, everyone can’t sit still! It’s wonderful!”

“I don’t know if we can bear it…”

The little guy in their mouth is not Aubrey, but Levi.

Soon the tiger head god will wait for the four gods to be summoned in front of the Horizon Pavilion attic.


“We have to prepare in advance! The handsome man is still in retreat! Even I can’t detect where he is!”

“Try to find one person to preside over the overall situation!”

The old man in the Horizon Pavilion quickly explained the matter clearly, and demanded that Tiance Mansion needs a person to preside over the overall situation.

The tiger head god general immediately said: “The god commander is not there, in fact, there are several big god generals who can preside over the overall situation.

But the dragon head god general and several people are also retreating! But I have a personal choice-the son of the god commander-the young commander of Tiance barely can Serve!”

“He should be in the depths of the Northern Icefield at this moment? Let him go out!”

There was a voice from inside.

“Yes! Where is he going to retreat for thirty years! It is still three years away!”

“Let him leave early! Come back and preside over the overall situation!”


“There are all the gods who can be contacted and the other Lords gather together! Something big is about to happen! It may even be a matter of life and death!”

Hearing the predecessors of Horizon Pavilion say so, the great gods will be shocked in a cold sweat.

What exactly is going to happen.

How about making such a big move? ? ?

To put it bluntly, the current Tiance Mansion is actually a bit imaginary.

In addition to the four great gods and some Lords.

The rest of the strong either retreat, or can’t meet at all and don’t know where.

But as soon as the Horizon Pavilion’s order came out, it was for all the strong to return.

This is a big move.


Levi couldn’t even think of it himself, just because he came to Tiance Mansion once would cause such a big event.

But this is just the beginning.

There is a chain reaction everywhere.

He was on the way to find the Holy Tribe organization with Cthulrun. He didn’t know that a series of things had happened.


“The order of the gods has appeared! Someone has used the taboo technique! We have to do it too! Obliterate everything!”

The trouble is coming!

Here comes the real trouble!

Levi is in big trouble after using the taboo.

This is also the reason why the Lord did not allow Levi to use the taboo technique as a last resort.

Once used, they come.

Levi faces a greater crisis!

At this moment, the Great Clown appeared in the tomb area on the outskirts of the Sunburst Empire in the Western Continent.

Eerie and infiltrating.

Even if the sun is in the sky.

It’s also scary.

After the great clown arrived, he even excavated in this tomb area.

He dug up almost several tombs the size of a football field.

He is still digging deep.

Don’t know what he’s looking for…

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