The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2145

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Chapter 2145

This was the task that the man in suit gave to the clown emperor. After receiving it, he rushed here non-stop.

After some searching, the position was finally locked.

Dig here.

Soon the great clown emptied the entire tomb area.

All collapsed directly.

But haven’t found what the clown emperor wants.

The clown emperor digs deeper, digging a depth of hundreds of meters.

It was getting more and more gloomy inside, and a horrible breath was spreading.

What is even weirder is that when the bright sun is in the sky, it suddenly turns into a cloudy sky with dark clouds.

From a distance, the cloud seemed to be stained with a strange red.

It’s like blood.

Creepy and horrible!

Lightning rages from time to time.

But it just doesn’t rain.

Bloody clouds obscure the sky…

According to Velador folklore, it is a bad omen.

There are absolutely bad things happening.

Facts have proved that this is indeed the case.

What the clown emperor did was not a good thing at all.

What he was looking for was originally a murderous thing!

When the excavation was nearly 200 meters, the underground turned out to be a small palace.

The temperature here is unimaginable.

Ordinary people have long been frozen into popsicles when they entered.

The breath here is terrifying to the extreme…

A bloodthirsty breath filled the sky…

If it is released, it will definitely be covered.

There is nothing in the little palace.

Only a metal coffin is placed in the center.

This coffin is engraved with ancient text symbols, which is extremely strange.

Even though it is dilapidated and covered with dust a long time ago, it presents a kind of extreme danger.

Even if the Great Clown faced this coffin, he was a little bit scared in his heart.

He took a deep breath!


When the clown emperor wanted to lift the coffin easily, his face changed drastically.

Because this metal coffin is unbelievably heavy.

Originally made of metal, the clown had already estimated that it was very heavy.

But the weight now is more than ten times that of this metal.

Where does this weight come from?

From what’s in the coffin.

what exactly is it?

Will it be so heavy?

Unimaginable weight beyond common sense!

However, despite the weight of the metal coffin, the clown emperor finally carried it out abruptly.

After all, the Great Clown is a super power!

When the onlookers watched the Great Clown come out with a coffin, everyone was terrified.

Fled one after another…

But no one noticed that the gaseous substance emitted by the metal coffin was absorbed by the surrounding people.

At the same time, the breath of these people was absorbed by the coffin.

The breath of the two sides seemed to be exchanged.

It’s just that one person is one person, and the other is the coffin.

After a minute, these people began to change.

Their faces were pained, their complexions grim, and their veins violent.

Everyone was struggling with their faces covered.

Soon they were pale and black, and they felt like a c0rpse.

In the end, blood flowed out from the eyes, nose, and mouth, one by one fell down, and all died suddenly.

Blood stains appeared on his body, as if it had been corroded by burning.

The method of death was tragic and weird.

Everyone around was not spared.

All dead.

The most important thing is that the surrounding animals also died, the same way of death.

The great clown passed by carrying the coffin all the way, and people around him died in large.

He didn’t do anything, it caused such a big lethality.


But when he arrived at the designated place, he put the coffin in a car.

The great clown drove to the port.

After arriving at the port, the coffin was quietly loaded in a ship.

This ship is not a cargo ship.

It is a cruise ship on a popular tourist route.

It is full of tourists from all over the world.

Don’t know where the clown is going to transport the coffin…

The most important thing is that the clown is not on a cruise ship…

The people on the cruise ship didn’t even know what would happen…

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